Best ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress of 2023

Streamline your workflow and produce new content faster, save time and effort, and boost your website SEO, for improving customer satisfaction build not only different types of surveys with the Survey Maker plugin but also keep in touch with the latest news of the Digital Word and find the best ChatGPT Plugin for WordPress for you.

ChatGPT is an open-source language model for natural language created by OpenAI that is intended to generate human-like conversations. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-2 model but has been modified to focus on conversation rather than text generation. It offers a flexible interface that makes it easy to customize the chatbot according to the user’s needs.

With the help of the ChatGPT plugins for WordPress, you can generate images, create unique and high-quality content, rephrase it, or even translate it. These plugins can be your great helpers for increasing your website traffic , creating prosperous marketing strategies, writing personalized emails and follow-ups, descriptions for your E-commerce products, just finding answers to your questions, and so on.

If you are interested and want to make your job easier and faster than ever, let’s find the best ChatGPT plugin for WordPress together. In this article, you can find the 5 best ChatGPT plugins’ descriptions, their key features, and pricing. So if you are ready, let’s start.

1. AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS

AI assistant with ChatGPT plugin for WordPress

Save your time, boost the engagement of your website, make your job easier, and find answers to your questions simply and quickly with the chatgpt plugin for wordpress. The sphere of your question/problem does not matter as the AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS is specialized in providing answers to any questions and helping people with tasks for making life easier both in the backend and in the front end of the website.

Do not waste your time and effort creating content, generating code, or searching for the answers to your questions trust AI Assistant. It can provide you with unique content, successful marketing strategies, ways for ranking higher in search engines, and exact answers to your questions no matter whether they are about general knowledge or you just ask for advice, etc. As AI Assistant also knows various programming languages, including CSS, Python, HTML, Java, etc., it can generate your needed code effortlessly.

AI chatbot can answer all your questions and even remember conversations, so it will answer your next questions based on the previous ones. If you are not a reader but a listener, the WordPress chatgpt plugin allows you to listen to its answer by clicking the Volume Up button. AI Assistant can provide you with the content in your preferred language. If you already have your needed content AI chatbot also can translate and even paraphrase it effortlessly.

Key Features of the AI Assistant with ChatGPT:

  • Immediate and exact answers to any questions.
  • Unique, readable, and high-quality content creation for blog posts.
  • Scrupulous market research.
  • Real-time data analysis and insights.
  • Generation and optimization of the texts of the emails.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Generation of codes in different programming languages.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Business plan for $29 and the Developer plan for $77.

Free Version Pro Version

2. AI Buddy – ChatGPT, OpenAI, Content & Image Generator WordPress plugin

AI Buddy ChatGPT content image generator for WordPress

Generate excellent and distinctive content and images, optimize your SEO, translate your content, proofread text features, etc. with the AI Buddy plugin. The plugin uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to generate unique content and images, which can be used to create engaging web pages. It provides you with different customization options for writing styles and tones for generating content to your specific needs.

This user-friendly wordpress chat plugin provides an easy-to-use interface that allows website owners to add AI content to their sites quickly. AI Buddy plugin consists of 3 modules: Image Generator, Content Builder, and Playground.

Thanks to the Content Builder Module you do not need to create content from scratch as the AI can do it for you in 40 different languages, translate your needed text in 30+ languages, find the best SEO titles, create various posts, etc.

With the help of the Image Generator Module, you can create creative images of different types including cartoon, isometric, vector, etc. based on inputs. It is also possible to manage the number of generated images.

Thanks to the Playground Module your users can explore the AI’s capabilities, and give their instructions, as this module provides the prompt field.

Key Features of the AI Buddy WordPress Plugin:

  • Lightweight, easy to use, durable, and reliable.
  • Content generator.
  • 15+ different writing tones (Formal, Emotional, Neutral, Sarcastic, Informal, etc.).
  • 10 different writing styles (Narrative, Descriptive, Analytical, Technical, Persuasive, etc.).
  • 40 different languages (Chinese, Spanish, English, French, etc.).
  • Image generator, including banners, logos, cartoon portraits, etc.
  • Supports OpenAI – GPT, WooCommerce Product Generator, DALL-E, SEO Title Suggestions, Davinci.


