Secure Copy Content Protection Business and Developer versions changelog


 This is the official changelog page of the Secure Copy Content Protection Pro plugin. We are constantly updating our plugin, and adding new features in each update corresponding to the market demands and our customers' valuable feedback. We're very open to any of your suggestions concerning our plugins.
Feel free to give us your suggestions by taking this Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin Survey.

= 9.4.2 / 21.4.2 = (May 17, 2022)

* Added: The option for the Watermark text
* Added: The option for the Watermark position
* Added: Search Functionality on the Results List Table
* Added: Mail confirmation option for Mailchimp
* Added: WP Editor height option on the general settings
* Fixed: Custom post types searching in admin dashboard
* Fixed: Mailchimp integration issue
* Fixed: Some style problems on the Admin dashboard and Front-end
* Updated: POT and PO Files
* Tested: Compatible up to WP 6.0


= 9.4.1 / 21.4.1 = (March 21, 2022)

* Added: Subscribe to view message option
* Added: Name field in Subscribe to view option
* Added: Button position option in the Block Content
* Added: Button position option in the Subscribe to view
* Added: Save button on the top of the Subscribe to view section
* Added: Ctrl+S saving combination option
* Fixed: Block content style issue on mobile version
* Fixed: Block content issue on the Front page
* Fixed: Close button position within Upload audio option
* Added: Copyright text option
* Added: Include URL link suboption in copyright text option
* Added: Pasting custom text option
* Tested: Compatible up to 5.9.2


= 9.4.0 / 21.4.0 = (December 25, 2020)

* Added: Mailchimp integration
* Added: Ability to export results by date
* Fixed: Conflict with Link library plugin issue
* Fixed: Subscribe to view shortcode content positioning issue in front page
* Fixed: Subscribe to view display issue
* Fixed: Result screen option default value
* Fixed: Conflict with Internet Explorer Browser
* Fixed: Multiple selecting checkbox issues in options
* Fixed: Valid email detection for subscribing view option
* Updated: Color picker with alpha channel
* Updated: POT and PO files


= 9.3.0 / 21.3.0 = (November 12, 2020)

* Added: Filter for results
* Added: Disable right-click for images option
* Added: Show message only once option
* Added: Exclude certain CSS selector option
* Added: Result export
* Added: Filtering for result export
* Added: Export results in CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats
* Fixed: Valid email detection for subscribing view option
* Fixed: Multiple click form sending issue
* Fixed: Multiple selecting checkbox issues in options
* Fixed: JS error with Internet Explorer
* Fixed: Subscribe shortcode displaying issue
* Fixed: Result delete button issue
* Fixed: Result counting issue
* Fixed: Shortcode id saving in database issue
* Fixed: Some small bugs in front page


= 9.1.8 / 21.1.8 = (September 16, 2020)

* Added: Required Verification option for Subscribe features
* Added: Disabled Javascript message option
* Added: Subscribe to view feature
* Added: Results for Subscribe to view feature
* Added: Mouse first position for tooltip
* Added: Guest selection in "except" option in "Block content"
* Added: Expired message for Block content password limitation option
* Fixed: Page Blocker, PayPall page last member line delete issue
* Fixed: Color Picker issue
* Fixed: Some bugs in admin dashboard
* Removed: Use SMTP option
* Updated: POT and PO files
* Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5.1


= 9.1.0 / 21.1.0 = (August 5, 2020)

* Added: Password count for block content password
* Added: User role count for block content
* Added: Show active or expired notification for block content schedule option
* Added: For "Except this" option all the other post types
* Added: Limitation option for Block content
* Added: CTRL+H/CMD+H hot-key in "Disable history" option
* Added: CTRL+L/CMD+L hot-key in "Disable select address bar" option
* Added: Header text option for block content
* Added: F6 hot-key in "Disable select address bar" option
* Added: Disable CTRL+K hot key option
* Added: Disable ALT+D hot key option
* Added: Disable CTRL+E hot key option
* Added: Protect content when Javascript is disabled
* Added: Russian language support
* Updated: POT and PO files
* Changed: Block content schedule option structure
* Changed: Style loading issue
* Changed: Script loading issue
* Fixed: JavaScript conflict in front end
* Fixed: Some style and script bugs in dashboard
* Fixed: Lock icon for block content
* Fixed: Mobile script loading issue
* Fixed: Unchecked Ctrl+F option by default

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