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Have you ever passed one of those personality quizzes? Or perhaps the ones that find similarities between you and your favorite movie characters. If your answer is "YES!" then you probably know how much fun it is to get a desired and close to reality result. One that would be shareworthy and will boost your confidence. Those types of Quizzes are called outcome quizzes. Now if you are looking for a creative way to connect with your customers, make their experience with you joyful and even inspiring, or engage them to share your quiz and provide personal data, then you are at the right place. Let's explore Outcome Quizzes and the best ways of making them as accurate and fun as possible.

First Let's understand;

  • What Is an Outcome Quiz?
  • What Are the Purposes of Outcome Quizzes?
  • How To Make an Outcome Quiz


Just by thinking about quizzes in general you realize that there are no limits in types and categories. However, just for the generalization, we can say that there are over 15 types which include Personality Quizzes, Scored Quizzes, Knowledge Quizzes, True or False Quizzes, and many more. These categories fall into groups. One of the groups is Outcome Quizzes. Outcome Quizzes are the ones that show different results based on the answers. Outcome Quizzes are considered to have a higher potential of becoming a viral quiz and being shared. The reason behind that is its personalized style. To create an outcome quiz you need to use a proper tool. One which has the capacity to support your needs and by one not require any special skills.

What Are the Purposes of Outcome Quizzes?

Remembering the "NO LIMITS" part, I will mention only two mainly important purposes of Outcome Quizzes; Educational and Entertaining. Both of these ways are highly interactive by their nature and are used to engage in taking action.

AYS PRO Wordpress outcome education quizzes

Outcome Education Methods vastly spread in advancing educational systems. With the rapid progress of technology, students' perspectives on effective learning methods changed. When educational institutions stop cooperating with the swift changes they end up with students who have neither motivation nor belief in the system and relevance of the information they are getting. Avoiding adopting new teaching methods is the same as being familiar with a translating app but doing the translation of your 2000 word worksheet YOURSELF. Of course, translating apps can never get the work done the way it does the person, who feels and understands the culture of the target language, and neither can technological education fully replace teachers but its presence is a way to make our lives easier.

Outcome quizzes are one of the traits of this change.

These quizzes help students in individual learning, targeting the information which was missed out. Personalized results motivate them to do their best for getting the best possible outcome, thus engaging the students in the learning process. Creating outcome quizzes that are not score-based do not prompt students to memorize everything word-for-word in order to pass the test. On the contrary, Outcome Quizzes are content-centered, all that students get is the perception of their overall knowledge, and after you can redirect each student on an individual path of improving their skills.

AYS PRO Wordpress entertaining outcome quizzies trivia-quiz

Entertaining Outcome Quizzesare something you can hardly avoid. Have you heard about BuzzFeed quizzes? Moreover, have you ever tried one and shared your result? If you think that the purpose of Buzzfeed was solely to entertain you, then you misinterpreted the whole concept. Of course, it's all fun and games but it is also a strong marketing strategy. By building a solid quizzing platform they market their own tools or advertise. Marketing leader Joe Chemov said, "Good marketing makes the company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart". Outcome Quizzesused as marketing tools are a very vivid example of that.

When you create something that is amusing and boosts the confidence of users, they will 100% find it worthy to share. If you are an owner of a website then you probably know that bounce rate is a touchy subject. The reason is that people enter your website, eye it for a second and leave thus damaging your bounce rate, outcome quizzes are destructive and engaging. No further explanation is needed, lead generation is at its highest potential! And one last but NOT LEAST asset is that using those quizzes you involve in a give-and-take relationship with your audience. You offer awesome and accurate results and get some insight information like email, name, address, etc.

How To Make an Outcome Quiz?

We will go Through;

  • The Plugin
  • Purchasing and Installation
  • Questions
  • Title and General settings
  • Style
  • Result Settings

The Plugin

I have already mentioned that you must choose wisely the type of tool you are going to use. Small businesses annually spend nearly $2 million on overall marketing strategies, which also includes buying plugins for entertainment, engagement, etc. If you are looking for the same thing Quiz Maker is a deal-breaker. Imagine getting the best quiz plugin in wordpress.org in 2022 for the most reasonable price. WordPress Quiz Maker plugin offers a pro feature that gives you the opportunity to make outcome quizzes based on keywords or weight points. Before purchasing the plugin you can check out its free demo and pro demo versions. I'd like to mention that Quiz Maker's pro version gives you the ability to make not only outcome quizzes but also accurate and safe exams, quizzes with question images, 10+ question types, and many more.

