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Best WordPress Shipping plugins 2023

In every matter, the customer’s assessment and the degree of satisfaction are very important, the more satisfied the customer is, the better your business will be. If you had an online store, then even more you should value the customers’ opinions and do your best to satisfy them.

One of the problems for those who had an online store is to offer quality, punctual, affordable shipping to customers. In general, shipping as a process is quite complicated and it is not so easy to solve its technical and logistical problems easily and quickly.

This is where premium shipping plugins come to the rescue. They make your job easier with their great features and ensure safe, fast, and quality shipping of your customers’ orders.

This article contains the best shipping plugins, after getting to know them in detail, you will understand how you can easily organize the seemingly complicated process.

Well, if you are ready, let’s begin.

1. Fish and Ships

Fish and Ships WooCommerce Shipping

Fish and Ships is the best shipping plugin for WooCommerce. Table rate based, allow you to add as many rules as you need. In each rule, you can add one or more conditions and a conditional shipping rate, like in other plugins, but it also has special actions, that will take you to another level.

With the wide range of conditionals and special actions, Fish and Ships becomes the all-in-one plugin for shipping rates:

– You can use it for free shipping, flat rate, or any calculation, no matter how complicated
– Can guide your customers with messages, method renaming, and much more
– Can block purchases of incompatible products or hide other shipping methods
The conditionals include the product price, size, weight, volume, volumetric weight, shipping class, category, or product tag. And much more: can group the products in the way you need before comparison, and have extended properties like cart totals, date & time, etc.

The special actions make the difference: can be set on each rule, and will be triggered if the rule conditions meet. There are a few that modifies the flow of the rule parsing, such as The stop, Skip rules, or Abort shipping method. Others change the standard calculation, like Min/max cost, and Reset previous costs.

But what impressed us and makes us say this is the best shipping plugin are some other ones, like Add cart notices, Math expressions parser, Rename method, Change cart totals messages, Hide other shipping methods, Auto-apply coupon and Add extra fees, handling costs or discounts. It also includes a box packer algorithm, for a Shipping boxes flat rate.

There is a free version with the basic features but fully functional on the WordPress repository, and a premium version at website.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Free Shipping Label

Free Shipping Label WooCommerce Shipping

Are you looking for a way to boost sales and encourage customer loyalty to your online store? Free Shipping Label – WordPress plugin may be a valuable solution for you.

If you’re running an online WooCommerce store, you know how important it is to find ways to increase sales and keep customers coming back. One way to do this is by offering free shipping, but it can be difficult to know when a customer is close to reaching the threshold for free shipping. That’s where the Free Shipping Label plugin comes in.

This powerful WooCommerce extension is designed to visually represent how close your customers are to achieving free shipping from your business. By displaying this information in an easy-to-understand format, you can entice customers to further explore your offer and increase the chances of more purchases.
Not only does this plugin increase average order value, but it also helps prevent your buyers from abandoning their carts. When customers see that they’re just a few dollars away from free shipping, they’re more likely to add more items to their cart to qualify for free shipping. This can help reduce cart abandonment and increase sales for your business.

The Free Shipping Label plugin is easy to install and set up. Simply download the plugin, activate it on your WooCommerce site, and configure the settings to match your store’s free shipping threshold. The plugin also supports multiple languages, making it easy to use for businesses that sell to customers all over the world.

The key features of the Free Shipping Label plugin include:

  • An animated progress bar that can be displayed on both the cart and checkout pages
  • The customizable text above and below the progress bar
  • A message that appears after the free shipping threshold is reached
  • Text labels on products that indicate if they are above the free shipping threshold

The PRO version of the Free Shipping Label plugin offers even more options for customization, including:

  • Advanced customization
  • A progress bar can be displayed in either a linear or circular design
  • Multiple progress bar positions on the cart and checkout pages
  • Ability to insert the progress bar via shortcode or WordPress block anywhere on the site
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce cart and checkout blocks
  • Animated notice bar that pops out when a customer adds a product to the cart
  • Image or text labels

These additional options allow for more flexibility and control over the visual representation of the free shipping threshold, making it even more effective in boosting sales.

Overall, the Free Shipping Label plugin is an essential tool for any online store looking to boost sales and customer loyalty. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, it’s the perfect way to increase average order value and prevent cart abandonment on your WordPress site. So give it a try and see the difference it can make for your business!

