Best Content Curation plugins in WordPress 2023

It is not in vain, that Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in his essay that “Content is a King” as it is the lifeblood of any website. At all times users prefer a specific website over another because of the content. So if you want high website traffic, and high-quality content , but also save time, money, and effort you can use content curation plugins.

As content holds much importance so you must do your best for managing it, no matter if it is easy or hard work. For keeping your content fresh, ensure it is posted at the right time, and also track your audience’s engagement you need to work hard with all your team. So you should do everything to ease your work. Here content curation plugins will come to help as always.

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of content curation and also about the 3 best content curation plugins and their five-star features that are the key to taking your SEO to the next level and improving your content strategy, marketing and quality. Take advantage of the opportunity to ease your team members’ work by choosing one of these brilliant content curation plugins.

First, let’s understand the benefits of having a content curation plugin.

Benefits of content curation

  • Save Your Time

Curating content allows you to not waste your time and also your money. Having a curator plugin you often do not need additional team members such as designers or writers to help to create content. With curated content, you stay visible on social media.

  • Build New Relationships

While you curate someone’s content inform them about it by tagging them on your article as they should know that you share their article. There is no need to tag the original creator every time when you curate content. Just do it then you want to break the ice easily.

  • Be a Leader

Both content curation and the creation of fresh material are crucial for thinking leadership. You may demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about your industry and its trends by curating the greatest content.

  • Diversify your editorial schedule

As a content creator and brand, you do need to establish your unique voice and viewpoints, but nobody wants to constantly be in an echo chamber. This also applies to your audience.

Your platform will be more interesting and diverse if you share different viewpoints from other industry professionals in a polite manner. It can facilitate meaningful interactions and bonds.

For the engagement factor, you don’t have to share every trending opinion. Share information that your readers will find beneficial, as with all content. By sharing the top articles in your field, you give your audience access to a variety of viewpoints.

Content curation has just one disadvantage. As having original content you start just to curate it but not to add your own thoughts. It is a big disadvantage but you can solve that problem. Just add your opinion, and your thoughts in the content then it’s needed. You are free to write what you want.

So as you can see having a content curation plugin is beneficial and you also have an opportunity to make choices about what plugin to use.

So, let’s start our journey by exploring all plugins one by one.

1. WP Content Pilot

WP Content Pilot Content Curation plugin

WP Content Pilot plugin belongs to the best plugins series of content curation plugins. It provides you with too many great features and opportunities.

It’s not only a content curation plugin but also an auto-blogging plugin. So you can simply create five-star blog posts and also automatically inject an affiliate link.

All that is required of you is choosing some keywords and sources and also maintaining your website updated and only at that time WP Content Pilot plugin will keep posting on your site
at a predefined interval. Thanks to the feature, which is to inject an affiliate link automatically, a vendor gives you a commission.

Since you already have a brief overview of this plugin, now let’s pass on its key features thanks to which WP CONTENT PILOT plugins suitable for numerous cases!
Here you can see both Free and Premium features:

  • Content Spinner

Spinning software is a third-party tool thanks to which you can create exclusive automatic content.

  • Template Editor

By using supported template tags of the module you can handily control how auto-published posts will look

  • Post Categories

WP Content Pilot plugin will automatically insert these categories with freshly published posts.

  • Post Tags

WP Content Pilot plugin will automatically insert these tags with freshly published posts.

  • Post Translation (PRO)

Translating any article from any language to your selected language will take only a few minutes.

  • Post Meta (PRO)

Your theme and 3rd party plugins will make use of post meta to suit the best.

2. Evergreen Content Poster

Evergreen Content Poster WordPress plugin

The next plugin is Evergreen Content Poster which provides you with many great functions. this plugin solves several problems at once․

  • Enhancing website traffic
  • Swelling social media followers,
  • Providing a customer retention function
  • Automatically share your posts and content from your WordPress website in limitless different ways to your social media accounts

So the ones listed above are no longer an issue․ As Evergreen Content Poster provides you with these opportunities. It also provides you to create as many alternatives on a sole piece of content as you want, rather than share the same message plugin more than once.

The question rises what can one do with this plugin? The answer is easy as one can ask a question to increase the interest in content, quote a fact, or just share a quote.
This plugin provides you with limitless likelihoods.

You know that social marketing takes a lot of time, if you want to do it well and create an individual limitless post and also sharing them to accounts is not that much easy. But with Evergreen Content Poster it is not a problem anymore.

But for whom this plugin is essential?

  • People who have a fresh small blog, and also prominent blogs with hundreds of posts
  • Marketers: both social media and content
  • Blogs of mommy influencers
  • Business owners who themselves use the potential of content marketing.

One of the finest functions of this plugin is content curation. This function helps you to save time in creating content or doing your best to rank it. You can verify this using some of the top-rank tracker tools like Serpple. You may also use time tracking software to manage your time and focus more on your job to boost your efficiency at the same time. It also allows you to create as many alternatives on a solo post within your WordPress backend as your heart desires. You also have an opportunity to decide for yourself which of your content and how your content is shared to which social media channel.

