How to Create a Website for Making Online Polls with WordPress


For someone who owns a website, finding techniques to drive more traffic and engage the audience is the number one priority. You feel that, don’t you?

There are lots of ways to entertain your visitors, but the simplest and most effective one is… guess what? A poll! Apart from being fun, polls are proved powerful in generating leads and revenue. They may seem simple things but can actually take your website to the next level.

From a business standpoint, polls are what you are looking for. If well-designed, they will increase the time spent on your website, as visitors will go one by one through them and won’t notice the time flying. Besides, a poll, along with a survey, is irreplaceable while you are trying to learn about your audience.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to a game-changing poll maker plugin to increase website traffic. But first, let us grasp why online polls are a must.

Why Are Online Polls Important?


why are online polls important


Polls will do magic if you implement them correctly. Use the Poll Maker plugin and create free polls on social media for getting real-time results. Online votings are quick and easy with Poll Maker. In just a few minutes you can create a poll for any occasion and then share it with users. There are several reasons why polls are essential in our virtual world. Let’s go and see!

Entertain and Engage Visitors: To motivate and arouse interest, polls are crucial. But the The first thing you need to take into consideration is tailoring them to your visitor’s interests. With the help of the WordPress Poll plugin, you can build various types of entertaining polls like; Choosing, Rating, VS (Versus), Voting. Moreover, you can generate polls with users restrictions (IP, ID, or only for logged-in users), Anonymity opinion polls, Password Protected polls, market research polls with Multivotes, with diverse ready-to-use responsive designs. Observe what your audience loves most and what it is engaged in. Even if a poll deviates from your web content, go for it. Use this interactive approach and run polls of different topics to meet the interests of different people. This WordPress poll plugin will help you to always be one step ahead, the website owners will always know what do their customers want or need. Hence, the Poll Maker plugin is one of the most powerful ways to increase traffic and make an effective road trip to the eCommerce strategy.

Inform about Your Brand: Not only are polls for fun, but they are also influential while trying to inform about your product. Customers can’t know if it is worth using your services unless you tell them what your business is all about. So choose to present the advantages of your product creatively. Inform about the latest deals, big sales, and events by including queries about whether they have heard the good news. Make your own lead generator via WordPress best Poll.

Generate Leads: Involving new customers into your community and forming bonds with them is the stepping stone to your business growth. Online polls will help you along the way. Why? You may ask. As people are sold on creativity, engagement, and something that is addressed directly to them.
And not to forget about the word of mouth. Your current clients are a valuable helping hand in increasing your brand awareness and bringing in prospects. And if your polls are shareable, get ready to receive a bunch of potential customers! If you're having trouble producing leads, you might want to think about hiring a small business coach to assist you in developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy that will increase your lead generation.For any website owner, it is important to have a well-developed web page with progressive user traffic and high boost engagement. With the aim of, generating leads to your WordPress web blog, I am suggesting you read this How To WordPress article and learn a few more beneficial methods too.

Build Brand Loyalty: Besides providing a good service, try to find creative ways to appeal to your customers. Give them reasons to choose you. Conducting polls is one way to be a step closer to them. If you consider asking for customers’ opinions and making them feel their voice is important, they are bound to soon develop an attachment to your brand. Spice up your customers' experience, and make them feel special with the Poll Maker tool. The best WordPress poll plugin will help you to satisfy all of your web page's expectations and provide the entertaining part to it. Before building a website for making polls, I suggest you find more information about the WordPress Poll Maker plugin. Learn more detailed information about the WordPress Poll plugin and learn how to create poll WordPress and its progressive features by reading this informative article.

Know Your Audience: It’s crucial to find out what types of polls appeal to your visitors most. Whether they prefer answering yes or no questions, rate, or vote, can all be followed. This will help you understand what questions to ask your customers to gain insights into their preferences and dislikes. Ask your audience about a particular thing and get real-time feedback really quickly. Also, integrating an online order system enables efficient processing of customer preferences gathered through polls for quick and personalized responses.

Get Valuable Feedback: This seemingly simple tool turned out to be more useful than expected. The customer feedback gathered via polls will guide you towards better business strategies, better offerings, and a better customer experience!
This is the right time to build a profitable, high-ranking, progressive, and entertaining website.