Free Version Pro Version

3.Amount Left Free Shipping

Amount Left for Free Shipping WooCommerce

Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that allows store owners to display the amount left for free shipping on their WooCommerce website. It offers flexibility in terms of how the amount left for free shipping can be displayed, including the cart page or using a widget, shortcode, or PHP function.

The plugin also allows store owners to set a different minimum order amount for free shipping by user role, currency, and shipping zone. This feature is especially useful for store owners who want to target certain groups of customers or those who operate in different regions.

Additionally, the plugin allows store owners to create a custom message if the user reaches free shipping, which can be used to thank customers for their business.

The Pro version of the plugin offers additional features such as displaying the amount left text in different positions, updating the amount left text via AJAX, hiding the amount left text by category or user role, and compatibility options like WooCommerce Currency Switcher.

Overall, Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce is a must-have plugin for online store owners looking to boost sales and improve the customer experience on their websites.

Free Version Pro Version

4. WP EasyCart

Webtoffee Shipping

Let’s start with the fact that while the plugins listed above were just shipping plugins, the WP EasyCart plugin is different because it’s multi-functional. This plugin installs into new or existing websites. So by getting a WordPress eCommerce shopping cart store in a few minutes you can simply sell subscriptions, retail products, digital downloadable goods, gift cards, services, donations, and so on.
Do you want to have a Square cart, PayPal cart, and Stripe cart in one? So you need this plugin. By studying and understanding the needs of online stores, for covering them all WP EasyCart has 3 different shopping cart editions: FREE eCommerce Edition, Professional eCommerce Edition, and also Premium eCommerce Edition. Our shopping is connected just with these three cart editions.

After that, you can even do the shipping using this plugin. Can you imagine how many good opportunities this one plugin provides? But now let’s understand what kind of shipping it offers.

  • FREE eCommerce Edition

First, I want to mention that this edition Edition comes with limitless products and orders. For selling, you can use Square, Stripe, and PayPal Express. And what about shipping? This edition also comes with extensive table rate shipping, which is for the price, quantity, weight, and percentage-based systems. Based on states/provinces and countries it allows you to set up standard taxes.

  • Professional eCommerce Edition and Premium eCommerce Edition

All live shipping integrations, such as DHL, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, UPS, and FedEx. For accurate city-by-city tax rates, you can utilize TaxCloud API.

Free Version Pro Version

5. WooCommerce Shipping Labels, Dispatch Labels, & Delivery Notes

Shopping Cart and Ecommerce Store

As the name suggests the WooCommerce Shipping Labels, Dispatch Labels and Delivery Notes plugin lets you create various shipping and delivery documents for your WooCommerce website. The plugin offers pre-built layouts for creating these documents. You can customize the built-in layouts and create custom templates for your logistics documents.

This WooCommerce shipping labels plugin lets you download and bulk print the documents from WooCommerce admin console. You can create professional labels with this plugin and share them with your logistics services. You can also attach these documents with the WooCommerce order emails and allow your customers to download them.

Additionally, the plugin lets you add custom fields to your shipping labels and other documents. This WooCommerce shipping labels plugin is compatible with popular third-party plugins and supports multilingual translations for ten popular languages out-of-the-box.

Pro Version

6. Shipping Rates by City for WooCommerce

Shipping Rates by city for WooCommerce

The next plugin is the Shipping Rates by Wocommerce suggests many great features with which you will have the best experience of your Woocommerce shipping. So let’s understand what features the Shipping Rates plugin offers us.

  • The drop-down menu for selecting cities simply

Allow your customers to choose the city directly from the options list by easily converting the city input field to a drop-down menu. From this, the process of checkout will be more structured and you will avoid the sipping addresses errors. Choose the specific cities for shipping rates

  • Do shipping only to select cities

For shopowners, this plugin is a great opportunity to choose the cities where they want to ship. It is your right where to ship. So using this plugin you will have an opportunity to allow shipping to specific cities where there is a high demand for their products.

  • Do not do the shipping to specific cities

Each shop owner can block the cities to which they don’t want to ship.

  • Customize shipping costs specifically for certain cities.

To add shipping costs directly for certain cities. So from this, you can simply decide on different rates for different cities. So your customers will be satisfied with having accurate shipping rates as it contributes to saving money.

  • Compatibility

This Woocommerce shipping plugin complies with other shipping plugins.


To Sum Up!

I hope this article helps you find the best shipping plugin for you, which will make your job easier, improve the quality of customer experience which you can check using different surveys with interesting questions, and help you get more customers and grow your store.

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