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How to Export/Import Existing Popups in WordPress

This article is a step-by-step guide for exporting or importing your already created WordPress popups. WordPress Popup plugin makes it easy to export or import your popup without recreating it. Transferring a popup from one website to another has never been this easier. With the help of just 2 easy steps, you will be able to save time and transfer your already made popups.

Export Popup

Step 1

The Popup Box plugin will allow you to export your popup into JSON file format. For that, all you will need to do is to go to the Export/Import page. There you will see 2 sections for exporting and for importing.

Export and Import Popups in WordPress

Step 2

Choose the popup that you want to export. The plugin gives you the opportunity to choose more than one popup for exporting. Select more than one popup by clicking on the Select popup field. Then just click on the Export to JSON button for exporting the popup. It will be saved on your device. In case you want to export all the popups leave the field blank.

Export to JSON

Import Popup

Step 1

Import design and the content of your popup to the Popup Box plugin in seconds. Again, with just two similar steps you will escape from reacreating a popup. For importing a popup just move to the import section. There you will see a special section where you can upload your JSON file format.

How to Import Popups

Step 2

Click on the Choose File button, select the needed JSON file. If you already choose the popup and it is ready for importing click on the Import now button. Easy, isn’t it?

Choose file to import popup

The imported popup is now waiting for you in the Popups page. Go and use it!

Wrapping Up!

It doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating to transfer your popup. Although a lot of tools are now created for exporting or importing your popup from one website to another. But using the WordPress Popup plugin this task is an easy thing to do. This article includes description of all the necessary steps you may take fro transferring. For more information you can go and subscribe to our YouTube channel or check our blog.

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