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How to add Leaderboard for your quiz on WordPress

Hey there! In this article, you will learn how to add progressive leaderboards to your WordPress website. The Quiz Maker plugin has numerous features to provide you an opportunity to create advanced-level and highly engaging quizzes for your website’s quiz visitors. One of those features is Advanced Leaderboards. This tool is amazing for boosting user engagement and driving more traffic to your WordPress quizzes, improving knowledge skills, and an effective method to make students more involved in the study process. Leaderboards are one of the most powerful digital characteristics for quizzes, exams, and tests. If the quiz platform with leaderboard is used correctly it can become the most impressive motivator.

How? Continue reading the article, to find the answers.

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What is The Quiz Maker’s Advanced Leaderboard tool?

The online quiz leaderboard itself is the unity of columns or pages presented on the board in logical ranking order; from Maximum Results to Minimum Results or vice versa. The Quiz Maker with leaderboard will keep your audience longer on your website. Moreover, a quiz with leaderboard will encourage new participants to join your quiz community. I think all of you will agree, that competition is one of the beneficial ways to motivate the quiz takers to enhance their general knowledge skills and strive to be better in a particular study field.

On top of above mentioned, the WordPress Quiz has many customization tools.

Users count – decide how many users’ results will be shown on your quiz leaderboard.
Width – set up the size of the leaderboard box.
Show the users’ average or maximum results – show the quiz takers’ results by the average or maximum points.
Group users by ID or Email – this feature will sort the results by their ID or Email addresses. Group the results by the WordPress ID users who are already logged in to their accounts, and use the option of grouping by Email for the guest users.
Show the points without maximum points – display the results with the maximum points (e.g. the scores will appear like; 15/20), or without the maximum points.
Enable pagination – by enabling this feature the users’ data will be displayed on pages.
Color – modify the color of your leaderboard
Update the duration field for old results – click once on the button to regenerate the duration for old results, use this option when updating from the old version to the new version.
Leaderboard columns – add the columns you want. The available columns are; Position, Name, Duration, and points.
Besides, the abovesaid customization tools, there is an extra pattern log to add your own Custom CSS.

In addition, there are some Leaderboard types, which you can easily generate.

Quiz Leaderboard

Leaderboard By Quiz Category- Top 5 Users

Leaderboard By Quiz Category

Individual Leaderboard designed for a particular quiz’s result,
Global Leaderboarddesigned for all quizzes results,
Leaderboard by Quiz Categorydesigned for a particular quiz category results

Make your WordPress quizzes more absorbing with these awesome Leaderboard features!

When to use the Advanced Leaderboard for your quizzes?

Free online quiz with leaderboard will completely fit the school teachers, supervisors, or professors. Why?
By enabling the feature of Leaderboard under the quiz the teachers will be able to see the individual details for each student.  They will have an official representation of their students’ achievements. And be informed what kind of study approaches each student will need, with the aim of giving a better result and making the study process more effective. Furthermore, the supervisors will be able to encourage their students to strive for higher positions, get better marks,  and motivate them to enjoy the study process.

Online Leaderboard

Secondly, the Leaderboard can become a perfect career tool for employers. While hiring new workers as an application step you can add an assessment quiz, with the intention to see the level of professionalism. Add a virtual quiz leaderboard, and choose the best specialist for the position.

What is more, the quizzes with leaderboards will provide an interactive part of your WordPress website. How?
As I have previously noted, the competition can be a really functional method for motivating quiz audiences to stay longer on your WordPress website. The willingness to become the best one on the digital entertaining platform will benefit both and quiz builders and quiz takers. Quiz builders will get a website with high boost users engagement and the quiz-takers will increase their general knowledge skills. In a nutshell, the Leaderboard plugin for WordPress is a super-effective method to make your quiz participants more engaged in the process.

Add progressive leaderboards to many quiz types like; Assessment quiz, Trivia Quiz, Personality test, Knowledge quiz, This or That quiz (with images), Scored quiz, Yes or No quiz, Multiple-choice quiz, Diagnostic quiz, IQ test, Buzzfeed quiz, Viral quiz made via WordPress Quiz Maker plugin.

How to use the Quiz Maker’s advanced Leaderboards?

In this part of the article, I am going to introduce a step-by-step explanation of how to use the leaderboard for WordPress plugin.

For the readers who are going to have their first digital experience with the WordPress quiz plugin, you can watch this video or read the user manual, in order to get further information about the WordPress plugins’ advanced features and how to use them. In this case, your first step will be building a quiz.

Quiz Maker General Settings Section

For the second step, from the dashboard select the General Settings section.

On the left corner of your screen, you will see a box with sections, go to the Shortcodes tab. This tab is for the Pro Version users. Shortcodes are shortened versions of various codes.

By inserting the needed shortcodes, you can make additional features available on your posts, pages, or any other content which you will need.

Quiz Maker Shortcodes Tab

In this section, you will find the shortcodes for Individual Leaderboards, Global Leaderboards, and Users Leaderboard Position.

Now let’s start the process of creating a leaderboard quiz WordPress. In order to make the shortcode function, copy the needed type of leaderboard’s shortcode.

Quiz Maker Leaderboard Shortcode

Afterward, go to the Posts section > Add new and paste the copied leaderboard shortcode on the text box. Thereafter, you will need to copy the shortcode of the quiz which you want to be shown up with an advanced leaderboard.
If you want to have an Individual Leaderboard for a particular quiz, then you will need to add the quiz ID on the shortcode. If you want to have a Leaderboard by Quiz Category, then you will need to add the quiz category ID on the shortcode.
To finally set up, the online quiz with leaderboard, hit on the Publish Button button and visit the link, before publishing the quiz you can have a preview by clicking on the Preview Button button.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Leaderboard tool

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Formerly in this article, you have already read about a few advantages of the online quiz with leaderboard. Let’s get a closer look at each of them.

  • The main goal for website builders is to track as many users as possible. One of the remarkable advantages to mention is that this tool is a super-effective roadmap for the eCommerce strategy.  The ambition to become the first one, and make the best results, undoubtedly will make the audience stay longer on your WordPress website.
  • Another advantage worthy to mention is that the leaderboard quiz WordPress can become a huge motivation for students. By taking WordPress online exams with leaderboards the students assuredly will enjoy their study time, be motivated to have better results, and improve their knowledge skills with this interactive study method.
  • Last but not least important benefit for the quiz leaderboard template will perfectly fit the teachers, professors, or supervisors. This trendy functionality will help the teachers to give objective marks and feedbacks based on the auto-generated test leaderboards. The individual details for each student will show their weak and strong points and make the educators’ job more productive and unchallenging.

Can you name something that does not have disadvantages? I guess, no. So, the leaderboard plugin in WordPress is not an exception.

  • For some users seeing on the ranking board, that they are so far from being the leader with the best results, in some cases will be demotivating. But even for this matter, the leaderboard plugin has a solution. You can choose the count of users’ results you want to be shown. This implies, that the participants will compete with the users whose results are closest to theirs.
  • WordPress quiz plugin with leaderboard does not have many style features. But, in addition, the leaderboard enhanced utility has a log pattern to your own custom CSS.

Get Started

To sum up the above mentioned, without doubt, quiz leaderboard is an amazing tool for your WordPress web blog’s eCommerce strategy, an effective method to make students’ study time more interactive, educators jobs with more objectivated feedbacks, and of course, the online WordPress quiz with leaderboard will make your website forward-looking and more progressive with this trendy tool. Create quiz with a leaderboard and spice up your web page.

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