Must-Have WooCommerce Addons

Must have WooCommerce Addons

Most website owners know that WooCommerce is the most effective way to sell products online and earn money. It is one of the most well know eCommerce platforms, where everyone has the ability to make money. A lot of WordPress plugins are compatible with WooCommerce. For example, with the help of the WordPress Quiz plugin, you will be able to create a product recommendation quiz and recommend the products based on the participants' answers. Sounds interesting, right?

So, in case you have a product and want it to sell via your website, WooCommerce is the right decision for you. But what to do, min case you want a feature that is not included in WooCommerce? There is a huge variety of plugins ready to add additional fields on your WooCommerce product pages.

In this article, We will learn about the best WooCommerce Addons which are must-haves for attracting customers' attention and making the process of buying even easier for them.

5 Best WooCommerce Addons

1. WooCommerce Multilingual

WordPress Multilingual plugin

Want to run a fully multilingual e-commerce site and make it available for everyone around the world? Then WooCommerce Multilingual is just for you. Trusted by thousands of WordPress users, this plugin is one of the best for translating and creating multilingual e-commerce websites. This plugin is compatible with the majority of WooCommerce extensions. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to easily create and manage translations for products, categories and attributes. Stability and security are the key points that make users satisfied with them.

To make your product reachable for everyone you can't limit the languages. Don't limit the number of potential customers, make it visible to the international customers as well. Presenting the product in the users' own language will be a step closer to their hearts. Let your product speak different languages and conquer the world.

The main features:

  • Allows enabling different payment gateways based on a customer's location

That is the most needed feature. To make it even more convenient for users this option is right here. No matter in which location the customer is, they will get the payment gateway that is most suitable for them.

  • Enables running a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies

Again based on the customers' location and language the plugin will give you the opportunity to run your WooCommerce store and make it available for everyone.

  • Sends emails to clients and admins in their language

You don't have to hire workers who know more than 10 languages, you just need this plugin. It will help you to send emails in any language you may need.

Please note, the plugin is not limited to the features mentioned above. In fact, they are getting ready for a great update. To learn more about their update, make sure to check our article. Stay tuned for future updates!

In the FREE features users will also be able to install WooCommerce multilingual as a free standalone plugin that provides the following:

  • Set up multiple currencies to display based on a customer’s location
  • Add currency switchers to your site
  • Format your currencies
  • Set your own exchange rates or connect with an automatic exchange rate service
  • Set custom prices and shipping rates in your secondary currencies

And to unlock full multilingual capabilities, users will need to purchase a WPML CMS or Agency account.

Pricing for WPML

Multilingual Blog - $39 (Does not include WooCommerce Multilingual)

Multilingual CMS - $99 (Includes WooCommerce Multilingual)

Multilingual Agency - $199 (Includes WooCommerce Multilingual)

Free Version Pro Version

2. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for Woocommerce

The Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is an essential tool to add default WooCommerce coupons and create a variety of coupon restrictions, enable auto-apply of coupons, giveaway offers easy coupon management and more. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to create your own marketing campaign with smart coupons.

The plugin offers us various powerful set features and functionalities that can make it easier for us to create smart coupons for our website.

The main features:

  • Auto-apply coupons. What does it mean? Let's see.

Due to this function, customers won't need to manually enter the coupon code to redeem it. The plugin automatically redeems coupons, in case the satisfying discount conditions and cart conditions are available.

You will be able to set five auto-apply coupons at a time.

  • Shipping method/user roles/payment method based coupons. Sound

interesting, huh?

The plugin gives us the ability to provide discounts based on the various checkout options. The plugin enlarges the WooCommerce Coupons functionality, to provide store owners and customers with a wide range of options. Discounts in checkout can bring about 100% successful checkout. It can increase the probability of cart abandonment.

  • Count-down discount sales banner. A great marketing trick for you.

Create a FOMO effect and a sense of urgency in your customers to make the purchase as soon as possible by adding a countdown timer banner.

  • Sign-up coupons. Make your customer happy.

Give your customers coupons for signing up for your service. This will create a strong base of repeat customers to your store and also it is a great way to boost customer satisfaction on your website.

  • Cart abandonment coupons.

A significant majority of customers on your WooCommerce online store leave without making a purchase. It is an opportunity to create targeted offers special for your customers. Create abandoned cart coupons that you can send to potential customers' emails to encourage them to make a purchase

  • BOGO Coupons. Another way to make your customers happy.

Create a Buy One Get One offer with any products on your store or products in any category and reward the customers with more than what they pay for.


Single Site - $69

Upto 5 Sites - $99

Upto 25 Sites - $199

Free Version Pro Version

3. Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce

WooCommerce multi checkout plugin

The Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce enables customers to complete their purchases in an easier way. Everyone wants to do things that are simple and understandable for them. Just several easy steps and they will reach their desired results. In other words, they will need to download this plugin.

The Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is here to satisfy your customer's needs. It has a great user experience and interface. It makes the checkout process easier and clear. Customers feel comfortable.

The main features:

  • Built-in Login/Register step

Yes, yes, yes! With only just one click you can start the registration. What is interesting they also offer an option to skip the login step. Time saver!

  • Remove the shipping step if necessary.

In case you don't want to have your product shipped you can easily miss this step. No further issues will occur.

  • Highly customizable: programmatically show/hide/combine checkout steps, but also add new steps.

As the core idea behind this plugin is to make the process easier with the already made steps, you will be able to add your own steps, combine them or even hide them, in case it is unnecessary for you.

  • The fully responsive design of the buttons and the checkout timeline

By saying easy we also mean the design. If the steps are easy but the design is not responsive the functions lose their effectiveness. The plugin offers a fully responsive design of the buttons to make it even easier and more user-friendly.

  • Mobile friendly

The most important one. Mobile phones are winning in comparison to other devices. The majority of users use their mobile phones nowadays for making orders. The first thing to think about creating a plugin, a website or another product is to make it mobile friendly. The Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce understood the assignment.


Personal - $64.90

Developer - $129.90

Big Agency - $264.90

Free Version Pro Version

4. StoreCustomizer

Woocommerce store customizer plugin

The next one is the StoreCustomizer which is made to Customize all WooCommerce Pages. The main advantage of this plugin is that it allows you to easily edit your Shop and Product pages, Cart, and Checkout user account pages in WooCommerce. But that's not all, plus the StoreCustomizer offers lots of other features you will find very useful for your online store. It is the best solution for those who are tired of adding several plugins to their WooCommerce store to customize it. The process of adding the plugin to your WooCommerce store is very easy. You don't need to have coding knowledge to customize your store in a way that is suitable for you.

The main features:

  • Add Product sales statistics for Admin users

I know you will agree with me that this is important for everyone who runs their own WooCommerce Store. In case you want to know product sales information, you will be able to have the sales statistics on the website's front-end. The Admin users will have the opportunity to see it.

  • Customize the design of all store buttons

You are your own designer. Choose the best design for your store buttons and make it real with only one click. Again, no coding skills are required.

  • Edit "On Sale" banners

Again, you are the one who will decide the design of the store. Edit "On Sale" banners text and colour on your website.

  • Add a "Back to Shop" button

When the user gets to its cart page but his/her shopping is not done yet, you can give them the ability to go back to shop by adding the "Back to Shop" button.

We can list the features of the plugin unconditionally. Learn more about them after downloading the plugin.


SINGLE - $49 /year

PLUS - $59 /year

DEVELOPER - $89 /year

Free version Pro Version

5. Product Slider and Carousel

Woocommerce Product Slider Plugin

You've dreamed of this option, we know it. That is why for the 5th position we have the Product Slider and Carousel plugin. To make it even more attractive for the customers this plugin will allow you to show your products in the carousel mode. You can easily display this product slider in your theme using a shortcode. You will also have the ability to sort the products based on their categories. All you will need is to add a category ID in the shortcode as a shortcode parameter. That's all. Now it will be even quicker to find the desired product.

Due to its excellent functionality, and elegant and minimal design styles this plugin is the favourite one among the WordPress users who own their own WooCommerce store. You will have an unlimited number of sliders for your store.

The main features:

  • The ability to display your latest and recent products.

You will be able to sort the product based on whether they are new or not. A good way to boost your sales.

  • Mobile-friendly sliders on your website

Add responsive and mobile-friendly sliders to your website, anywhere you want. You are free to choose the position of the slider on your website.

  • Optimized slides for SEO

It is important to optimize all the slides for SEO, as it is one of the main and important sources of traffic to your website. So the plugin gives you the ability to make all the slides SEO friendly.


Starter - $99

Professional - $149

Free Version Pro Version

The best tool to design your WooCommerce store

Woocommerce Shop Mania Plugin

The above-mentioned plugins are responsible for the additional features of the WooCommerce store. Now it's time for you to decide what design you want for your store. The Th Shop Mania is the answer you've been looking for. They offer the best Woocommerce Theme for you. You will be able to create any kind of store, such as groceries, electronics, fashion etc. It has super fast performance. It provides 100% performance. Due to this theme, you can display your products in a way that they will leave a first impression on your visitors. Layouts are very flexible and this theme offers us any section we need to create an actual online store.

Wrapping Up!

What we can understand from this article is that for having a successful WooCommerce store, we just need to find the best addons. All the above-mentioned plugins offer us the features that are not only essential for us but also for our customers. I hope this article will open up for you the doors to your successful WooCommerce store.

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