The AI Buddy WordPress plugin is absolutely free.


3. Chatgpt, Open AI and image creation for WordPress and Chrome – Bertha AI

Bertha AI image-creation for WordPress and Chrome

Produce and write original images and content with the Artificial Intelligence content generator Chatgpt, Open AI and image creation for WordPress and Chrome faster than ever. Open AI’s GPT-3 AI Content generation technology is used to build the Bertha AI.

Bertha AI is not only content but also an image generator, it can create an image from your imagination and write its description as well. With this plugin, you can write even the descriptions for the products and for your e-commerce website write persuasive selling points. Simply craft convertible marketing copies with this great tool. Bertha AI can also help businesses in the global data mining software market by generating compelling product descriptions and persuasive selling points, making it an excellent tool for e-commerce websites.

Bertha AI WordPress plugin will help you even if you have already created content by rephrasing it and making it even better. If your content is hard to read, full of complicated words, and ununderstandable this amazing tool offers you Explain It To a Child option, using which you can simplify the content. If you want to write the content yourself but just have no idea about what to write just trust this plugin as it can tell you blog post topic ideas, it can even give outlines of the topic.

This chatgpt plugin for wordpress is already a great SEO tool as it can suggest keywords related to your topic, description tags, title tags, etc. For boosting your SEO Bertha AI can generate a summary of the post, article, etc.

Key Features of the Chatgpt, Open AI, and image creation for WordPress and Chrome – Bertha AI

  • Original content Generator.
  • Great content rephraser.
  • Create not only content but also descriptions, titles, outlines, conclusions, etc.
  • Image generator.
  • Amazing tool for boosting the SEO of your website.
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg block.
  • Compatible with the major page builders, ECOM, LMS, and SEO plugins.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Starter plan for $20, the PRO plan for $45, and the PRO Unlimited plan for $150.


4. AIPress – OpenAI, ChatGPT Content Creator, Image Generator

Aipress ChatGPT content creator plugin for WordPress

Create engaging, unique, natural-sounding, and high-quality content with AIPress ChatGPT content creator to take your online presence to a higher level. At the same time with that content, you can drive more traffic to your website and boost its SEO. Stand out from the competition with one of the best chatgpt plugins for wordpress which uses OpenAI’s advanced GPT-3 and chatGPT models.

Do not waste your time generating content, social media posts, email campaigns, or even images and more, trust it to AIPress and just focus on your growing your business.

Key Features of the AIPress – OpenAI, ChatGPT Content Creator, Image Generator

  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Creative image generator.
  • Unique content creator.
  • Supports 15+ languages for creating high-quality content including(English, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and more).


The AIPress – OpenAI, ChatGPT Content Creator, Image Generator is absolutely free!


5. AI Mojo – ChatGPT / GPT-3 Playground for WordPress

AI Mojo ChatGPT playground for WordPress

Be aware that you have content that will bring traffic to your website without spending hours working on it and do not hire someone to create content for you. Just attract and amaze your readers, and viewers and boost your website traffic by creating excellent content with the AI Mojo-ChatGPT plugin.

Use AI content generation like Jurassic-1 or GPT-3 to create the content from the scratch in the fastest way by telling the AI Mojo to create your needed content.

For using the plugin signing up for an account on the AI21 Studio or OpenAI is a MUST. For having access to the AI Mojo wordpress plugin’s panel within the Block Editor you need to enter your API key. This plugin is compatible with the Block editor but not with the Classic editor.

Key Features of the AI Mojo – ChatGPT / GPT-3 Playground for WordPress

  • Excellent content creator.
  • Compatible with the Block Editor.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.


The AI Mojo – ChatGPT / GPT-3 Playground for WordPress is absolutely free but you must pay for API calls to either AI21 Studio or OpenAI.


To Sum Up!

Keep in touch with the latest digital trends. Make your website even better by trusting AI technology which can create human-like content in a shorter timeframe. New AI stats prepared by Passport Photo Online have shown that AI tools help you to focus your attention and vigour on more important things for making your business the best.

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