How to Export My Forms Submissions in WordPress

Having the forms on your WordPress website helps you to capture the website visitors’ details, including their name, email, phone, etc., it allows users to send information to a company, place an order, send a request, get in touch with a company, so creating a simple form in WordPress is full of benefits.

The WordPress form plugin not only creates forms in a quick and simple process but also export forms’ entries in a few clicks. The submitted forms information is gathered and you can simply view the entered information into the form and easily export it. Thus exported information can be managed and used in different ways. You can use them to enlarge your email lists and segment them into groups, uploaded them to the database, store the data securely and safely, and have access to data for further analysis. It is also beneficial as you can quickly and easily share information.

So if you are ready let’s export your forms submissions in a few steps.

Exporting Forms’ Submissions Step-by-Step

Exporting forms submissions is easy than ever with the best form plugin of wordpress as you need to do only a few steps for getting your needed forms submissions in the preferred type. If you are ready let’s export your forms submissions but first, let’s understand where the submissions are gathered.

Where to Find Entries of the Forms

WordPress Dashboard > WordPress Easy Form Plugin > Submissions

Finding submissions of your needed form is easy with the Easy Form plugin as the data of the form gathers in one place, so finding the results of your preferred forms and getting detailed information about submitted users is not complicated.

All you need is to go to the WordPress dashboard and head to the logo of the WordPress Easy Form Plugin and click on the Submissions button. So the submissions of all your forms appeared.

Find the form submissions on wordpress

You can click on the preferred form and see the detailed information. By clicking on the Individuals section you can see the submitted form templates of users filled with the answers. You also have a section with the Analytics, where Submissions count per day, Form passed users by user role, Detected device, and Detected Countries are analyzed and presented on the charts.

All the form submissions can be exported easily.

How to Export the forms’ submitted entries

Export All Forms or Choose Your Needed One Via Export Filter

On the right corner of your Submissions section, you can find out the Export button, by clicking on it the pop-up of the Export Filter appears. You have different ways to filter forms.

  • Filter by Users: just type the name of the user which submissions you need and export all forms created by that user.
  • Filter by Forms: if you know exactly what form/forms you need to export just type in its title in the appropriate field.
  • Filter by both Users and Forms: if you do not export all the forms of the selected User, just type in the User’s name in the field and the Forms name in the appropriate field and export the exact form of the selected User.
  • Filter by Start/End Dates filter the forms by choosing their start/end days.

Export filter for exporting form submissions

That’s all if all filters are set all you need is just export the preferred forms.

Export Already Selected Form

There is also a second way to export the forms. In the Submissions section just click on the form which submissions you want to export. On the right corner, you can notice two buttons- Export submissions and Export to XLSX.

Export form submission from the submissions section on WordPress

As the form is already selected by clicking on the Export submissions button the pop-up appears with the User filter and with the Start/End days. So here also you can filter submissions and then export them as an XLSX file or you can export selected forms and all submissions of various users by clicking on Export to XLSX.

Export Individul Forms

You have one more variant to export submissions. From the Submissions section click on the needed form and go to the Individuals section. Find the submission template that you need. On its right corner, you can see XLSX and CSV buttons, by clicking on one of them the chosen submission will export.

Export submissions from the individuals section

File Types of the Exported Forms

On the right bottom corner of the Export Filter’s pop-up, you can see three suggested ways to export the forms. You just need to decide on which file format you preferred, and simply click on that type and export your needed form without any complications. Let’s take into account the types of files to make the decision process easier.

  • Export the Form Submissions as a CSV file: a text file that contains separated by commas information.
  • Export the Form Submissions as an XLSX file: information will be in tabular form with rows and columns.
  • Export the Submissions of forms as a JSON file: information will be stored in key-value pairs and arrays.

Just choose the file type that you preferred and click on the appropriate button and all information will export.

To Sum Up!

Collect information from your potential customers and clients in the most organized and efficient way, with the form submissions and have quick and easy access to the customer information and use it to better tailor their services to meet customer needs. Create must-have forms to boost your customer satisfaction and website traffic. Take advantage of exporting your forms submissions with the Easy Form plugin to enlarge your email lists and make the process of sharing your data easy than ever.

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