8 Best LMS Plugins in WordPress

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With Covid-19 and the popularity of E-learning among educational institutions, there is a necessity to use tools that help to make the learning environment more agreeable. In other words, you need more LMS tools in your life and workspace. The term stands for learning management system. These are platforms that help not only learning individuals but also teachers and people selling online coursesand why not paid quizzes.

Nowadays E-learning is not only a thing among students and teachers, but also developing companies. To keep up with the market and work in a professional and knowledgeable environment, many companies use training and courses to keep their specialists relevant and up to date.

Without LMS tools the company would most probably spend a lot more money than needed. To form a better understanding, the one-day sales training cost rate starts at 100$ per person. Do the math!

In most LMS cases, the courses start at 13$. Not only that but also you can choose the desired location of your learning, at most the usage of facilities is also reduced.

Now, to my beloved WordPress lovers, I have the 7 best LMS plugins that will help you to grow in your platform and will make your customers' experience better and more secure.

1. LifterLMS

AYS PRO best LMS plugins LifterLMS

If you are in the search for a tool that would help you create and sell featured courses with easy set-up. What users especially adore about LifterLMS is that it is fully customizable using drag and drop course builder, no code experience is needed, and offers great support for its customers. Many LMS plugins are not much compatible with other WordPress themes, however, LifterLMS's team did its best to reduce incompatibility.

Why choose LifterLMS:

  • Offers various plugin integrations such as Affiliate WP, Gamified, Monsterinsights, etc.
  • No need for eCommerce plugins, as LifterLMS offers course building, membership features, and eCommerce features, all in one.
  • Support and courses for creators.

Why is it referred to as an all-in-one plugin?

It offers:

  • Content Protection
  • Various payment getaways
  • Memberships

You can also take advantage of other fun features that will engage your students in the learning process, such as personalized certificates, achievement badges, private teaching, and messaging.

Besides having an already successful platform LifterLMS powered a free WordPress plugin to help LMS evolve into a bigger platform. However, you still can check out its packages on the website.

Free Version



CLUEVO LMS is a plugin that will support your e-learning process with SCORM modules, podcasts, video tutorials, and many more. You can create modules using PDF files by just uploading them into your learning tree.

A learning tree? That's right, with CLUEVO you can manage a learning tree which is a drag and drop structure that will make arranging the courses easier.

Who is the plugin mainly designed for:

  • Trainers
  • Experts
  • E-learning content designers
  • Influencers

What does CLUEVO LMS offer?

  • Detailed Reports
  • Competence Manager
  • Role Management
  • Support authoring tools

Besides all the mentioned functionalities CLUEVO LMS offers bundles that will make your experience with the plugin multifunctional. It's important to note that all the bundles and extensions are to test for free for a month period.

Free Version

3. Academy LMS

AYS PRO best LMS plugins Academy LMS

In a great variety of LMS plugins Academy LMS, is best known for being super user-friendly, fast, and lightweight. The satisfaction of working with this plugin is that it's completely free. However, you can still create premium courses and sell them via Woocommerce.

What you get by joining Academy LMS:

  • LMS analytics and data research
  • Multi instructors and revenue sharing tool
  • Course builder
  • Content security

The mentioned tools are what you might be looking for in your LMS plugin, however, Academy LMS comes with a great variety of options that you can check out yourself. Some of them include a course progress tracker. This option is especially important to understand whether or not your course does its job well.

Academy LMS plugin also offers free add-ons that will help you develop your course interface further.

Free Version

4. Master Study LMS

AYS PRO best LMS plugins MasterStudy

LMS Plugin WordPress MasterStudy is website education software. The LMS plugin can transform any WordPress site into an e-learning and LMS platform. It enables the creation and sale of online courses. This WordPress LMS Plugin handles the administration of courses, quizzes, and educational resources. It supports the sale of courses, the creation of lessons, and online education.

The MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin streamlined the course creation process on any existing website. It includes everything you need to easily create and manage multiple courses while increasing your earnings. So, in the course section, you can add new courses by clicking add new. It is very simple to personalize your courses.

