Changelog for the Easy Form plugin

Easy Form Business and Developer versions changelog


 This is the official changelog page of the Easy Form Pro plugin. We are constantly updating our plugin, and adding new features in each update corresponding to the market demands and our customers' valuable feedback. We're very open to any of your suggestions concerning our plugins.


= 20.0.1 = (January 03, 2023)

* Fixed: Form Export/Import functionality issue
* Fixed: Duplicate section issue
* Fixed: Duplicate question issue
* Fixed: Send email to admin option issue
* Fixed: Connection issue with Google sheet integration
* Fixed: Chart displaying issue on the Global statistics tab
* Tested: Compatible up to WP 6.1.1
* Tested: Compatible up to PHP 8.1+


= 20.0.0 = (November 30, 2022)

* Added: First Release

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