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WordPress Ays Facebook Popup Likebox

WordPress Facebook Popup Likebox Plugin User Manual


This is the official changelog page of the WP Facebook Popup Likebox plugin. We are constantly updating our plugin, and adding new features in each update corresponding to the market demands and our customers' valuable feedback. We're very open to any of your suggestions concerning our plugins.

Let’s get started together!

Grab the opportunity to promote your Facebook page and get more and more likes with the help of Facebook Popup Likebox!

1. Installation

There are two ways to install the plugin.

  1. Install the FREE version from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Install both the FREE and PRO versions by downloading the zip file.

1.1 How to install the FREE version of the plugin from the WordPress dashboard

Installing the plugin from your WordPress dashboard is the easiest way so far. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Plugins page on your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Hit the Add New button.
  3. Type in the name of the plugin on the search box.
  4. Click on the Install Now button, then Activate it.

1.2 How to install the FREE and PRO versions of the plugin by downloading the zip file

You can download the zip file of the Free version from Let’s see how!

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Search for the plugin and open the page.
  3. Click on the Download button.
  4. On your WordPress dashboard, open the Plugins page.
  5. Click on the Add New button.
  6. Then, click on the Upload Plugin button.
  7. Hit the Choose File button and select the downloaded file.
  8. Next, hit the Install Now button.
  9. In the end, click on the Activate Plugin button.

Good job!

To install the Pro version of Facebook Popup Likebox, go to the official website of Ays Pro. Next, find the page of the corresponding plugin. Follow up and you’ll soon come to know how to do so in a detailed way!


2. How to create a simple likebox in 4 steps with our Facebook likebox plugin

  1. Go to the Facebook Popup Likebox page,
  2. Click on the Add New button to create your first likebox,
  3. Insert the URL of your Facebook page and adjust the remaining settings,
  4. Once finished, click on the Save LikeBox button.

That’s it! 

To build advanced popups, let’s see what it has on offer. Have full control over your likebox display and make it the exact way you need to.


3. Facebook Popup Likebox

3.1 General

Take the first steps in configuring your likebox. Give the overall view of it according to your needs.

3.1.1 Enable/disable popup box: Decide whether to show the popup or not.

3.1.2 Enable for guests: Enable the popup for those who don’t have a WordPress account on your website.

3.1.3 Enable for logged-in users: Enable your likebox for the users who have logged in to their accounts on your WordPress website.

3.1.4 Hide on mobile: If you enable the option, your likebox won’t appear on mobile devices.

3.1.5 Show on all pages: Choose whether to show your likebox on all the pages or not. There are Yes or No options to choose from.

3.1.6 Show only: This option appears as soon as you have clicked on the No option. Select the pages on which you want your popup to be shown from the dropdown menu. Click on the All Pages button, and every page will be selected. There is a Clear button to easily remove the chosen pages.

3.1.7 Facebook page URL: Insert the URL of your Facebook page into the given field. This is what the content of your likebox is going to be.

3.1.8 Language: Choose in which language your likebox should be displayed. If you choose the Current Language option, the popup will be displayed in your website language.

3.1.9 Hide Click to action button: Buttons named something like Shop now, Call now, and Send message will not be displayed if you have enabled the option.

3.1.10 Show on Show Facebook section: Control which section(s) of your Facebook page to display in the popup:

  • Timeline
  • Events
  • Messages

3.1.11 Use in FB plugin: Decide how the data visible on your Facebook page should appear in your popup.

  • Show a small header
  • Hide cover photos
  • Show friend faces

3.1.12 Title: Give a name to your popup.

3.1.13 Description: Give a short description of your popup.

3.1.14 Position (Pro): Decide on which part of the page you want your popup to appear.

  • Center Center
  • Left Top
  • Top Center
  • Right Top
  • Left Center
  • Right Center
  • Left Bottom
  • Center Bottom
  • Right Bottom


3.2 Settings

Control when and how often your likebox should be displayed.

3.2.1 Show likebox head: Decide whether to show the popup title and/or the description or not.

3.2.2 Show likebox only once: Tick the checkbox if you want your likebox to appear only once per visitor.

3.2.3 Enable overlay: Enable the popup to open with a covering behind it.

3.2.4 Close by pressing ESC: If the option is enabled, the user can close the popup by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.

