Translate Survey Maker Plugin With WPML

The WordPress Survey plugin enables users to create and display dazzling unlimited surveys with limitless sections and questions. You can create surveys to find out the opinion of your users, to get answers to your questions, and for many other reasons. Having a multilingual audience is not an issue because the WordPress survey plugin is WPML compatible and you can easily translate your surveys by following these instructions.

We will do the translation of the survey with the WPML plugin, so first of all, it is necessary to purchase it and then activate it.

Well, if you are ready let's start the process.

Step 1

To have a much better translation, you should go to your WordPress dashboard and click on "Settings" from the WPML submenu and make sure that "Advanced Translation Editor" is enabled.

translation editor Advanced translation editor

Let's take a look at WPML features. As you can see here we have a unique feature to translate plugins-String Translation, through which interface you can translate texts in the plugins and the Admin screens.

Step 2

As I mentioned above, we need to translate the strings. So first let's find out strings in the Survey Maker plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard, find "Themes and Plugins localization"from the WPML submenu, and by scrolling down from "Strings in the plugins" find out Survey Maker plugin, tick the Survey Maker checkbox available. Click the "Scan Selected Plugins for Strings" button after scrolling down.If the scanning results appeared on your screen, you have done everything correctly.

Scanning results of survey maker strings

Step 3

As the strings are scanned let's move to translation. From the WPML sub-menu find the "String Translation" button and click on it. It is an essential fact that the WPML plugin detects all the strings in the plugin both strings of the back end and also strings of the front end, so by translating you will translate all of them, however, if you do not want to, the WPML plugin allows you to translate only strings that are displayed on your website for the users.

So if you are ready choose the Survey Maker plugin from "All Domains". Select the strings you need to translate from the list of strings and add the translated text under the relevant language.
I want to translate the word "Start" into Italian, that's why I'm now providing the Italian equivalent of the word start, which is "Cominciare".

start from English to Italian

Step 4

If everything is ready by scrolling down in the "Translate Selected Strings Section" tick your needed language available and click on the "Add selected strings to translation basket" button.

Add selected strings to translation basket

Step 5

From the WPML sub-menu click on "Translation Management", click on the "Translation Basket" tab, and after that "Send all items for translation" button.

translation basket send all items for translation

Step 6

Now you need to go to "Translations" from the WPML sub-menu. Here are all translations ready to translate. You can edit the translated ones or just click on the "Translate" button if everything is fine.

Translation button for ending the translation process

Step 7

After clicking on the "Translate" button the following button will appear. Here also you need to insert the translation. If everything is ready click on "Complete", which is below.

translate into Italian

Step 8

We are at the finish line. Now let's preview our translation. As you can see the button "Start" is now in Italian.

result of translation with WPML

To Sum Up!

As you understood, making translations with WPML is not complicated. WPML offers many features to make translations easy, fast and high quality. Of course, we don't forget about the best wordpress survey plugin , thanks to its excellent features, you can create a great survey in just a few minutes.

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