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What is a Map Plugin?

inding a website is easy but what about finding the location of a store, a passport photo service, or an office? Here come the maps to help you find any place in the world within seconds. It's a rare thing in the 21st century to see someone using a paper map for finding the needed location. Everything is virtual now, so the maps too. Maps are much smaller representations of the real world and not having a map on your website can be counted as a failure, in case you have an office or a store. The website visitor is a potential customer for you. And these customers do not have time to search in Google your location or ask their friends. Make it easy for the customers to find your store.

Adding a map to your website makes sense. Using a map plugin for WordPress has a number of advantages.

  • It will be more convenient for the customers to find your location
  • Create a website that is visually rich and engages your users better
  • The map will show reviews, review stars, and directions
  • The website visitors can get an overview of your business within seconds

You are lucky, cause in this article you'll find the best options for you.

Top 3 WordPress Map plugins

1. Interactive Geo Maps

AYS PRO best wordpress map plugins GEO Maps

Interactive Geo Maps is a great solution for your WordPress website. Due to this plugin, you will be able to create minimalist interactive maps of the world, continents, countries, and individual regions. That's what you were looking for. To represent your location to your potential customers you will need to find a tool that can make it easy for everyone to find you and use.The Interactive Geo Map plugin enables the loading of hundreds of vector images of maps from the amcharts library. Have you ever used a free map plugin that includes only a few countries in it?

Now forget about your bad experience. Maps for almost all countries in the world are available in this plugin. More than 200 maps are available. The Interactive Geo Maps is a great solution for travel bloggers. If you have a website where you show the place you visited, now you can not only show it in pictures but also on a map. You can add coloured markers to highlight the countries or cities you have visited. It's a good solution not only for bloggers but also for entrepreneurs who have stores around the world. You can highlight the exact
AYS PRO best wordpress map plugins coloured maps
location of your stores using the colour markers and text labels as well, allowing the customers to read the name of the city or a country. But these aren't all the features offered by this plugin.

The Interactive Geo Maps plugin allows you to:

  • Change initial zoom and center

You can change both the initial zoom level and the map's center. This will enable you to define custom viewports and focus the map on a particular location. You can choose whether to activate or disable zoom, allowing the user better control over the map.

  • Cluster Markers

If there are too many markers on your map and they overlap, you can activate the 'cluster' function to group the markers and only show them when users zoom closer. This will allow your map to be less populated in the initial state.

  • Overlay Maps

You can display 'multiple' maps within the same 'parent' map. How? Just display countries divided by regions while showing the world map for example. For example, you can show the US regions all on one map or divide the UK into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and display them as separate regions on the world map. By default, the world map represents it as one country.

  • Lines connecting markers

The Interactive Geo Map allows you to add additional lines to the map, using coordinates to connect the lines. So that you can connect locations one to another. Also, you can modify the colour, curvature, stroke width, and dash intensity.

The above-mentioned options are not the only ones included in the plugin. You can also add Custom Image Markers or use Live Filter and more.

Now you can download the plugin and learn more about its features through your own experience.


PRO - $29,99/year

Free Version Pro Version

2. Store Locator WordPress

AYS PRO best wordpress map plugins agile store locator

Agile Store Locator is designed to offer you immediate access to all the best stores in your local area. It makes it possible to find the top stores and their locations by using Google Map. This plugin is somehow different from the Interactive Geo Map as the main idea behind this plugin is to help users to find the needed stores next to them. Agile Store Locator gives accurate information about each store that suits a customer's requirements. This is the best decision for you in case you want to add a map to your website including unlimited stores. You can get the geolocation of each store included in the map. The plugin has a responsive UI design that can attract website visitors to "investigate" the map.

Agile Store Locator includes a wide range of templates, layouts, and colours that may simply adapt to your website. You can choose the convenient design for you and make the experience for the customers not only useful but also enjoyable.

Agile Store Locator offers you the following options:

  • Dashboard in WordPress

The dashboard panel provides statistics of your Store Locator such as the number of stores, categories, markers, and search count. It displays the most popular searches, like the most viewed stores and locations. The dashboard also indicates the exact amount of store and location searches in bar charts for each month.

  • Location Finder To Filter Stores

One of the most favourite features among the users. It will generate the stores near the user. The map will filter stores located only in your local area. You can easily apply the filter or change the supported region simply by using the distance range slider.

  • Import/Export Stores

The plugin gives you the ability to import or export stores in case you have a large collection of stores. You can export/import them via CSV files. It allows you to import stores into WordPress as well.

  • Multiple Languages

The map can have as many languages that are used by the website. Languages can be quickly added with a few simple actions. All you have to do is simply read the documentation written on their website.

  • WooCommerce Extension

The plugin supports Agile Store Addons for WooCommerce which provides you with an easy way to manage multiple store locations, their pricing, stocks, shipping, and pricing methods. Moreover, You can easily import/export your inventory without any difficulty in just a few minutes.

Again, the above-mentioned features are not the only ones, you can learn more on their website and after downloading the plugin.


Lifetime License - $34

Free Version Pro Version

3. Maps Marker Pro

AYS PRO best wordpress map plugins maps marker

AYS PRO best wordpress map plugins maps marker png

Maps Marker Pro is the most comprehensive & user-friendly maps plugins for WordPress. This mapping solution provides you with all the most necessary features to make your location marking easy for you and simple for your website visitors. With the help of Maps Marker Pro, you can mark the places on the map, and also draw on it with different geometry layers. Maps marker Pro also lets you mark a route on the map including elevation charts.

This plugin is full of useful features, one of them is that you can pin a place on the map so that users can easily identify or find it on your website. The plugin has more than 46 translations, that can make using the map even more enjoyable for you and for your website visitors.

Maps Marker Pro makes it simple to share your favorite locations, thanks to an easy and user-friendly design.

Maps Marker Pro offers:

  • Multi Maps

You can use Open Street Map out-of-the-box or Bing, HERE, TomTom or Google Maps and more custom maps as opt-in solutions.

  • GPX Tracks

Due to this function, you will be able to show routes with additional information like distance, duration, pace, and elevation.

  • Polyline Support

Use geometry layers such as polylines, polygons, circles, and rectangles to draw directly on the map.

  • Filters

Permit users to select what they wish to see by filtering markers on their frontend map.

Yes, you are right. These aren't the only features that the Maps Marker Pro offers us (see all available features). Again, download a free 30-days trial and learn more by yourself. I promise you will love your experience. Before trying the plugin by yourself you can look through the demos and learn more about the features and what you can build on your website.


Personal €49

Plus €149

Professional €299

A Maps Marker Pro license never expires and includes access to updates & support for 1 year - which can be extended up to 5 years, which saves you up to 15%!

Download free 30 days trial

Wrapping Up!

The Statistics show that those websites which include maps in it have lead generation. So we can say it is a good way to add traffic to your website. But mainly it is a way to add customer satisfaction. Customers who visit your website and get the needed information about you, your store, and location or easily filter the stores near them, and pin their preferable destination, are more likely to build customer loyalty with you.

So the listed plugins are here to help you to add maps to your website and use them in the most convenient way for you and for your customers.

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