To wrap up, MasterStudy LMS is not a newcomer to the WordPress market. They already have a strong customer and user base that loves and trusts our product. Over 10,000 people have installed WordPress.org. Furthermore, over 17,000 copies have been sold to customers from various countries. So you can undoubtedly trust this plugin.

Free Version

5. WP Courses LMS

AYS PRO best LMS plugins WP Courses LMS

WP Courses LMS is a plugin that smoothly integrates with any WordPress theme. Besides, the plugin itself offers various design options to support your ideas concerning the course. You can create video lessons that are hosted on Vimeo, Youtube, VdoCipher, and many other platforms. If video courses are not what you are looking for. You also can make written courses, audio and image ones.

WP Courses LMS offers both free and premium versions.

On the free version of the plugin you get:

  • Progress tracking
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Restricted lesson content
  • Support and development

On the premium version of the plugin you get:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • PMPro integration
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates and badges
  • Automated emails
  • File attachment

Free Version

6. Mis Cursos LMS

AYS PRO best LMS plugins Mis Cursos LMS

With Mis Cursos LMS you can take courses that include video courses with chapters. Sell courses via Paypal, create fully customizable tests, restricted content, and many more. Create certificates and link them to tests to engage and reward your students. Monitor the watch time of each of the videos and see which parts engaged more people or were reviewed by your users.

Other important features include:

  • Listing courses and users
  • Embedding Vimeo video content
  • Managing email events
  • Review tests and questions
  • many more…

By Listing courses and users you can sort users and videos correspondingly. Add Vimeo video content to courses. Show those videos on selected posts and pages by using shortcode. Assign emails to certain courses and send them to users by your set dates.

Another asset of the plugin supports so feel free to contact them for further questions.

Free Version

7. WP Learn Manager

AYS PRO best LMS plugins WP Learn Manager

Using the WP Learn Manager plugin you can create, sell, and also connect your courses with online courses and training-based membership sites. Add topics, quizzes, and categories to your course and make it even more engaging and professional. With WP Learn Manager you can manage, administer, and monetize your education, online school, and online-course sites without having any type of technical knowledge or coding.

What this plugin offers is:

  • Instinctive course builder
  • Management for Course, Lessons, and Students
  • Multimedia lectures
  • Student dashboard
  • many more…

Manage students' and instructors' accounts, and create instructor registration forms. For student management, connect with students' profiles, and send customized emails and information in written form.

Another important feature is its high content protection, as no outsiders are allowed to see the videos with the URL when utilizing WordPress.

WP Learn Manager support is one of few that offers multi-language support. The plugin also offers premium plans and add-ons.

Free Version

8. WPLMS – Learning Management System for WordPress

AYS PRO best LMS plugins WPLMS –
            Learning Management System for WordPress

WPLMS will help you with front-end course listings. Do course listing with all the necessary details. Manage private courses with an online enrollment option. WPLMS is super user-friendly and easy to configure.

The configure goes by the following steps:

  • General settings: here you set the main info of your management, individual course, and lessons settings
  • Access rights: here you can restrict access by the view, edit, and delete, or restrict by user roles and system.
  • Email templates: customize emails for special emails. Make it personalized by using shortcodes
  • Payment Settings: accept payments via PayPal, generate invoices and accept online payments.

With WPLMS create online meetings and make them available for all users. Evaluate students' performance and learning progress. Make modules, grades, and grand certificates.

Set several user roles such as:

  • Admin Profile
  • Student Profile
  • Teacher Profile

Free Version

Some additional features include group management, report module, venue management, and most importantly multi-language support.

Wrapping up: LMS plugins and WordPress themes can help enhance your teaching methods, create online courses, and engage your students in the learning process. process. And Besides downloading one of those plugins do not forget to go and follow us onFacebookandTwitter. But don't forget about ourYoutube channel, subscribe, and watch step-by-step tutorials.

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