Having said that, let’s take action!


Create a Website for Online Polls with Poll Maker


WordPress poll maker plugin


Among numerous polling tools available, the WordPress Poll Maker plugin stands out for its complete set of options designed specifically for polls. It is an exclusive, all-inclusive plugin giving you wide opportunities for perfect polling.  Most importantly, the plugin causes no worries to beginners thanks to its simple interface and tooltips available for every single option. In order to provide your WordPress website with the entertaining part of building progressive quizzes, surveys, and polls.  Your first step will be setting up an advanced-level poll for your web blog.

It’s not enough to say this much about the Poll Maker plugin. Let’s see in what other ways it empowers you to be at the top!

With this plugin, you can:

  • Choose poll types (Choosing, Rating, Voting, Dropdown, Versus, Range)
  • Allow custom options
  • Allow multivote
  • Allow anonymity
  • Schedule your poll
  • Enable social share buttons
  • Have a password-protected poll
  • Create custom form fields
  • Send results to users via email
  • Integrate your poll via MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, etc.
  • See results in charts
  • And a lot more!

With the purpose of having the full picture of the WordPress best Poll plugin advanced level features, I suggest you check out the free demos and pro demos.

Finally yet importantly, you can have a website designed especially for polls. Poll Maker allows you to receive request forms and approve them. Let’s go into detail about the latter together.

What is a request poll? It is a form that requires the admin’s approval before being posted on a website. A request form does well for both the user and the admin. It allows the user to build polls without effort and gather opinions in a short period, while the admin succeeds in boosting website traffic. A request form keeps visitors longer on your website and brings in more users over time.


poll request with poll maker


This is the form your users will need to fill in for submitting their online polls with Poll Maker.

Now let’s learn how you can allow users to create polls on your website with this WordPress Poll plugin. Firstly, install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard. After installing, go to the General Settings page inside the plugin, then enter the Shortcodes section. Scroll down the page to find the shortcode for the request form. To activate the tool, you need to copy the given shortcode ([ays_poll_request_form]) into a page or post. This way, users can build their polls with simple settings that include title, category, question, and answers.

After creating, users will need to submit the form. You will find the request form on the Requests page and can decide whether to approve it or not. You can see who has created the poll, the date of creation, and other data. Moreover, you can see the results on the Results page in real-time.

Last but not least, your poll can be anywhere on your website. For this, go to the Appearance page on the navbar, then head to Widgets. Find the Poll Maker Widget, then drag it from the Available Widgets to the preferable place.

Would you think increasing user engagement on your site is possible this easily? It is not only that you benefit yourself. You also help others to build their own polls on your site, letting them find the answers to their questions and gather necessary feedback.

To view great request form samples, visit the Poll Request page by Poll Maker. Gain a better understanding of how a request form works by taking and creating such forms yourself.

Get Started

Give Your Website Growth a Start!


Generating leads and boosting website traffic is no longer a problem as several amazing tools are serving these purposes. A poll is one of those simple but at the same time powerful techniques to turn your business goals into reality. Engaging, informative, helpful polls are what both you and your website visitors need.

And if your polls are shareable, get ready to receive a bunch of potential customers! If you're having trouble producing leads, you might want to think about hiring a small business coach to assist you in developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy that will increase your lead generation. However, when you engage in this, don't underestimate the importance of having a coaching contract template for your proficiency.

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I hope this article will help you on your way to business growth. Follow the links to the WordPress Poll Maker Free demo to view nice examples and observe the features used in them. Also, check out the Poll Maker documentation in case of any questions concerning the options. Besides, if you have any further questions, you can contact the caring team via the FREE Support Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a multivote function to my Poll?

Go to the All Polls > choose the poll you want > Settings tab > Allow multivote. To do this you need to install and activate the WordPress Poll Maker plugin.

What is the difference between polls and forms?

Polls are for collecting information on specific topics, while forms are more for gathering general data, it can be a quiz, a poll, a survey, etc.

How do I have a password-protected poll?

After creating your poll, you need the WordPress Poll Maker plugin to enable a password. Afterward, go to All Polls > choose the poll you want > Limitations tab > Password for passing Poll > Password for poll-taking > write down the password.

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