3. MyCurator Content Curation

MYCurator Content Curation plugin in WordPress

After just a few articles MyCurator plugin will categorize the quality content-eliminating 90% or more of the spam and useless content and saving a significant amount of time. With an excerpt, an image, and an attribution ready to do smth, you can curate your article with just a few clicks in your WordPress Editor. To add material to your website, simply add a paragraph to describe the piece to your audience.
You can curate material for a Topic (like WordPress Categories) with the MyCurator plugin without paying anything, but you need to get an API Key to use the cloud services. Low-cost monthly options are offered, usually with a free 30-day trial period, for individuals who need to curate a lot of various themes or for several sites.

Save your time with the MyCurator plugin, as it will find the content you can use

  • After some basic training, the Cloud AI module of MyCurator categorizes articles depending on their relevance to you.
  • Up to 90% of the spammy, off-topic, and irrelevant material on the web can be eliminated using AI categorization.
  • The Twitter, RSS, and Google Alert Sources you want to use are customizable for you.
  • Daily articles from your sources are delivered to you.
  • Your chosen keywords and other parameters are used to filter the content.
  • MyCurator creates posts in the language of your website while curating material in any language.
  • Pick articles quickly for curation, and to facilitate your assessment, pop up the whole material in a digestible page format.

Create curated posts quickly by clicking the make live tag

  • In the WordPress Editor, MyCurator pre-populates the post with a picture, an attribution link, and an excerpt.
  • Simply click on any paragraph from the original full article to select your own extracts.
  • To add more or modify the default image, click on any of the photos from the original article.
  • Personalize the curation with your own observation and remarks.
  • Options to control the pre-populated links, photos, and extracts in a number of formats.

4. Check Plagiarism

Check Plagiarism plugin in WordPress

The next plugin on our list is Check Plagiarism. This plugin only performs one task, but that is one of the most important tasks you need to do. It checks your WordPress content for plagiarism.

Plagiarism checking is essential for the following reasons:

  • Plagiarism can lower the ranking of your WordPress web pages in SERPs.
  • Severe plagiarism can result in the delisting of your website.
  • Plagiarism in your content makes your website ineligible for AdSense approval.

To prevent these things, you must check your blog content before publishing it on the website. That’s what the Check-Plagiarism plugin does. With this plugin, you can check not only your blog posts and articles but also the content of your web pages as well. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to not only find obvious signs of plagiarism but subtle signs as well.

So, who is this plugin useful for?

Any person who uses a WordPress website for blogging, content marketing, or for any other purpose can use this plugin. With this plugin, users can ensure that their website only has unique content. It can also help them to avoid any accidental plagiarism that may be present in their content.

To use this plugin, you need to visit your site’s WordPress dashboard. There are three ways you can use this:

  1. You can check all your posts for plagiarism at once. You can do this by navigating to the “Posts” menu and clicking on the “Check plagiarism for all posts” at the top.
  2. Another way is to check a specific post only. Again, you have to go to the “Post” menu, scroll and find the post that you want to check, and click the “Check Plagiarism” button on the right side of the “Date” column.
  3. Finally, you can check a specific post for plagiarism while editing it as well. A “Check Plagiarism” button will appear in the editing menu in the top bar. Just click that button to conduct a check.

This plugin is paid, and you need to register at the Check-plagiarism website to buy it.

5. Paraphraser

Check Plagiarism plugin in WordPress

In a WordPress website, content holds high importance. That’s why our next plugin is about content optimization. Paraphraser is a strong AI-based paraphrasing plugin that can rephrase and repurpose your content. This plugin uses various schemes and tactics to do so.

For example, it might change your sentences by replacing their words with synonyms. Similarly, it can alter the placement of certain sentence components. In this way, a fresh piece of content is created. You can use this plugin to keep your content valid for a long period of time. An additional perk of this paraphrasing plugin is that it uses AI technologies. This assures that the process of paraphrasing will be human-like. In other words, the plugin will paraphrase your sentences while keeping their literal and contextual meaning intact.

Use Cases

To help you understand the potential of this tool, here are some cases in which it would provide value:

  • If you accidentally upload content that isn’t proofread, you can paraphrase it to remove errors from it (like readability).
  • If the engagement rate of your content drops due to a bland writing style, you can spice it up by using Paraphraser.
  • You can paraphrase your content if there are a bunch of repeated words.
  • Paraphrasing content can reduce its plagiarism percentage.

If you want to use this plugin or integrate it into your WordPress site, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main website
  2. Sign Up or create an account. Once you are logged in, you can access the API key.
  3. Go to the API section and copy your key from there.
  4. After that, download the plugin from WordPress.
  5. Paste your key in the plugin to activate it.
  6. After that, you can go to your WordPress page and paraphrase content there.

After following this process, you can automate the process of repurposing your content and make it evergreen.

To Sum Up!

It is impossible to imagine digital marketing without content curation. As you can make not just common but unique and astonishing content for both your website and other platforms using one of the content curation plugins mentioned above.

If you need some content for your website, consider that you can also hire a cheap essay writer.

Do not miss the opportunity to save time and resources and including to have great content and high website traffic and coordinated work. Also do not forget to protect your content from plagiarism .

Is this post instructive and feasible for you? Then do not delay reading more absorbing and constructive articles on our blog.

We also wait for you on our Facebook and Twitter with fresh news and on Youtube with enlightening videos and tutorials.

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