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What is a DOPE (Bird Personality Test)?

DOPE Personality test

The DOPE personality test is another personality test, that will give you the ability to learn more about yourself. The meaning behind this test is super cute. DOPE is not just a simple word, it means Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle. So, as you can already guess, the birds represent 4 personality types, and by passing the test you can get one of them. That is why the DOPE personality test is also known as the Bird Personality Test. The "bird personality test" or "D.O.P.E." test is a simplified version of the DISC assessment and other personality tests like the Enneagram Personality Test or 16 Personality Test.

I am sure that you had the following question on your mind "What if I was a bird?" Well, as a kid, we dreamed of flying from tree to tree, but as an adult, all we think about is being able to fly around the world for free. But psychologists think that birds can represent our personalities and that question just does not pop into our mind accidentally. That is why, Richard M Stevenson created the Bird personality test based on Dr. Gary Couture's works. Now, this personality test is used all around the world, as it is a great way to learn about yourself and others.

The birds represent the following personality traits:

Dove - Doves are seen as empathetic, cooperative, and supportive. They prioritize harmony in relationships and tend to be good listeners. Doves value collaboration and prefer to avoid conflict. As doves are a symbol of peace, it is not surprising that they describe the peacemakers. They are known to be loyal, friendly, hard-working, and a great team player.

Owl - Owls are analytical, detail-oriented, and strategic. They are good at problem-solving and enjoy working with data and information. Owls are known for their logical thinking and focus on accuracy. They just like things to be right. Making decisions might take a while with them, as they're very careful and stubborn when it comes to following logic.

Peacock - Peacocks are outgoing, enthusiastic, and energetic. They enjoy being the center of attention. Peacocks are creative, and expressive, and often possess strong communication skills. Peacocks are vibrant and happy creatures who bring joy and positivity wherever they go. Their outgoing nature makes them great at selling and promoting ideas. While they're social and stylish, they can also be a bit careless, impatient, and sometimes tricky. They're not great at keeping track of time or paying attention to small things.

Eagle - Eagles are assertive, decisive, and goal-oriented. They are natural leaders who are confident in their abilities and not afraid to take charge. Eagles are competitive and driven to achieve success. They're leaders who are full of energy, achievers by nature, and good at making decisions. They like things to be organized and work smoothly in their workplace. That's why they often end up in top positions like CEOs or military leaders. But sometimes, they can be a bit impatient, controlling, and not very sensitive to others' feelings.

But you can think that there are thousands of birds, so why do they choose only 4 of them? The answer is simple. The choice of these four birds for personality tests like the DOPE test or the bird personality test is primarily based on symbolism and the traits associated with each bird. These birds are selected because they represent distinct personality types that are easy to understand and remember. Additionally, each bird carries specific characteristics that align with certain behavioral tendencies and communication styles

DOPE Bird 4 Personality Test Benefits

The DOPE Bird 4 Personality Test is a tool that provides valuable insights into individual and team dynamics, offering a deeper understanding of personality traits and preferences. By taking the test, individuals can gain clarity about their strengths and weaknesses, leading to personal growth and development.

One of the key benefits of the DOPE Bird 4 Personality Test is its ability to improve communication and collaboration. By recognizing and appreciating the diverse personality types within a team, members can learn how to interact more effectively with each other. This understanding fosters empathy and mutual respect, leading to stronger relationships and more harmonious teamwork.

Furthermore, the insights gained from the test can enhance leadership effectiveness. Leaders who understand the personality profiles of their team members can tailor their leadership styles to accommodate individual needs and preferences. This personalized approach to leadership creates a supportive and motivating work environment, leading to increased productivity and morale.

The DOPE Bird 4 Personality Test also helps to reduce conflict by providing a framework for understanding and resolving differences. By acknowledging and respecting various personality types, conflicts can be approached with empathy and a focus on finding common ground. This leads to more constructive communication and conflict resolution, ultimately promoting a more positive and collaborative work culture. In addition, the test can inform career development decisions by aligning individuals' personality traits with their career goals and aspirations. Understanding one's strengths and preferences can guide career choices and professional development plans, leading to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.

So we can say that the DOPE Bird 4 Personality Test offers a comprehensive approach to understanding personality dynamics, fostering personal and professional growth, enhancing communication and collaboration, and ultimately contributing to success and happiness in various aspects of life.

How to create a DOPE Personality test in WordPress

If you have a WordPress website and want to create a DOPE or Bird personality test, the WordPress Quiz plugin is all you need. With the help of the Quiz plugin, you can create personality tests and add interactive content to your website. It has all the needed features for you to create a DOPE personality test. To reach our desired result, we will make use of the Intervals feature available in the plugin. So, first of all, make sure to install and activate the Quiz Maker plugin's Pro version, and let's get started.

Step 1

After installing and activating the Quiz Maker plugin, you will need to create the questions first. For that move to the Questions submenu click on the "Add New" button and create all your questions one by one. We are going to have a personality test with 4 types, which means we will need to have questions that can help us identify the previously mentioned types. So, let's imagine we have 20 questions and 5 questions are for identifying the doves, 5 for owls, and so on.

Add New Question

Here, we will need to write our questions and set up the keywords, so the intervals will work accordingly. (A keyword -dove, B keyword - owl, C keyword - peacock, D keyword - eagle)

New Question in Quiz

Step 2

If all the questions are created and saved, let's go and create the quiz. Move to the Quizzes submenu and again click on the "Add New" button to create a new quiz.

Add new quiz

Here you can customize your quiz, based on your requirements. Set up the settings, style, and so on. But most importantly, do not forget to insert already created questions to the quiz. For that just scroll a little bit down and click on the "Insert Questions" button.

Insert Questions into quiz

All Quiz questions

Step 3

Now, all the questions are inserted, so we are moving to the most important and interesting part. Let's move to the Results Settings tab where we can find the Intervals feature. With the help of the Intervals, we will have the ability to display the results based on the user's answer.

Quiz Intervals

If you remember, we have given keywords to each answer option, so that it would be easier for us to display the results based on the users' answers. Now, it's time to set up the main intervals. Choose the keywords, write the message that the users will get at the end of the quiz and if needed insert images as well.

Final Message

After all these steps, make sure to click on the "Save" button and the system will generate a special shortcode. Paste it into any post or page and check the result.

After passing the quiz, the users will receive their results.

DOPE Test final result

Wrapping Up!

The DOPE personality test is one of the most popular test types used all around the world. Having it on your WordPress website can be counted as an advantage, as it is a way to engage your audience and lead generation. If you are looking for a way to interact with your website visitors, make sure to have a DOPE or Bird personality test on your website.

Creating this kind of test is easy if you are using the right tool. The Quiz Maker plugin has all the needed features, using which you can reach your desired result and even more. If you want to know what other quizzes you can make with the plugin, go to our demo page and check them.

If you are interested in creating personality tests, make sure to check out our personality test articles.

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