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How to Set Up Email Notifications in WordPress Forms

Send automated emails to the admin to notify them that the form is submitted whenever someone submits the forms. It is an important way to ensure that the admin is alerted to the form submission. It is also a way to keep a record of the form submission and make sure that the information submitted is accurate. Apart from the admin let’s not forget about the users too, to whom we can also send email notifications with this WordPress form plugin without any significant difficulty. It is best practice to send an email notification to users after they submit a form. This allows them to be aware that their form has been successfully submitted and provides them with the necessary information to track the progress of their request.

Sending automated emails to the admin, and the members of your company, or users whenever the form is submitted is too simple with the WordPress form plugin, for the best result you need to do only a few steps.

Until the start of the process, you should activate plugin wordpress and create a form in wordpress.

How to Set up Admin Email Notifications in WordPress Forms

Step 1. Send Email Notifications to Admin

First, go to the WordPress dashboard from the left submenu and click on the Easy Form plugin. If you want to set up an admin email notification on an already created form, click on the preferred form. Otherwise, click on the Add New Button and create a form in WordPress step-by-step.

In the Navigation bar, you can see various sections, using which you can create such a perfect form. In the number of sections, there is also an E-Mail section. So click on it to start the main process of setting up.

send email notification with wordpress form plugin

From the Email settings section find the Send email to admin feature and enable it by ticking on the checkbox. As you can see more fields appear. So let’s understand what we have here.

The first field is for Admin’s email. There is no need to fill in the admin’s email address as it is automatically filled.

The next field is for additional emails. If there are some members to whom you want the notification about the submission to be sent as well just type in their emails in the appropriate field. If there is more than one email just separate emails with commas.

enable send email to admin feature in wordpress

Step 2. Customize the Email Message

We can also customize the message of the email notification. Here Massage Variables come to help. The WordPress Easy Form plugin provides you with the list of the Message variables to find which you need to click on the Click here hyperlink, which is under the Email message feature. So all you need is either to type in some text on the provided field or just copy the message variable that you need and paste it into the field. You can do both together and even customize the text. For instance, by choosing the %%user_name%% message variable the admin will receive a message with the user’s name entered into the form. You can use it in case a name field exists on the form, otherwise, it will not work. If there are a lot of forms to not get confused just type in the %%form_title%% message variable and the admin will receive a message with the submitted form’s title. The admin can also filter the form by submitting the date by choosing the %%current_date%% message variable and receiving a message with the exact date of the form submission.

There are many other helpful message variables you should only choose the needed one.

In addition, there is one last feature-the Send submission report, using which you can send a detailed report of the completed form’s submissions to the admin. If you mention some additional emails they also will receive the detailed report of the completed form’s submissions. You need only to tick the feature’s checkbox to enable it.

Cusomize email message to send to admin

After doing all these steps do not forget to click on the Save and Close button to save all the changes that are done. If you want to save changes but continue customizing just click on the Save button.

That’s all you set up Admin Email Notification in your WordPress Form effortlessly.

How to send Users Email Notification After Form Submission

In the same section, you can find out Send email to user feature. It will work in case there is an email field on the form. Tick its checkbox if you want to send an email to a user after taking the form, so more options appear. As the Easy from plugin has an integration with SendGrid you can use either that way to send an email or the custom way.

You also have an Email message field where you should type in your customizable message using the message variables as well.

For being sure that your user will receive the email message in the way that you want you can easily test it by typing your email into the Send email for testing field. Be attentive as the Message Variables do not work in case of testing email. After mentioning the email all you need is to click on the Send button to receive and check the testing email.

Send email notification to user with WordPress easy form plugin

Another feature of this section is the Email configuration. Using which you can simply set up the fields of the sending email. The first is From email field where you need to type in the email address from which the results will be sent. In case of leaving the field blank, it will take a default value – form_maker@{your_site_url}. The From name field is for typing in the name displayed as the result’s sender. In case of leaving it blank, it will automatically be Easy Form. As every email message has a subject, here also in the Subject field you should type in the subject of the email message. In case of leaving it blank, it will take the title of the appropriate form.

There are two more fields: Reply to email and Reply to name. In the case of the Reply to email field you should write the email address to which email the form taker can reply but in the case of the Reply to name field, you should write the name of the email address to which the form taker can reply. If you leave the Reply to email field blank the email address won’t be specified, in the case of leaving the Reply to name field blank the name won’t be specified.

Configure email with the wordpress form plugin

With the WordPress Easy Form Plugin, you are allowed not only to send emails to users, but to the admin, and others. You can also send a detailed summary of the form to the selected group of people. Send it to the admin by ticking the Admin checkbox, and to the users by ticking the Users checkbox, in this case as well you can add some additional emails to whom you want to send the detailed summary. Do not forget that you need to separate the email addresses with commas. That’s all click on the Send Now button to send it to admin and the mentioned emails.

Send summary of the form in WordPress

Be attentive and do not forget to click on the Save button to save all changes.

To Sum Up!

So, as you understood, informing the admin that the form is filled is very simple and full of benefits. The admin knows exactly when to check the form, knows when it has been submitted, and if wants, can get a short description of it, which increases the level of awareness and make ensure that the information is accurately submitted.

To ensure user awareness, it is paramount to also inform them that the form has been successfully submitted. So to secure a user-admin connection, you need to follow these few steps which are very easy to do if you already know how to create a form in WordPress step-by-step. Be sure that it is a too simple process as well as exporting form submissions.

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