Translate Quiz Maker Plugin With WPML

Quiz Maker is the best WordPress quiz plugin that enables users to create and display engaging quizzes with unlimited questions and answers. You can create quizzes for educational purposes to entertaining ones. Personality quizzes, outcome quizzes, assessment quizzes, video quizzes, and so on. Quiz Maker is super user and beginner-friendly and always develops strategies to make it available and easy to use for everyone who chooses Quiz Maker over various other quiz plugins. Quiz Maker is compatible with WPML, which means that having a multilingual audience is not a problem. You can translate your quizzes following these easy steps.

Let's move forward and go over those steps:

  1. Firstly make sure that you have purchased and activated the WPML plugin, you can check out all their translation tools and products in the WPML features section.
  2. After downloading and activating the plugin go to "Settings" from the WPML submenu and make sure that you are using Advanced Translation Editor for a better experience.

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin advanced translation editor

  3. Now we can move forward and start the translation process. First, you need to detect all the strings in the Quiz Maker plugin, for that, you need to go to Themes and Plugins localization from the WPML submenu, scroll to Strings in the Plugins section, select Quiz Maker Plugin, and click "Scan Selected Plugins for themes". You will see the following screen which shows that all the string has been detected.

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin string scanning

  4. To start the translating process go to String Translation from the WPML sub-menu. Note that the plugin detects all the strings in the plugin including the ones in the back-end however you can only translate the ones that are in the front-end, meaning the ones that are displayed on your website for the users. After you are done select all the strings ready for translation and click "Translate" in the "Translate Selected Strings Section".

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin string translation

    In the String Translation section, you can see all the strings available to translate, search for the string you need to translate, and insert the translating text under the corresponding language.

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin string translate

    To continue with the translation process you need to go to "Translations" from the WPML sub-menu. Here you can see all the translations ready to translate click "Translate" or you can edit the ones that you have already translated.

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin translation queue

    You will see the following screen when you click "Translate". Here you simply need to insert the translation and click "Complete".

    AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin translating dashboard

  5. And you are good to go! Open the Quiz which in our case doesn't have any questions and you can see the "You need to Add Question" message in either English or the translated language "French".

AYS PRO Translate Quiz Maker Plugin product recommendation

Try it yourself

In the end, I would like to mention that the WPML plugin has other interesting and very useful tools that can make your translating experience better and faster. And of course, you can go through our WordPress Quiz Plugin and find out how to create amazing quizzes in several minutes. This quiz ideas article will help you find 2023 trends in the sphere and create eye-catching quizzes for your WordPress website.

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