How to Create Simple Forms in WordPress

Collect data from your users about their interests, needs, and preferences and track customer interactions. Use them for enlarging your email list numbers, collecting feedback from customers to improve products and customer service, increasing users’ trust, and for other reasons by making forms in wordpress.

The idea of creating forms in wordpress is sometimes overwhelming and also time-consuming. In real making forms in wordpress is much easier thanks to the WordPress forms plugin using which creating forms in wordpress can take only a few minutes.

For a better experience, you should first find the best wordpress form plugin to make the process of creation easy, without any complications. WordPress is full of plugins for creating forms, so you should be attentive and choose the best variant for you.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create simple forms in WordPress using the WordPress Form Plugin which is new in the WordPress platform. As you already understand from its name making different types of forms will be easy-peasy with this wordpress form plugin.

If you are ready let’s start the process of creating forms in wordpress.

How to Install and Activate a WordPress form plugin

Step 1: WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

First, let’s understand how to install and activate plugin in wordpress . You need to go to the WordPress dashboard. On the left submenu, you have a Plugins section, head to it and click on the Add New button. Here are gathered different plugins, to find your needed one just type its name- Easy Form by Ays in the Search Bar.

Your needed plugin will appear, so all you need is just to click on the Install Now button and wait until it turns to Activate, and click on it as well because without activating the plugin you cannot use it.

Install the wordpress form plugin from dashboard

Congratulations! Now you have the WordPress Easy Form Plugin, you do not even need to have coding skills to create different types of forms with it. This plugin is easy-to-use, user-friendly, fully customizable, and responsive. The wordpress form plugin comes with 20+ Form fields to build professional unlimited forms such as slider, text, date, dropdown, rating, file upload, etc.

Let’s take into consideration an alternative way how to install a plugin.

Step 1: > Downloads & Extend > Plugins > Downloads

First, you need to go to Head to Downloads & Extend, find the Plugins section on the Navigation bar, and click on it. Type in the name of the plugin on the search bar and click on the Download button. As the zip file of your needed plugin is downloaded go back to your WordPress Dashboard.

Download a zip file of wordpress form plugin from wp

Step 2: Plugins> Add New button > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now > Activate Now

Once again find and head to the Plugins button from the left submenu and click on the Add New button. Now just click on the Upload Plugin button and click on the Choose File button and select the downloaded zip file of the plugin. As the Install Now button is activated click on it and wait until the Activate Plugin button appears and click on it. That’s all.

Upload WordPress form plugin

As the Easy Form plugin is already ready let’s start the process of creating wordpress forms step-by-step.

How to Create a New Form Step-by-Step

WordPress Dashboard > WordPress Easy Form Plugin > Add New

As you already install and activate the Easy From plugin for WordPress, on the left submenu you can see the icon of the Easy Form plugin, all you need is just click on it. Here you can see the Add New button so click on the button and turn to the main process.

Add new form with the wordpress form plugin

You have two different title fields. The first one is the Form’s title, and the second one is the Page title. Fill in both fields, you can even type in the page description if you need. Now let’s turn to the fields. First type in the Label of your field, such as Name, Email, Phone, Message, Description, Subject, Country, Company name, etc., and also based on it choose the appropriate field type. The WordPress Easy Form Plugin provides you with 15+ field types, including Number, Paragraph, Short Text, Time, Date, Dropdown, Slider, Linear Scale, Star List, Checkbox, Radio, etc. As we create a contact form our first field will be for the user’s name. So in the Label field, enter “Your Name” and choose the appropriate “Name” field type.

Add page title, form title and labels d the wordpress forms

Let’s create one more field for collecting emails from the users. Click on the Add Field button and describe the purpose and function of your field by typing a Label Field- “Your Email”. As this field is for email so choose the “Email” field type. For having a complete contact form we need to add a field for asking a question to our customers. So let’s do it by repeating the same steps. Click on the Add field button. Type in the label, such as “Message” and in this case choose the Short Text field type or Paragraph field type.

You can create unlimited fields by clicking on the Add field button. Adding unlimited sections by clicking on the Add Section button is also possible. The same steps you should do with other fields. Do not forget to click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

Different fields and options of the wordpress form plugin

On the left side of your form, you have the same buttons for adding fields, sections, and columns, and also for saving the changes. On the right side, you have General, Style, and Advanced settings for customizing each field.
Your first form is already ready, now let’s customize it.

How to Customize Form Fields

You have a great opportunity to customize your created fields easily and quickly with the amazing customization options of the Easy Form plugin. You have some customization options directly in your field, such as:

  • Editing a Label that is already written.
  • Upload an image, or just select it from the Media Library.
  • Collapsing, duplicating, or even deleting your needed field.
  • Reorder the already created fields.

