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Best WordPress File and Document Management Plugins of 2023

A messy state is no one’s pleasure. It is doubly unpleasant for your users who find it difficult to find the file or document they want in the mess. But what to do in that case, how to solve this problem?

This article includes 4 of the best file and document plugins that will make your job easier by allowing you to organize files and documents correctly and easily. So the work of your users and employees will be twice as easy.

Let’s explore these 4 best plugins together and find the right one for you.

1. Shared Files

Shared Files easy download manager file sharing plugin

The Shared Files plugin offers a simple method for listing downloadable files on your WordPress site. How could you do it? You should just use the file manager in the WP admin area for adding your files and also do not forget about shortcodes. Insert them into the page you want to list the files on. The front-end file uploader allows users and visitors to upload their files.

Files are entirely separated from the media library and are simple to control. The files are listed on your website using 25 different files type-specific high-quality SVG icons. Download certain file types instantly or preview images and videos in a lightbox, and other supported files in the browser.

Files can be sorted into categories and tags, and there are also many customizable settings to adjust the layout and filter the files. The plugin is mobile-friendly and regularly updated.

Key Features of Shared Files:

  • File Managing

The shared Files plugin offers a file managing solution which allows you to store and categorize images and files without the need for another third-party solution, also it helps to upload and organize files. So there is no need to have other add-ons.

  • File Search

To track and find the exact file/document the users looking for is too simple if they are the users of the Shared Files plugin. As its powerful and quick file/document search capability is based on different defined categories, such as file name, description, and more.

  • Share Files

You should have a swift and simple share of uploaded files with various users who have access.

  • Files Preview

Uploading a file into the WP admin is possible with the Share Files plugin. So the team can cooperate and also confirm the accuracy of the uploaded file/document, the administrator and users can preview the files on the browser before publishing them.

  • File/Document Tags

This plugin allows you to assign tags and with them files can be immediately categorized and labeled for future hassle-free searches, so you can find all of them again quickly and simply. You not only can add tags to files, but also you can use the same tags as custom taxonomies or posts.

  • Lightbox Preview

Opening image files or YouTube videos in a lightbox preview is already possible with the Share files plugin. What benefits will you have with this feature? Customizing, adding content and updating is when there is a need, for high visibility and also flexibility in location placement.

  • FTP upload

Do you desire the security of your data? If so, there’s good news: this plugin allows users and administrators to upload files utilizing the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Just use a single-file or multi-file uploader for doing it.

  • And so on

The great features of this plugin don’t stop there, as they are many.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $49.99,$74,99, or $99.99.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Categorify – WordPress Media Library Category & File Manager

Categorify wp media library category and file manager

This WordPress Media Library Category & File Manager is not only easy to install, but you can also just after the process of installation begin to use it. Just with one click, you can simply upload images, texts, videos, and also audio. You will have the chance to neatly categorize them after uploading.

Categorify is a user-friendly plugin with a drag-and-drop interface. It seems like you have your library at your disposal.

Who can use this plugin? Categorify is perfect for both content professionals and website owners. Therefore, if you fit into any of the mentioned categories, then this WordPress Media Library Category & File Manager plugin is just for you, so let’s take a closer look at its features.

Key Features of Categorify:

  • Update

Just by one click, you can update the latest version directly from your dashboard. Quick and easy, isn’t it?

  • Menu

Create, rename, clear, and also delete categories by just clicking on any media category.

  • File Path

Let your file paths and structure be untouched by using this plugin. In your database, it only adds custom taxonomy terms.

  • Multiple Categories

Creating categories with Categorify plugin is not complicated. You can choose to categorize your files into one or limitless categories. Also do not forget that permalinks do not change by adding an image into a category.

  • Privacy

This WordPress Media Library Category & File Manager plugin complies with GDPR, which means that they don’t store visitors’ or users’ data, and also they don’t transmit any data to distant servers. As this plugin is just used for organizing the WordPress media library.

  • And so on

To enjoy these great features and learn about many more exciting features, just install this plugin.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $19 or $49.

Free Version Pro Version

3. Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama wp project management plugin

Now let’s talk a little bit about project management. The Panorama plugin is a great tool for managing your projects without any difficulties.

Sometimes when you get lost in a list of tasks, you do not have time to process all the information, and when having other similar problems, the Project Panorama plugin comes to the rescue. The main goal is to give your clients, your coworkers, and also you a clear picture of project progress, tasks, and timing.

So let’s explore the features of this simple and user-friendly project management tool together.

Key Features of the Panorama plugin:

  • Track project progress

Are you tired of endless meetings, reports, and emails? Panorama has great news for you as it tracks project progress automatically just like other task management software.

  • Project communication

Project communication is something very important, so this plugin allows you to keep it outside of emails and within threads. One thing to mention. The project portal can be used for all communication, allowing the entire team to evaluate, respond, and refer to any information.

  • Dashboards

Custom project dashboard is unique for both clients and team members as this plugin gives them their custom project dashboard with access to only their projects. All projects, along with their status and timeline, are visible.

  • Track Timing

With the Project Panorama plugin, the project timeline is calculated automatically, providing a clear indicator of how far along the project is with the timeline. Additionally, it automatically determines whether the project is on track, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule.

  • And so on

Interested in this plugin? I must say that there are still many useful features hidden in this plugin.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $49,$69, $79, or $249.

Free Version Pro Version

4. BasePress – Powerful WordPress Knowledge Base, Documentation, and Wiki Plugin

Knowledge base documentation wiki plugin

Organizing documentation for employees and clients isn’t a complicated process with the BasePress KnowledgeBase Plugin for WordPress as it allows you to create unlimited independent knowledge bases to document products or services out of the box.

By conveniently creating and managing documentation, you may decrease support tickets and increase your customer support operations.

Now let’s talk about the features of BasePress – a Powerful WordPress Knowledge Base, Documentation, and Wiki plugin.

Key Features of BasePress:

  • Bar results from an advanced search engine based on user votes and visits.
  • Based on votes or visits, a widget for popular articles.
  • Using Google’s reCATCHA feature, the feedback form may be kept spam-free.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for reordering your articles.
  • Advanced content restriction based on user role.
  • Statistics knowledge base.
  • Support for several sites.
  • Integrations: WPML– for Multilingual KB, SearchWP via add-on-for advanced searches, Oxygen Visual Site Builder via add-on.
  • Feedback on your KB articles can help you produce better documents.
  • Automatically generated Table of Contents (TOC) in articles or widgets.
  • Navigation bar for articles (Next and Previous).
  • Assign tags.
  • Dashboard tool.
  • For adding dynamic lists of articles outside the knowledge base, you should use the shortcode editor.
  • And many more excellent features.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $59,$259, or $559.

Free Version Pro Version

To Sum Up!

So, as you can see, organizing your website with these plugins is not difficult. Just grab any of these 4 best plugins and let your users easily find and download the files they want.

It’s also a great way for you to manage who can have access to a given file and who does not.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance! Get your preferred plugin as soon as possible! To understand that you made the right decision, I suggest you create an anonymous survey for your users and employees to find out the usefulness of the plugin.

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