Best Captcha Plugins in WordPress 2023

Nowadays hackers become more active, so connected with it websites become insecure, in case of having a secure website, you need to have a password manager plugin. So if you are a website owner whose website has different forms, comment sections, and login areas, need a CAPTCHA. Օne may wonder why they need a Captcha and what is its function.
Captcha will help to prevent bots from submitting poisonous entries, as they can easily mistreat your website, and also block bots from spamming your comments section. So you can add a captcha to your website and with the help of which protect your website from spammers.
In this article, I will present you the 4 Best Captcha plugins with which your website will be in safe hands.

4 Best Captcha Plugins

1. Friendly Captcha for WordPress

Friendly Captcha Plugin for WordPress

Do you need a safe plugin to protect your WordPress website? Are you afraid of your website forms getting attacked by spam and bots? Friendly Captcha for WordPress is just what you need as it is a privacy-first anti-bot solution.

Sometimes people get nervous about captcha images. This anti-spam service prevents spam on your website without burdening your users, as it requires no user interaction.

Friendly captcha provides your users with an individual crypto puzzle. Solving it will be easy and time-saving for them, only one click and that’s all.

With the help of Friendly Captcha, you will protect your website from spam and bots.

Friendly Captcha is a foolproof anti-bot plugin that will offer your users advantages such as:


Nowadays, users are afraid of captchas, as some captcha tools are collecting personal information. So here is your solution. Install Friendly Captcha, which does not keep your users’ data such as their name, email, and online profiles for future use.


Besides protecting you from bots and spam, Friendly Captcha also protects your end-users from being stalked from site to site as they do not use cookies.


Friendly Captcha provides your end-users with captchas that are approachable, and easy to use. As we mentioned above, this plugin provides everyone with individual puzzles, which will be solved automatically by the end user’s device in the background.

Do not miss the chance to provide your end-users with a safe Captcha plugin. Your users’ safety and privacy should be a priority for you!

2. reCaptcha by BestWebSoft

Recaptcha by BestWebSoft

In second place fit comfortably one of the best plugins for protecting your website, and that is reCaptcha by BestWebSoft.

This plugin is an efficacious and successful reliability solution for your WordPress website forms perfectly. With this plugin, you will forget that spam and bots exist, only real end-user entries will be straightforward.

For what you can use it? You can use it for login forms, password recovery forms, comments forms, contact forms, registration forms, testimonials, and so on.

This plugin allows users effortlessly, without any difficulties, and swiftly figure captchas out, as captchas are required for users, they should confirm that before the form. At first glance, captchas, which are too easy for humans, are quite difficult for bots.

As reCaptcha by BestWebSoft provides us with free and Pro versions of its plugin. The free version is enough for basic needs, and the Pro version has even more protection options and is compatible with the most popular WordPress forms.
Let’s explore its free version, and learn about its free features:

  • Hiding your reCaptcha is no longer a problem!

Do you want to hide reCaptcha for some IP addresses? I do not see a problem as this plugin gives you that opportunity. You can hide both your Recaptcha badge (with this feature you are providing by version 1 and Invisible) and also hide from certain user roles.

  • Submit Button for only version 2

You can make submit button disabled with one click so that it will remain disabled till the user passes the reCaptcha.

  • Themes for Version 2

Two themes are available for Version 2, in one variant it can be Light (default), and in the second Dark

  • Compatibility

It is fully compatible with one of our best plugins for protecting spam and bots, which is Limit Attempts. It is also compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

  • Supporters of reCaptcha by BestWebSoft

This plugin is supported by Version 3, Version 2, and also Invisible. You can freely choose what version your heart wants.

  • No coding skill

To set up this plugin you do not need any coding skills as reCaptcha provides you with uncomplicated settings. BestWebSoft team also provides you with comprehensive documentation and videos, following the advice in it you can step-by-step set up your ReCaptcha.

  • Multilingual and register-transfer level (RTL) ready

They provide you with 7 different languages for translations.

You can also use a simple CAPTCHA plugin by BestWebSoft to each help you can stop the spread of spam at an early stage as that uses a simple test that won’t cause any problems for a human but will be quite difficult for malware. The free version is enough for basic needs, and the Pro version has even more protection options and is compatible with the most popular WordPress forms.

3. Contact Form 7 Image Captcha

Contact Form 7image Captcha

In the opinion of the KC COMPUTING team, every website owner should realize the importance of customer feedback and also the secureness of your website. So here is Contact Form 7 Image Captcha which allows you to set up a Scalable Vector Graphics image captcha and honeypot. Where you can set up it? Definitely in your contact form 7. As you know stealing the user’s data is now it is very popular. So Contact Form 7 Image Captcha respects your users’ confidentiality and is not similar to Google’s ReCAPTCHA. So for your product users’ secure privacy Contact Form 7 Image Captcha provides you with General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

The Pro version of Contact Form 7 Image Captcha with additional options and additional form support as login screens, WPFrms, and so on, options that control the look and style give you superior spam protection.

Let’s explore the Pro features of this plugin gives us:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines/ADA/a11y compliant
  • It is supported by:

Contact Form 7

Gravity Forms


WooCommerce (login, registration, and checkout forms)

WordPress login, Lost Password, and registration forms

WordPress comments

  • Customize the look of the WordPress login/registration screen and form
  • Create your dream icon

You have an opportunity to have additional icons(Font Awesome 4.7, SVG icons), select which ones you want to use, and make changes to the icons, as you can decide yourself the captcha message, and easily change its errors, box (also border), font, and icon(also size) color, you can select an icon and change its appearance and decide from where the icon will appear. Also, customize its title with a few clicks.

  • Automated spammers’ case has been complicated as every time ur captcha refreshes on submit.

Stronger security also provides automated spammers with answers which are harder to read.

4. Profile Press

Google Recaptcha Addon

Profile Press is a superb eCommerce and WordPress membership plugin whose aim is to accept one-time and recurring payments and sell digital downloads and subscriptions. So starting earning money with them is quite is. As they stand out with more than 10 add-ons for extending and customizing the functionality of the membership site and online business. One of these add-ons is a Google reCAPTCHA with the help of which you can protect your WordPress website from spamming registrations and bot attacks.
let’s get to know its features։

  • Integrations: Forms and Checkout

Each WordPress form needs to be protected from spam bots and other types of automated abuse. To achieve this goal you need to add this addon to your WP forms.

The mission of Google reCAPTCHA is to conclude and understand is the user a human or a common bot.
You have too many variants where you can add reCaptcha, such as to your forms (registration and edit profile), login, and password reset.

Now about Checkout. This integration allows you to protect your page against different e-commerce and checkout frauds, such as credit card fraud, card testing, and so on.

  • Support types

Google reCAPTCHA supports version 2, which is an “I’m not a robot” checkbox, and version 3.
If you choose version 2 it becomes required for the users to prove that they are not robots by clicking on indicating field.
Version 3 is completely different from version 2 as it does not need user interaction. You can notice only a badge at the lower right corner of the screen.

To Sum Up!

There are many reasons why your website needs a Captcha. In this article, we reviewed captcha plugins with the help of which your website will be protected from spammers and bots. You are the decision maker so read this article carefully and decide for yourself which one is the best variant for you. If a plugin has found its place in this article, then we have approved it. But definitely, the best one for us is Friendly Captcha for WordPress, which reached first place for its numerous advantages. The most important advantage is that the storage of personal information and cookies is excluded. It is up to us to give you some insights, you are the one who makes the decision.

Choose the best variant for you and have a protected website!

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