How to Create a Poll in Minutes on WordPress (Step by Step)?

Online Poll for WordPress


Hey, my dear readers! Read the article and learn about WordPress Poll plugin's advanced-level features and functionalities. Learn how to provide your audience with interactive and entertaining platforms and make them stay longer on your website.

If you are looking to create a simple voting form in a few steps, stay tuned. You’re soon going to learn how to use the best WordPress poll plugin -  Poll maker logo Poll Maker ,  for your powerful and quick voting form!

With the WordPress Poll plugin, it's easy to conduct elections and surveys.
Build Voting polls and make your products or services to be evaluated by your users by using like/dislike buttons or smiley/frown emojis. Create Choosing polls and add an unlimited number of answers, in addition, the users can add their custom answers too. Generate VerSus Polls (VS), select two competing products images, and make your users choose their preferred one. Make Rating polls with a 1-5 star rate scale or choose your preferred emoji via the graphical interface. It is unchallenging to create Poll types like; Password protected polls, Anonymous polls, polls with Multivote. Furthermore, you can create user restricted polls by their ID, IP addresses only for the selected website visitors. With the Poll Maker, it is easy to create what you have in your mind. How? This plugin has 6 advanced themes and more than 15 style options. Build polls more restricted and unique with the adding password functionality. In today's world time is the most precious thing, the WordPress Poll will help you to schedule your time rationally, set the date and time when you want your poll to be enabled and your poll will be automatically displayed on your website.


Here is the Short Guide to Your First Instant Poll

Poll Maker dashboard


  1. Open the Polls page and click on the Add New
  2. Give a title to your poll and choose its type.
  3. Design your poll.
  4. Set up the results page.
  5. Copy the shortcode and paste it into a page or post.


1.  Open the Polls page and click on the Add New

As soon as you install and activate our plugin, make sure to go to the Polls page to build your first form. Afterwards, click on the Add New button and move forward!


WordPress poll plugin


2.  Give a title to your poll and choose its type.

Give your voting form a title and describe it in a few words, after which move on to choosing the type. There are 5 popular types at your disposal: Choosing, Rating, Voting, Dropdown, and Versus. Choose the appropriate one and make necessary changes without any effort.


Poll maker plugin styling options


3.  Design your poll.

From the 7 amazing themes that our WordPress plugin suggests, choose the one that best fits your preferences. Customize the design of every single part of your form and make it much more inviting.

Try out and observe the featured templates!


Poll plugin result page


4.  Set up the results page.

With our plugin, make your voting form super interactive. The results page is the very place wherefrom you can direct participants to your social media sites, display the Restart button, and so on. In a nutshell, you can boost engagement on your website by building a relevant results page.


Poll plugin shortcode


5.  Copy the shortcode and paste it into a page or post.

As a finishing touch, you need to copy the given shortcode ([ays_poll id=your id]) and embed it into a page or post. Next, you need to hit the Publish button and follow the link to your brand-new form! Do not forget to build a proper website for your advanced polls.

Best poll maker plugin

So your online Poll is ready and you can collect real-time feedback on your product!

If you are looking for ideas for your event, or want to keep your website visitors entertained, or to stay longer on your website- create your own online Poll in minutes. This is one of the most effective ways of how to lead generation to your WordPress website..

Polls are effective in any case. These are online voting tools used for receiving immediate responses from a large audience. So, you can make up your mind far more easily.


What Else Can You Do with Our WordPress Poll Plugin?


Let’s get down to building more powerful voting forms with our plugin. Follow up to find out other ways to make your form more appealing and conversion-driven with us.

  • Allow custom answer

A constructive method of processing opinions is to allow participants to enter their own answers. You’ll come to know those users who really care about what you’re asking.

  • Allow multi-vote

Don’t limit participants’ choices and let them select more than one answer to your question. And, of course increase your user traffic.

  • Redirect after voting

Take steps to drive more traffic to your site. Direct participants to another web page after submission.

  • Show answer message

Move your voting form to a whole new level by displaying different messages based on answers.

  • User limitation

With our online voting tool, limit your voting form by the following options:

  • Maximum number of attempts per user
  • Only for logged-in users
  • Only for selected user roles
  • Count limit on takers
  • Password for taking the poll
  • One vote per session
  • Limitation by country


  • Third-party integrations

Our WordPress poll plugin provides you with a wide variety of integration possibilities. Integrations with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Slack, and Google Sheet are efficient means for syncing contacts.


Start Your Journey with Our WordPress Poll Plugin!


If you need to build simple but powerful forms, our online voting tool hits the spot. For this matter, the WordPress free Poll plugin will perfectly fit. With the WordPress Poll you can

We guess the Poll Maker documentation will be worth your while. Also, don’t miss the chance to view the demo version of Poll Maker Pro.

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Hopefully, this article was useful for you to create online poll in WordPress. In case you have got any questions, reach us via this contact form. Thank you for your interest in our services!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between polls and forms?

A poll is a type of survey used to collect feedback and opinions on an exact topic, while you can create simple forms to gather data, it can be a poll, a quiz, or a survey.

How do I allow multivoting in the poll?

To allow the users to vote for more than one answer, you need the WordPress Poll Maker plugin. Go to the All Polls > choose the poll you want > Settings tab > Allow multi-vote.

Can I display the poll results with a chart?

To display the poll results with a chart you need to install and activate the WordPress Poll Maker plugin. Go to the All Polls > choose the poll you want > Results Settings tab > Show Results by > choose the chart type you want.

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