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TOP 3 Password Manager plugins

Password Manager

Why do you need a password manager plugin?

Nowadays, every single person is registered on various websites and if you have a website probably it has many users. This is why it is very important to know about password managers. Password management is proven to be one of the most effective ways to protect your website from hackers and make it more secure. There are tons of existing plugins In WordPress and we understand perfectly that choosing one can be very confusing. Sometimes people find their perfect match after trying dozens of plugins and waste a lot of time on searches. Therefore, we chose the TOP 3 ones in order to make your journey easier.

So as you may know the main reason for website attacks is weak passwords so it is crucial to use password manager plugins and choose the best one which both suits your interests and also is very secure.

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Now let’s continue exploring the password manager plugins and understand which plugin can help you create the best password management system on your website.

1. Password Protected Store for WooCommerce


Password Protected Store for WooCommerce


The first plugin on our list is very practical and simple to use. So if a re you planning on creating a new online store or do you already have one? Then you may know that password protection is essential to online stores.   

Do you want to add security to your WooCommerce store? Do you have any products that require password protection? Or do you want to set up your own woocommerce store? You’ve come to the right place because our plugin Password protected Store for WooCommerce is the best WooCommerce security WordPress Plugin.

This plugin created by Geek Code Lab is an excellent choice for password-protecting your WooCommerce store. The Password Protected Store for WooCommerce plugin has over 100 active installs and a WordPress rating of 5/5.

The Password Protected Store for WooCommerce will ideally enable you to select certain user rolls who should enter a password in order to have any protected page or category.

This plugin allows you to have password protection on your website in 3 different ways.

  • The whole website
  • On page level
  • On product category

Each of these are perfectly secure.

The Password Protected WooCommerce Store can assist you in setting up your private or password-protected store. In order to prevent direct preview , you can enable passwords and set preferable different passwords, set different password expiry times, and select different user roles that are all different for pages, product categories, or the entire website.

The key features that make this plugin stand out are:

  • You will be able to set different passwords for the entire website, each page, and even each category
  • You can set its content and customize it all by yourself.
  • It gives you the possibility to set different password expiry times
  • You also have the option to customize page background image, color, or none with custom opacity and opacity color.

Positive customer reviews are proof that this plugin is worth trying. Therefore, do not hesitate and try this plugin out. Maybe this is the one that you have been searching for.

2. Temporary Login Without Password

Temporary Login Without Password

The next plugin on our list is the Temporary Login Without Password plugin. Temporary Login Without Password plugin is one of the best password manager plugins. It also has an easy-to-use interface to create temporary login links in just a single click. You can share your WordPress admin access without exposing the password to anyone safely.

It has several advanced features to tweak the admin access when sharing it with any 3rd party such as self-expiring login after a certain period of time, redirecting after successful login, choosing a language, and much more.

With this plugin, one can easily check their customers’ websites or clients’ sites to debug issues without risking their privacy by asking for passwords. Create a magic link, and share it with the one who wants to access your website data, and track the login activities with zero hassles.

Some of the major feature the Temporary Login Without Password plugin has are listed below:

  • Create unlimited temporary logins with any role
  • Custom date to set the expiry of any login links created
  • Expiration options include one day, one week, one month, and many more. Set a custom date as well.
  • Manage detailed password-less login activities
  • After logging in, redirect the user to a specific page.
  • Send an email containing a WordPress login link
  • Create editor access for guest bloggers without revealing sensitive data
  • View the last time a temporary user logged in.
  • Configure a language for a temporary user
  • See how many times a temporary user accessed your configuration.

Overall, the Temporary Login Without Password plugin is lightweight and comes in handy for managing password-less logins within your WordPress dashboard. If you’re looking for a quick password solution to avoid compromising website data, then this should be your perfect pick. 


3. MASS Users Password Reset

MASS Users Password Reset


And finally, a plugin that enables you to reset the passwords of all the users is MASS Users Password Reset

This plugin is equally secure, user-friendly, and multifunctional. So you can undoubtedly consider it as your choice.

This amazing plugin can group all the users and reset their emails based on their user role. After completing the process of password reset it notifies the users about their new randomly generated passwords or with a link to reset the password via email.

So the main features that make this plugin one of the best ones are :

  • First of all, this plugin is very easy to install
  • It is capable of sending notifications to the user’s role.
  • Very important to note that a multilingual translation is enabled
  • It suggests free support
  • You can also update up to 100 passwords in the free version
  • And very importantly it does a role-wise bifurcation of users
  • MASS Users Password Reset is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Dokan.

All of these features are available in the free version of the plugin. However, upgrading to the MASS User Password Reset paid Pro version reveals more valuable and advanced functionality. that is why now let’s see what kind of advanced features this plugin has.

This plugin enables to reset of individual users’ passwords reset in the users’ page. Moreover,  there is a Bulk action of Reset passwords for multiple selected users on the users’ page. Furthermore, the MASS Users Password The reset plugin gives you the possibility to create customized email templates for a password reset. Aside from the user role filter, you can also use custom field filters to filter users. Also, you will get the option to send a reset password link instead of the long plain passwords. And finally,  It is compatible with a large number of users in the system, and you can update up to an unlimited number of passwords.

Overall the benefits that this plugin suggests are:

  • There are several ways to update your password.
  • There are several methods for resetting the password.
  • Template for customized email notifications
  • Actions based on custom filters
  • WP CLI assistance
  • WP Multisite Assistance
  • WooCommerce Multilingual Translation Compatible

So this plugin which is by the way developed by KrishaWeb and has 1,000+ activations and six 5-stars on WordPress Repository can become your favorite one.

So do not waste any time and try it out. You will like this one for sure!

So what is the purpose of a password manager?

In a nutshell, working with and managing various content management systems always involves a significant security risk. For instance, WordPress already has a quite strong and reliable security system in place, which includes safe password storage for users. One of the most crucial duties for administrators of WordPress blogs with multiple users is handling user data and passwords.

The listed plugins are available for the efficient handling of passwords and related data to protect your website from hackers. To make managing account passwords simple, these plugins are utilized directly by administrators, or work in direct contact with users. When it comes to password security, these plugins can help you maintain the integrity of your WordPress website network.

Additionally, having an appealing website with nice offers is as important for your business as protecting your website. So check out the best popup maker plugin.

To wrap up!

The purpose of this article was to make sure that our readers are ready to protect their websites. We hope that this article will help you to choose which plugin is best for you.  And always remember that having everything managed even passwords is the key to the success.

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