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WordPress Advanced Related Post Plugin User Manual

This is the official documentation(user guide) of the Advanced Related Post plugin. We are continually updating our plugin, and with each update, we are introducing new features that match the demands of the market and feedback that we receive from our clients. Any feedback that you have for us will be taken into consideration with great interest.

Let's get started together!

1. Display after post

1.1 General

Make the basic changes in the plugin.

1.1.1 Enable for all post type: Activate this option to display related posts under all post types. If you tick the option, you won't be able to exclude posts by categories or post IDs.

1.1.2 Selected post types: Choose the post types for which you would like to display related posts. If you choose Posts and Pages, the related posts list will appear only for pages and posts.

1.1.3 Exclude for categories: In this field, you can enter the category name of those posts under which you don't want to show related posts. The option accepts multiple values.

1.1.4 Exclude posts ids: Enter the IDs of those posts under which you don't want to show related posts. Separate them with commas, for example, 1, 4, 12, etc.

1.1.5 Count: Specify how many related posts should appear in the list.

1.1.6 Display on the front page: If this option is activated related posts will also appear on the home page if you enable the option.

1.2 Relevance

Set the relevance for displaying the related posts

1.2.1 Order posts query: There are three possible ways to filter related posts. You can choose only one of them. By relevance: the related posts list will include the most popular and visited posts. Randomly: Random posts will be included in the list, as there is no specified way of filtration. By date: Related posts will appear by order of creation date. At first, the recently-created posts will be displayed, and then comparably older ones.

1.2.2 Only from same: Choose to display posts related to the current post in the following ways. You can choose more than one of the options for filtration. Same post type: Those posts with the same post type as the current post will be displayed. Categories: Those posts falling under the same category as the current post will be displayed. Post tag: The posts that have the same tags as the current post will be displayed. Post format: The posts that have the same format as the current post will be displayed.

  • Strongness of matching: This option works with Only from the same option. It helps you decide the way of filtering your posts. You can choose one of the following options. Gradually Weakening, And, Or

1.2.3 Limit to same author: After enabling this option only the posts that belong to the same author who has also created the current post will appear in the list.

1.2.4 Display order results: Order your related posts according to one of the following. Default: Related posts will be ordered according to the filtration that has taken place. No other changes will be made. Date (new to old): Posts will be ordered by creation date: from new to old posts will appear in the list. Date (old to new): Posts will be ordered by creation date: from old to new posts will appear in the list. Title (alphabetical ASC): Posts will be ordered according to titles in ascending order (from A to Z). Title (alphabetical DESC): Posts will be ordered according to titles in descending order (from Z to A). Random: Posts will appear in a random sequence.

1.2.5 Exclude category IDs: The posts, the category IDs which you will enter in the field, won't be displayed as related posts.

1.2.6 Exclude post IDs: Those posts which IDs you enter in the field won't be displayed as related posts.

1.2.7 Display only post from past: The option helps you show related posts that have been created during the last period. You need to specify that period yourself.

  • Number of the past period: Specify the last period in day(s)/week(s)/month(s), and only posts created during that period will be displayed.

1.2.8 Display only posts older than current post: With the help of this feature, you will be able to display only those related posts that have been created before the current post.

1.3 Settings

Customize the main settings of the Advanced Related Post plugin

1.3.1 Show metabox: Enable the option to display a metabox under a post on the dashboard. A metabox allows you to control which posts to exclude by their IDs.

1.3.2 Limit meta box to Admins only: This feature gives the ability to allow only admins to see the metabox and make changes inside it.

1.3.3 Limit post title length: Shorten the titles of posts when displayed in the related posts list.

  • Post title length: Define the length of the post title by entering the number of characters or words.

1.3.4 Show date: Display the creation date of the related post.

1.3.5 Display the creation date of the related post: Display the name of the related post author.

  • Enable author name link: The option allows you to make the related post author's name clickable. By clicking on the author's name, the user will be taken to a page where all the posts from that author are displayed.

1.3.6 Open links in new window: The users will view the related post they have clicked on in a new window.

1.3.7 Show post excerpt: Enable the option if you need to display an excerpt from the related post.

  • Post excerpt length: Specify how long the post excerpt should be in characters or words.

1.3.8 Title of the box: Give a title to the related posts box. It is “Related Posts” by default.

1.3.9 Show when no posts are found: Decide whether to display a blank output or a custom text when there are no related posts found. There are two options available: Blank output and Display custom text.

1.3.10 Disable on mobile devices: Tick the option not to display related posts on mobiles and tablets.

1.4 Styles

Set up the style of the posts based on your wish

1.4.1 Layouts: For your related posts list, choose one of the following layouts: Elegant, Classy, Grid.

1.4.2 Text color: Choose the color for the text that includes the related post title, post excerpt, date and author name, and the title of the related posts box. You can also set the opacity level of the chosen color.

1.4.3 Background color: Specify the background color of the post.

1.4.4 Background color on mousover: Specify the background color of the post while the mouse is over it.

1.4.5 Title font size: Define the font size of the title text. The field accepts only numeric values.

1.4.6 Border: Allow container border

1.4.7 Thumbnail columns count: Decide the number of the thumbnail columns.

1.4.8 Responsive Width / Height: Enable the option so that the thumbnails adjust smoothly, regardless of screen size. If the option is enabled, you can't set custom width and height values to the thumbnails.

  • Height/Width ratio: Give the value of the relation between the width and height of the thumbnail. For example, if you enter 2 in the field, the height of the thumbnail will be twice as much as its width.

1.4.9 Thumbnail size: Choose the needed size for the thumbnails.

1.4.10 Get the first image: The thumbnail takes the first image in the post. If there is no image in the post, the thumbnail will take the post's featured image. And if there are both images in the post and a featured image, the thumbnail will take the latter.

1.4.11 Image sizing: It helps to configure the scale of the images inside the posts in case of differences between the sizes.

1.4.12 Image position: Specify the position of the related post image.

1.4.13 Default thumbnail: The plugin has its default thumbnail, but you can change it by clicking on the Add Image button.

1.1.14 Custom class for related posts container: Use your custom HTML class to add your custom styles to the related posts container.

2. Widget settings

Besides displaying the related posts on all post types, you will be able to display them in the widget as well.

The features here are the same as in the Display after post submenu. Specify the needed features for you and enjoy the plugin.

Have you still got questions that are not answered here? Please feel free to contact us via this email address and our customer care team will always be happy to help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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