Quiz Maker offers:
Free Version
Business Version- $49
Developer Version- $129

Even its free version consists of all the necessary options to create engaging quizzes. However to make ones that show different results based on the answers is available on the Business version. And keep in mind that you pay once and get lifetime usage, updates, and support for 12 months.

Purchasing and Installation.

To get the plugin, go through the link; PAYMENT-INSTALLATION (*this link will take you to the Business package), fill in the required information, carefully read the "terms and conditions" and click on "Checkout". After you fill in your payment information the program will automatically register you and redirect you to the orders page where you can see Quiz Maker plugin ready to go.

AYS PRO Wordpress quiz maker plugin payment.PNG

AYS PRO Wordpress quiz maker plugin business-package-sign-up.PNG


The first steps of our quiz making would be questions. As my quiz title is "Which Medieval King Are You?" my quiz is on some level personality one and in order to make a perfect and accurate outcome, we must develop questions that observe their personality based on the answers. For accurate outcomes, you must also pay attention to how you manage the answers. For example, If you make 4 answers always arrange those answers the same way, meaning you can put all the negative answers on the first rows and all the positive ones on the last rows correspondingly. This will help you match the keywords which in our case would be the answer alphabeting numbering with the appropriate character.

AYS PRO Wordpress quiz maker plugin question-making-for-quizzies.PNG

Answer board-by keywords

TITLE and General settings.

To let you make guesses, I will name my quiz "Which Medieval King Are You?".

When you are done with making your questions go back to Quizzes, click on Add New and enjoy the detailed quiz maker tools. Each of the tools has hint buttons that will help with a better understanding and usage of the option. First title your quiz, I pre-made my quiz but let's give some words on how to choose a charming title. Your quiz title must be expressive, those several words must contain the whole context of your quiz. Yet make it concise, do not use figurative language. Keep it short and sweet. The most used and working example is the "Which" question. Just like mine! If you want to add more details you can always use the description part. Do not forget to add "Quiz Image" for a more evocative experience. All the mentioned tips also apply to the quiz image.


Style is the most essential aspect of your quiz. Even the most interesting ideas would die out if your style is not catchy enough. With the style section, you can not only make a Quiz that is catchy enough but make one that is the most captivating and engaging. There are ready-made themes that will make your experience easier and guide you on the parameters of the quiz and buttons. However, you can always do detailed customization yourself. In the style section, there are such tools as animation effects, quiz parameters which include mobile-friendly sizing, question image, and background image styles and parameters, answer styles, and button styles.

Here is what I created with Quiz Maker :
AYS PRO outcome quiz made with WordPress plugin outcome-quiz.PNG

There are other functionalities such as; Settings, Result Settings, Limitation Users, User Data, Email, Certificate, and Integrations.

Result Settings

As we are creating an Outcome Quiz, the most important stage is the results, and we can fully take control over the outcome in the result settings. In this article, we are creating an outcome quiz based on the keywords, as I have mentioned in the questions sectionpart you must put the keywords based on some characteristics that the answer applies. E.G. I've put all the positive characteristics under keyword A) correspondingly in the result settings I'm going to write the king's name and characteristics that apply to a more positive side. To put the result keywords and massages go to "Result Settings" find the "Hide Score" option and tick it so that your quiz will unable to show any numbers. After, scroll down till you reach the column, from the "Intervals" select "by keywords", going back to the column choose the keyword and fill in the corresponding result, add pictures to make the experience fun and VOILA!

After you save the changes copy and paste the shortcode into posts or pages.

AYS PRO outcome quiz made with WordPress plugin result-answer.PNG

Get Started

Wrap Up

I'm beyond happy to see you at the finish line. I hope you took notes and this article helped to make your WordPress experience better. To be informed about WordPress news and get "How-To" step-by-step tutorials do not forget to follow our FacebookandTwitterpages, and of course, subscribe to ourYouTubechannel to have a better view of WordPress Plugins and their functionalities.

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