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The 6 Best Survey plugins for WordPress


An online survey consists of a series of pre-structured questions that participants answer by submitting a form online. The questions and survey question types generally depend on the topic you chose. It can be a simple event sign-up form or maybe an anonymous survey. However, one thing is for sure, to create a survey that will help you reach your specific goal you need a WordPress Survey plugin that provides full support. That is what we are going to do in this article!


1. Survey Maker


survey maker


Survey Maker is one of the best plugins in WordPress. Absolutely no coding skills are required! The features include unlimited surveys, sections, questions. It offers six different types of questions, a responsive design, and more than 20 survey styles. Now let’s explore the features in more detail: 

Surveys with Logic Jump:

The idea of creating smarter surveys is not impossible any more! With Survey Maker, you can provide a personalized experience to your survey participants. This unique feature allows one to ask the most critical questions and avoid those that are unnecessary. As a result, you will end up with surveys similar to live conversations which creates trust among participants. Please note that including unnecessary questions in your survey may lead the participant to leave your survey.

Gain valuable feedback:

Are you losing clients but do not know the exact reasons? Creating a survey and making it public might be the best decision in your situation! I am sure that you will gain worthy data which will help you correct your mistakes. Survey Maker plugin has a separate  Submissions page, which includes all the details regarding surveys’ submissions. If you activate the Send email to admin feature, you will receive an email when someone submits your survey. Besides, you can activate the Send Summary  feature and receive a detailed summary of the survey. If you want to receive an automatic email reporting about the submissions in a table form, you can activate the Send automated email reporting to admin  functionality. It will contain the survey titles, the submissions’ number, and the submissions’ growth in percentages. In this email send and receive process, make sure you regularly update and clean the email list you've collected.

Target the right group:

In the case of any business, you should target the right audience to achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently. In the  Limitations Users  section of Survey Maker, you can choose to provide access only to your target group. If you have concerns about one person submitting multiple results, you can assign a maximum number of attempts per user, and the problem is solved! Or you can provide access only for logged-in users.

Anonymous surveys:

Did you know that some people feel more confident while passing anonymous surveys? To have much accurate results, create anonymous surveys using anonymous feedback tools. Give your audience a chance to express their honest opinion anonymously, and you will receive more valuable feedback. On the other hand, you will also increase the number of participants and encourage people to pass your survey. Thus, I assure you that you will deliver a fantastic customer experience to your audience with this feature!

Popup surveys:

No advanced technical skills are required to make a popup survey! All you need to do is go to the Popup Survey  section and click on the Add New  button. Afterward, it would be best to design it by adding the title, changing the popup width, height, position, etc. You can even select certain pages where you wish to display the popup survey. Furthermore, you have an alternative option to hide the popup after one submission.

Generate leads:

Enjoy your lead generation survey with Survey Maker! You can choose various ways to integrate your survey such as MailChimp, Active CampaignZapierCampaign Monitor,  Google Sheet, etc. This WordPress plugin allows you to ask participants’ names and email addresses and automatically includes them in your integrated backtesting software. Besides, if you enable the redirect after submissions feature, you can easily redirect them to your desired Website. As a result, you will increase the traffic to the Website and improve its conversion rate.

Design Thank You messages:

It is essential to make your customers  feel unique and valued!  Use the numerous message variables offered by Survey Maker to express your gratitude towards your customers. You can add images to make it appear more interactive. So, don’t you agree that this is the best WordPress survey-making plugin?

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlimited surveys, questions, sections
  • Make the questions required
  • Extensive range of style options
  • Single-page survey and multi-page survey
  • Different buttons ( finish, previous, next, restart, clear answer)
  • Schedule the survey
  • Logic Jump
  • Detailed reports with graphs and charts
  • Survey Import & Export
  • Copy protection


You can use the free version and create an unlimited number of surveys that include unlimited questions.

The Business version includes support and updates for 12 months and extra advanced features. This version costs 29$ (onetime payment).

If you want to get lifetime usage, updates, and support, you should activate the Developer version. The cost of this version is 89$ (onetime payment).

2. Perfect Survey


perfect survey


Perfect Survey is another good WordPress survey plugin. You can create unlimited polls and surveys and include an unlimited number of questions. You are free to create any type of survey, including customer satisfactionmarket research learningemployee engagement, etc.

Create your questions:

Your survey is easy and fast due to the developed questions editor that contains more than 15 answer types. You can include single choice, multiple-choice, text answer, matrix, custom text, rating, multiple rating, and image choice questions in your survey.


The plugin allows you to  customize your own style  and make your survey more  eye-catching and appealing.  Do not lose your chance to engage your audience with personalized surveys with an interactive and distinguishable design!

Collect and analyze statistics:

Thanks to the advanced statistics system, you can manage to organize an in-depth analysis of the results or visitors. Charts and tables will make your experience easier!


Another unique and user-friendly fact about this plugin is that it is already translated into 12 different languages!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Questions editor
  • Drag&Drop system
  • Collecting data
  • Export CSV data
  • Logical conditions
  • Export and import questions
  • Full responsive Admin panel and Front-end


One of the best WordPress plugins is entirely  FREE, and no subscription is required. However, the features are limited compared to the previous Survey Maker plugin.

3. Opinion Stage


opinion stage


 The following plugin is Opinion Stage which allows creating an unlimited number of surveys, polls, and quizzes. You are more than free to create the items from scratch or use hundreds of optimized templates offered by Opinion Stage.

Surveys for getting Insights and Feedback:

Opinion Stage is a very flexible tool to conduct research and collect feedback that will help you improve your product or service. This plugin provides various question types and other beneficial features that will help to create unbiased surveys!


Another fantastic fact is that Opinion Stage is translated into 42 languages.