The general settings of your plugin provide you with more customization options, so you can:

  • Add a placeholder by typing a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field.
  • Add a default value by typing it in the appropriate field.
  • Enable Description if you have already typed the description, so it will be displayed in the Front-end.
  • Enable Admin Note to allow admin adding some notes on the answers.
  • Enable User Explanation to allow users to add some explanations to their answers.
  • Enable limitation to add some limitations to the field. You can limit it by Characters/Words and also decide the needed length. You can show word/counter in the specific field.
  • Enable confirmation for the users to confirm their emails.
  • Make the field required, as a result, form takers can not be able to continue filling the form with the next fields.

You can customize the style of your field by adding custom CSS from the styles section.

General settings for customizing wordpress form field

By using the Advanced features you can enable the Hide label of the needed field and also Hide sub-labels.

These are the general settings of your form but you can also can continue with the Style settings and change your Field styles, including Field font size, Field font size on mobile, and Fields image styles. You can also change the style of the entire form with the help of Form styles, Option styles, and Button styles features.

style settings of the entire form the wordpress form

After using the customization options do not forget to click on the save button for saving your changes. As your form is already ready you can insert it into any post/page.

How to Insert a Form into a Post/Page

Insert Via Shortcode

At first glance inserting a form into a post/page seems complicated. As you already design your WordPress post, let’s put the cheery on the cake by inserting your form into a post you need, as it is a too simple process. The WordPress form plugin is an automated shortcode generator, so all you need is to copy the shortcode and paste it into your preferred post/page. The same shortcode is generated in two places. When you create your form and click on the Save button the shortcode of your form immediately appears above the form. All you need is just to click on it and it will be copied, so you can insert it into any post/page you want, just publish it by heading to the Posts from the left sub-menu and clicking on the Add New button.

add a shortcode into page in wordpress

Type in the title of your post and paste the shortcode there. That’s all just click on Publish.

Another way to find the shortcode of your form is convenient if you do not need to publish the form after creating it. So for copying the shortcode you do not need to open the form once again, all you need is to go to the WordPress dashboard, head to the Easy form plugin from the left submenu, and click on the Forms button. The created forms will appear, so all you need is to find the form that you need and copy its shortcode. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to insert the form into your page.

Shortcode from the forms page

Insert Via Gutenberg Block

The second way to insert a form into a Post/Page is with the help of the Gutenberg block editor. You do not even need to copy the shortcode of your form just from the WordPress Dashboard. Head to the Posts and click on the Add new button. Type the title of your post and by clicking on the Plus button find the logo of the WordPress Easy Form Plugin and select the form that you need to post.

Insert form into a page with the block editor

That’s all. Your form is already published and your users can fill the form. So you will need to view entries.

How to View Entries of Your Forms

One of the key features of the best WordPress form plugin is that all data of the forms are collected in one place so it makes it easy to find the results of your forms and get detailed information about submitted users. To view entries just go to the WordPress dashboard and head to the WordPress Easy Form Plugin and click on the Submissions button.

Subimisions of the easy form plugin

Here you can see the title of the form, so click on the form which entries you want to view. You have an opportunity to see needed form submissions by Username, User IP, User Email, Submission Date, Unique Code, and ID. You can see the specific user’s submissions as well. To make your work easier the Read and Unread submissions are in separate sections. If you have too many submissions and finding the needed one is complicated all you need is just to filter them by typing any property such as a username, user email, etc. on the search box.

By selecting one of the forms you can view the submissions analytics by clicking on the Analytics tab. Here the form’s data is displayed via charts. So you can find out the Submissions count per day, Form passed users by user role, Detected device, and Detected Countries visualizers which help you understand the data better.

Form passed users by user role analytics

To Sum Up!

Creating, customizing and even inserting the form in any WordPress post/page can be quick, without any complications thanks to choosing the best wordpress form plugin. Create amazing forms of different types with your preferred styles with the WordPress Easy Form Plugin effortlessly.

Having a form on your website can make the process of gathering personal information about your users too simple, in a result the process of generating leads becomes easier as you can identify your target audience. You do not even need to think about what questions to ask users as the ai writer can generate the questions effortlessly.

For the same reasons, customer satisfaction surveys are created with the Survey Maker plugin, as building strong relationships with the users and being aware of their opinions, necessities, etc. is a key to business success. By the way, you can also generate a dynamic qr code and leverage scan analytics to measure your campaign’s performance simply. Understanding how do QR codes work can help you better utilize them in your marketing efforts.

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