How to create contact form in WordPress

Have you ever visited a website that offered you a form to contact the business/company operators? That feature is called contact form, an easy, fast, and useful way of collecting information about your website's users. Many websites use the form to improve their customer service and increase their website's quality. You may think that making the form is a complex process that requires strong nerves and coding skills. You do not have to worry about that! Creating a contact form with the Easy Form WordPress plugin is as easy as it can get! If you are interested in exploring how to make your contact form in WordPress without any coding skills, continue reading the article.

What Purpose Does Contact Form Serve

Before starting our step-by-step guide to using the WordPress form plugin, let's understand why the form is so convenient and recommended.

Every website provides the user with a way to contact them. It can include:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Social Medias
  • Contact Forms

As it seems, users have various options to contact the website. Depending on the problem, they might prefer calling or physically visiting the company. However, some businesses are online, or the user simply chooses to text rather than talk. Or maybe the phone call is unavailable at that moment, and the user does not want to use their social media account for texting. In cases like this, contact forms are handy. Users can interact with the company by simply adding their name, e-mail address, and the message they want to convey.

This option is also beneficial for the people working in the website development company. Not only does it allow them to receive the information sent by the user quickly, but it also gives them the necessary data to solve the problem (or answer the question) and get in touch with the user. Moreover, the users' contacts may be helpful for future marketing purposes and increase the website's traffic.

Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

How to Install and Activate a WordPress Form Plugin

Now that we have a basic idea of a contact form and its purpose, let's learn how to install a plugin and activate the WordPress Form Plugin. All you need to do is follow the four steps mentioned below, and you will have access to our Easy Form plugin!

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Find the “Plugin” section in the left submenu and click on it
  3. Click on “Add New” and search for the name of the plugin - Easy Form
  4. Click on “Install” then “Activate.”

Activate WordPress Form Plugin

And done! You have successfully activated your WordPress Form plugin. Now, let's dive into exposing how to use the plugin and create contact forms.

How to Create Contact Form in WordPress Step-By-Step

After activating your Easy Form in WordPress, the plugin appears on the submenu on the left side. Click on the plugin, and let's get started!

Step 1: “Add New”

When you click on the plugin, you can see the button "Add New." To start creating your own form, click on that button.

Step 1: Add New Contact Form

Step 2: Name Your Form and Page

Now that you have successfully started creating your form, you can see the initial model of the form. You can start with writing a form title, page title, and page description if needed.

Step 2: Name Your Contact Form and Page

Step 3: Start making your forum questions

Under the page description, you can see the board that will help us create the form questions. You can start making questions by filling in your label field and choosing the field type.

Step 3: Create Your Contact Form Questions

Easy form WordPress plugin offers its users various options for the field type, including:

  • Short Text
  • Paragraph
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Dropdown
  • Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • Yes or No
  • Hidden
  • Linear Scale
  • Star Rating
  • Slider
  • File Upload
  • Matrix Scale
  • Star List
  • Slider List
  • Paypal

When you create a contact form, you can use fields such as the name, e-mail, number, and short text. After choosing and labeling the field, you can add a new field or new section by either clicking the buttons below your field or on the left side of it. Moreover, you can quickly delete and duplicate the field, add an image, edit the question, and save the changes.

Step 4: Customize Your Field

Now that you can make your contact form field, it is time to learn to customize it. On the left side of the form, our plugin provides the users with various ways of changing the field.

In the General section, you can:

  • Add a Placeholder
  • Add a Default Value
  • Enable Description
  • Enable User Explanation
  • Enable Admin Notes
  • Enable Limitation
  • Make the Field Required

Step 4: Customize Contact Form in WordPress

In the Style section, you can add a custom class, and in the Advance section, you can hide the label.

However, this is not all that Easy Form plugin offers you as a user! You can customize your contact form by going through all the sections provided below:

Step 4: Contact Form Style in WordPress

Step 5: Save

After finalizing the contact form you created, do not forget to click on the "Save" button in order to save all your changes.

Step 5: Save Your Contact Form in WordPress

Step 6: Insert the Contact Form Into a Page

We have reached the last step of our journey! In order to put the form into a page or post, you need first to find the shortcode of the form you created and copy it. But no worries! The process is as easy as you can imagine. After you click "save" the form, the shortcode appears above your page. All you need to do is click on it and copy the code.

Step 6: Insert Your Contact Form Into a Page

Now that you have the shortcode copy, go to the "Post" section (left submenu of the webpage) and click on "Add New Post." Write down the name of your post, paste the code, and click on "Publish." There are also options for saving the draft, previewing, and deleting the post.

Step 6: Publish Your Contact Form in WordPress

Well done! Your contact form is ready all thanks to the Easy Form WordPress plugin!

Tips to Create an Ideal Contact Form

Since we already learned how to create a Contact Form in WordPress, it will be useful to understand how to use this knowledge as effectively as possible. As I already mentioned, contact forms play an important role in custom service and information gathering. In order to create A well-designed contact form to improve user experience and increase the rate of conversions, you should follow some tips!

Tips to Create Contact Form in WordPress

Make it as Simple as Possible

Do not overwhelm the users with unimportant and hardly understood fields. Think from the point of view of your user: would you fill in a time-consuming form with unnecessary fields just to get in touch with the company? At this point, the customer might prefer being quiet than wasting time. Therefore, be precise and create a time-efficient form. I recommend to include fields such as:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Short text

There are also some cases where you might need a home dropbox, checkbox/radio, date, and so on. The point is not to include any unrelated field.

Make it Visually Appealing

Another important component of your contact form is the visuals. Website visitors always pay attention to the visuals. If your contact form does not match your website's colors or if the design is too dull or too extra, they will most likely not use it. The Easy Form offers you ways to solve this problem. You can change colors, sizes, designs, and so much more. Make your contact form more appealing to the eye of the public!

Make the Form Less Intimidating

As I mentioned earlier in the article, you have the option to make a field required. However, do not use it for every field! It might make the user feel like they are obliged to fill in everything and might end up not using the contact form. If they are fields that are still relevant but less important than others, make them optional. In this way, the website visitor will feel like they are in control of what information they should give you. This tip will surely be helpful!

Make Sure to Keep Track of Monitoring and Responding

Finally, let's remember what the point of contact form is. Websites use it to keep a quick and easy communication between the website operators and its users. That is why it is crucial to monitor and respond to submissions regularly. With our plugin, all you need to do is click on "Easy Form" on the left submenu and click on "Submissions." Explore the messages of your website users and make a quick response!

Submissions of Your Contact Form in WordPress

Make Sure to Keep Track of Monitoring and Responding

To sum up, contact forms present convenient and necessary ways of communication between the website and the user. It is recommended to create your own contact form and increase the user engagement on your website. This is where Easy Form comes in! Our WordPress plugin is user-friendly, easily used, time-efficient, and very convenient. You can activate and use the plugin to create your contact form with only six steps. Remember to take into consideration all the features of the plugin and use the tips the article gave to have a satisfying result!

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