Track and optimize:

You have a chance to track almost everything with Opinion Stage, such as the number of views, starts, and completes. Tracking these aspects may help you define and remove unnecessary questions or make other important changes.


The range of style features is not as extensive as in Survey Maker, but another unique feature: here, you can add photos and videos to the questions. Similarly, you can customize the design by changing the color theme, size and fonts. Moreover, you can add a logo.


While using the Opinion Stage, you can enable randomized answers and questions features for each question separately. You can also allow users to add their own answers that are not present in the answer choices.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Display survey results in real-time.
  • Advanced analytics dashboard with both results and performance tables.
  • Email notification on quiz & survey submissions.
  • Survey branch logic helps determine which question is asked next based on the answer to the previous one.
  • Integration with your preferred marketing automation (MailChimp, Hubspot, Zapier, etc.)


The Basic Plan  is available without any costs and includes some basic features.

The Starter Plan costs 19$ per month. It is a good option for entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Small Business Plan is ideal for small businesses and consultants. This plan is available for 65$ per month.

Performance Plan  includes all the features and updates. It is a good choice for growing businesses and brands. The monthly fee is  199$. 

4. BuddyPress Polls


BuddyPress Polls


BuddyPress Polls is a intuitive plugin made to add a poll activity to your BuddyPress website just like any other activity. Additionally, it provides simple yet advanced functionalities for managing polling activities.

Key Features:

  • It gives your audience a simple yet structured approach to participate.
  • Enables management of the poll option's limit and closing date and time
  • Using an older post to increase views is a great approach to re-engage members.
  • Adjust colour schemes and include photos that are relevant to poll descriptions.
  • Enables you to ask questions to and receive answers from members of your community.
  • Provide the public access to voter lists and poll results.
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5. Quiz and Survey Master


Quiz and survey master


Quiz and Survey Master is a user-friendly survey and quiz-making plugin in WordPress. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of creating engaging and interactive content to drive traffic to your Website.

Question types: 

You can include an unlimited number of questions in your survey. The question types include multiple-choice, true or false, drop down, open answer, checkbox, fill in the blank, number, accept, andslider .


You can grade your survey either with points or a correct/incorrect system. You are free to decide which questions to use or select some questions randomly. Moreover, you can ask for contact information and make those fields required. Also, you can set the number of questions per page or make all the questions appear on one page.

Lead Generation: 

You can pick to integrate your survey with Mailchimp, Activecampaign, Zapier, Campaign Monitor, create email campaigns, and reach your audience with survey responses. Check out their integrations .

Comment Boxes:

You can provide users separate comment boxes after each question.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Animation Effects
  • Allow the participants to share their results on social media
  • Allow access only to logged-in users
  • Schedule your survey or quiz
  • Limit amount of total entries to quiz or survey
  • Set a maximum number of attempts
  • Enable  hints for questions
  • Add explanations to questions
  • Countdown timer


You can use the free version and have access to a few free addons.

The basic package  includes reporting and analysis, export and import, google analytics tracking, and URL parameters for 79$ per year.

Plus package  provides more features such as conditional logic, Mailchimp Integration, summary emails, extra shortcodes, user dashboard, etc. You can get this version for 149$ per year.

Pro package  has 34 addons, an advanced timer, export result option, Zapier Integration, Email Marketing Integrations, and all the features included in the Plus package. You can purchase this version for 199$ per year.

6. WordPress Survey & Poll


WP survey and poll


The last survey plugin that I want to introduce is WordPress Survey and PollSurveys are fully customizable with this plugin! RGB color picker helps to design your survey the way you imagine. Collecting users’ feedback is very important in making their experience in your Website enjoyable. However, all the surveys are anonymous, and there is no need to log in to fill them out.

Live Preview:

All surveys can be tested in the WordPress admin area. You can use a number of customization features such as font size, padding, line height, and so on.


You can place the survey at the top, middle, or bottom of the page. More than 30 animations are available to make your survey appear great, unique, and impressive.

Cross Browser Responsive:

WordPress Survey and Poll is tested with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It also works fast with mobile devices and tablets. The survey always fits the device screen to get the best visual display.

Locked Screen:

It is possible to lock the screen and allow the participants to fill out the survey to unlock the content. This option increases the number of survey participants.

Other Key Features and Benefits:

  • Numerous customization options
  • More than 650 Google Fonts
  • Visual Builder on Admin with Live Preview
  • Parallax Effect on the Surveys during Scrolling the Page
  • Timer
  • Different Positions
  • Custom animations with Full Range of jQuery Easing Effects
  • Ability to set the Survey on the entire Website or include it to the Specified Page / Post
  • Set it to Closeable by the Users or Force to Fill Out
  • Display the Surveys only when the Users Scrolled Down to the Bottom of the Page


WordPress Survey and Poll  has a free version that contains basic survey-making features.

In case if you need more, you can use the  Premium version, which offers two types of licenses.

Regular License  can be used in a single end product which end users cannot be charged for. It costs 44$ , which includes the item price and a buyer fee. However, in the case of an Extended license , end users can be charged. This version costs  415$.

Wrap Up

These were the top 5 survey-making plugins in WordPress. Write in the comments if this article helped you find the most suitable plugin. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel  and enjoy informative videos. Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter as well! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of anonymous surveys?

Anonymous surveys can provide you with more detailed and honest responses, as anonymous surveys don’t collect any data from survey takers. Many people are likely to take part in the survey and share their opinions.

How do I create a Popup Survey?

Install and activate the WordPress Survey Maker plugin, go to Surveys > Add New and create your survey, then go to Popup Survey feature on the dashboard > Add New > Select Survey, here choose your survey and customize the popup survey.

What are the different types of surveys?

Some types of online surveys include customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback surveys, and lead generation surveys. All types of online surveys have different survey question types.

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