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The Best Google Forms alternative plugin in WordPress


Do you have a WordPress website and are you looking for the best Google Forms alternative plugin?  We have found it for you! In this article, you will het to know the functions of WordPress Survey plugin that has exactly the same interface and functionalities as Google Forms. The plugin will help you be more flexible and be able to create customizable surveys. You can easily replace Google Forms with the plugin that we are going to suggest and not even notice a difference in terms of functionalities and interface.

Keep reading and get acquainted with the best alternative plugin to Google Forms.

What is a Google form and what is it used for?

Google Forms is a worldwide known form builder tool. It provides a chance to its users to create a big set of various questions and invite other participants to answer those questions. There are two options for participants to respond. They can fill out the form either via email or via a web page.

Not surprisingly, Google Forms allows the creation of various types of questions such as multiple-choice, paragraph, text, checkboxes, lists, grid, and scale. In Google Forms, users can have access to the responses very easily. They appear in the spreadsheet on a screen as soon as all the participants submit the forms with their final answer choices.

Advantages of using Google Forms:

  • In order to use Google Forms, the only thing you need is a regular google account. You need the same or another google account to access Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Drive, and YouTube.
  • Google Forms is very easy to use. The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface makes your experience with Google Forms easier and quicker.
  • Design options include choosing different colors from the palette and use own images as a background.
  • Google Forms collects received information or feedback and allows its users to observe it later in more detail.
  • You can easily access the spreadsheet view of the received data.
  • Google Forms provides an option to review the survey before sending it to participants.

Advantages of Google Forms include the fact that it can be easily integrated with other Google products such as Google Slides, Google Docs, etc. Another good news for students and professors is that they can easily access Google Forms without facing challenges from any electronic device, including computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. Thus, instructors can freely use Google Forms during online classes and save time viewing all the answers.

Another major benefit of Google Forms is that instructors have the chance to assess how well students understand and interpret the given information and learning materials. It allows finding the parts which students have misunderstood and cover those materials again. As a result, it improves students’ level of understanding.

Furthermore, according to statistical research, Google Forms may help to increase the level of interactivity between students and professors. Sometimes students put humorous identifiers or just their names. In this case, Google Forms can serve as a tool for checking attendance or conduct other specific in-class assignments.

Disadvantages of using Google Forms:

Even though Google Forms is a good form builder, we have researched and found several downsides that Google Forms has.

  • Poor security system.
  • Is not SEO-friendly and as a result, the website speed decreases.
  • Does not have the functionality of accepting online payments.
  • Even though technically it is possible to use in a phone or tablet, it is not optimized to use in terms of responsiveness and design.
  • Style settings are limited.
  • Provides poor customer support.
  • Does not offer settings of integration and connection to other systems.
  • There are some limitations regarding functionalities. For example, it accepts texts no more than 500Kb, images no more than 2 Mb, and for spreadsheets, it has a limit of up to 40 sheets or 256 cells.


Survey Maker plugin – The best alternative of Google Forms

Now a logical question comes to your mind “What alternative do you suggest instead?”.

Now it is time to introduce WordPress Survey plugin as the best alternative to Google Forms. Survey Maker plugin is an excellent alternative option to Google Forms. Do you want to learn about its features? Then keep reading! Something interesting is coming!


survey maker wp


Survey Maker is one of the most powerful plugins in WordPress. It is beginner-friendly and does not require advanced computer skills and knowledge. It allows creating an unlimited number of surveys and including a limitless number of questions and sections. The plugin provides 14 different types of questions and more than 20 survey-style options. You can include an unlimited number of sections with different titles in your survey. This will help you easily find the needed section or edit a specific question from a section if needed.

Create surveys for different puposes such as:


What are the main functionalities and benefits of Survey Maker?

  • High-Security Level: With Survey Maker you can be sure about the security of your content. It offers various functionalities to avoid plagiarism. For example, you can enable the copy protection feature and prohibit the participants to copy your content. Moreover, this feature can be very helpful during educational surveys. If the instructor wants to gain an idea about the overall level of students’ understanding it is more productive to use the copy protection option to avoid plagiarism. If for any reason you want to use separate plugin for copy protection you can check out the WordPress Copy Content Protection plugin
  • Style settings: Survey Maker has a separate big section full of style options. Isn’t it amazing? You are free to create your dream survey with your preferred design in a short period of time. You can change the survey color, background color, text, and button texts colors and even add your survey logo. Moreover, you can make regulations regarding survey answers sizes, button styles, question font sizes, and so on.

  • Target the right audience: It is crucially important to target the right audience in order to achieve goals quicker and easier. Survey Maker has a Limitations Users section where you can select to provide access only to a specific target group. If you do not want to get multiple results from one user you can assign a maximum attempts number. Another alternative feature is to allow access only for logged-in users.
  • Popup surveys: As you see, I was not joking about the limitless functions of the WordPress Survey Maker plugin. No special technical skills and knowledge are needed to create popup surveys. The only thing you are required to do is to access the Popup Survey section and press Add New. Then you can design your preferred popup survey. Also, you are allowed to choose certain pages where you want to display your popup survey. As an alternative functionality, you can hide the popup after one submission per user.

  • Integrations: With Survey Maker you can generate leads! You are allowed to integrate your survey to MailChimp, Active Campaign, Google Sheet, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, and so on. You can ask participants to fill out their names and emails and that information will be automatically included in your integrated software. You can use the Redirect after submission feature to easily redirect the participants to your preferred website.

  • Gain valuable feedback: Survey Maker plugin includes a Submissions page, which consists of all the detailed functionalities associated with surveys’ submissions. Enable the send automatic email reporting to admin option in case if you wish to get an automatic email reporting regarding the submissions in a table form. Furthermore, you are free to use the send email to admin functionality which will allow you to receive an email when a user submits the survey. Another major beneficial feature is the one called Send Summary which you can use to collect a detailed summary of the survey.

  • Support: It is important to get high-quality customer support. If you create a survey with Google Forms and decide to ask some questions or just receive some clarifications,  I am terribly sorry to inform you that it is almost impossible to talk to someone from Google. However, the Survey Maker plugin has very flexible and personalized support. You can contact the specialists and receive personalized help and solution to your issue in a very short time.

  • Skip Logic Surveys:  With Survey Maker, you can create conditions logic or skip logic surveys in a very short period of time. This feature is mainly important if you want to create personalized surveys with relevant questions for each user. In other words, if the first question is whether the user works or not and if the answer is no, there is no necessity to ask about the job title and responsibilities. These kinds of irrelevant questions will make the user get bored and basically leave your survey. about that important functionality.


Other Functionalities:

  • Include required questions
  • Create Single-Page or Multi-Page surveys
  • Use an extensive range of design features
  • Use different buttons (Finish, Previous, Next, Clear Answer, Restart)
  • Import and Export Surveys
  • Get detailed reports with charts and graphs
  • Schedule the survey
  • Logic jump
  • Copy Protection


Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helped you find an alternative plugin to Google Forms. If YES, then inform us about that in the comments so that we create similar helpful content for you! By the way, subscribe to our Youtube channel not to miss informative videos and tutorials, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be aware of the latest news from us!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are forms used for?

Forms are used to collect information from clients and customers. You can create forms on your own with the help of the best WordPtress form plugins.

What are the most commonly used types of forms?

There are different types of forms, the most common types include: employee application forms, survey forms, feedback forms, contact forms, interview evaluation forms, etc.

What is an anonymous survey?

You create an anonymous survey to conduct a questionnaire without collecting the personal information of participants, such as their names and email addresses.

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