3.2.5 Auto close per seconds → Auto close after: Decide how many seconds later the likebox should be closed on its own. To disable auto close, enter 0 or leave the field blank.

3.2.6 Delay: Specify how many milliseconds later the popup should appear after your website loads.

3.2.7 Show after scroll from top (px) → Show after scrolling from top (px): Specify how much one needs to scroll from the top of the page to see the popup. Enter a pixel value in the given field.

3.2.8 Show promoter every X minutes: Control the popup showing frequency. The value you enter should stand for minutes. If the Show likebox only once option is also enabled, the likebox will appear only once. For instance, you can show your likebox once a day by giving a 1440 value to the option.


3.3 Styles

Styling with attention to detail. Take advantage of the wide range of style options for your flawless likebox! Moreover, have a live preview of the changes you’ve made right beside the options.

3.3.1 Background image: By clicking on the button, you’ll have to upload files or choose from the Media Library. You can also change the image anytime by clicking on the Edit Image button. Note that if you add a background image, the background color property will not be applied to your popup.

3.3.2 Background color: Choose a background color for your popup. Besides, you can set the opacity level for the chosen color.

3.3.3 Text color: Pick a color for the popup text, including the title, the description, and the text for auto-close. Also, set the opacity level for the chosen color if you wish.

3.3.4 Border color: Choose the border color of the container. Make the color opaque to your preference.

3.3.5 Border size: Give a pixel value for the border thickness.

3.3.6 Title font size: Specify the font size of the popup title.

3.3.7 Description font-size: Specify the font size of the popup description.

3.3.8 Border-radius: Make the container corners rounder by entering a pixel value. It is 4 by default.

3.3.9 Width: Specify the container width in pixels.

3.3.10 Max-width for mobile: Specify the maximum width of your popup on mobile devices. This option will work for screens having less than 640-pixel width.

3.3.11 Height: Set a value for container height in pixels.

3.3.12 Font family: Choose your preferred font family for the likebox text from this variety:

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Book Antique
  • Courier New
  • Cursive
  • Fantasy
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Impact
  • Lusida Console
  • Palatino Linotype
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman

3.3.13 Box show effect: Decide how your likebox should open. There are thirty animation effects available for you!

3.3.14 Box hide effect: Decide how your likebox should close. Choose one of the thirty animation effects available.

3.3.15 Custom class for container: Use your own classes to add custom styles to the box container. Separate classes by hitting the spacebar.

3.3.16 Custom CSS: Enter your own CSS code in the given field.


3.4 User Limitation

Limit your likebox visibility without any effort.

3.4.1 Enable for selected user OS (Pro): Block your popup on some operating systems. Choose from the dropdown menu. To display your likebox on all operating systems, leave the field blank.

3.4.2 Enable for selected browsers (Pro): Block your popup for some browsers. Choose from the dropdown menu. To display your likebox in all browsers, leave the field blank.


4. Upgrade Free to Pro or Update the Pro Version

We want to thank you for choosing us, as you are the reason that we are growing faster, providing a better service over time.

In this guide, you’ll get to know how to upgrade our Facebook Popup Likebox plugin from the Free version to Pro or upgrade your Pro version to a newer one. There’s no need to worry, as your content won’t change or be lost even after switching to the Premium version. Yet, you can perform a DB backup for your own safety before upgrading. For this purpose, you can use Updraft Plus.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Go to the Plugins page on your website admin dashboard.
  2. Hit the Deactivate button of the Free version of the plugin.
  3. To keep all your popups and settings applied to them, click on the Upgrade button as soon as the popup shows up. This will keep all your likeboxes and settings applied to them. Afterwards, the plugin will be deactivated.
  4. Now Delete the Free version of the plugin.
  5. After the successful purchase of the Pro version, log in to our website with your own credentials.
  6. Go to the Facebook Popup Likebox page.
  7. You’ll find the purchased plan available to download.
  8. Download the zip file of the Premium version and install it on your website.

Have you still got questions that are not answered in here? Please, feel free to contact us via this email address, and our customer care team will always be happy to help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Like what you see? Create your first Facebook Likebox now.

If you are not ready to just yet, you can also try the Facebook Popup Likebox Demos (Free and Pro).

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