Best Sitemap Plugins for WordPress in 2023

For every website owner, one of the most principal tools is a sitemap. Its importance is rarely discussed, but it is very important if you want your website to be easily found. In other word+s, for visitors to find your website simply, you need to be indexed in Google. Of course, the Google search engine also does this automatically, but it can take a very long time.
Therefore, it is superior to choose the easy option. Make a sitemap for Google to index your website and thus increase your website's ranking also do not forget about your website traffic which is essential as well.
I suggest you get to know the best sitemap plugins together to find a sitemap plugin.

1. SEOPress, on-site SEO

SeoPress on-site SEO sitemap plugin

The top-ranked plugin is packed with a variety of SEO Checker features. That is, by purchasing this plugin, you will not only be able to create custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, but also create breadcrumbs that are optimized, add schemas and Google Structured data types, control 301 redirects, and a lot more. To improve your SEO, traffic, and social media sharing you need to use just one magical all-in-one plugin.

Well, you already understood that this plugin has many features, but let's focus on the sitemap features.

SEOPress, on-site SEO allows you to create 4 types of sitemaps for making your XML and HTML sitemaps for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex to enhance robots' ability to crawl your website and index it more quickly in search results.

The free version of the SEOPress, on-site SEO suggests four sitemaps.

  • For creating your XML Sitemaps for WordPress for just a few clicks you need to add your custom taxonomies and custom post types.
    To prevent any issues in Google Search Console, posts marked as "no index" are immediately excluded from your sitemap.
    Completely compatible with WordPress 5.5+'s Core XML sitemaps capability. To prevent any SEO issues on-site SEO immediately disables them.
  • Your images can automatically be added to your XML sitemap.
    So WordPress Image Sitemap boosts Google Images. All image galleries and featured images, standard images, and also WooCommerce product images are supported.
  • Building a custom HTML Sitemap can increase visitor navigation and boost search indexing. The website's structure is understandable for search engines in cases using this type of sitemap.
  • By using Author Sitemaps you can list the article authors.

The Pro version of the SEOPress, on-site SEO suggests two types of sitemap:

  • To improve the indexing of your news and allow Google to find your website posts quicker you should use XML News sitemaps. Using this type of WordPress Sitemap you can add posts to Google News.
  • Whether the videos are hosted on your website or not, adding videos to sitemaps manually is now possible. Using Video Sitemaps you can improve not only the indexing of your website but also your rank in search results of Google's videos.


It is mostly free, but you can get the Pro version for $49.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Sitemap - WordPress XML Site Map Page Generator Plugin

WordPress XML sitemap page generator

Now let's explore another plugin together which also has quite a lot of features and benefits.

The sitemap plugin creates an XML sitemap for your WordPress website and aids in the indexing of your blog by search engines. These sitemap files make it easier for web crawlers to understand the structure of your website.

Both custom URLs and the default WordPress pages are supported by the plugin. Additionally, you can add it to your Google Webmaster Tools profile.

Don't leave today's work for tomorrow. Improve your SEO while you have the chance to do it today!

So now let's explore the great features of Sitemap by BestWebSoft:

  • The sitemap with the URLs below: Page, Post, Post Category, Post Tag, Custom types of post, and Custom taxonomies
  • The opportunity to add a media sitemap
  • Automatically adds a path to your sitemap file in robots.txt
  • Page and post canonical URLs could be added
  • Set the most URLs that can be contained in one sitemap file
  • Join Add website, Add sitemap, Delete website, Get website info to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
  • Sitemap Items Split
  • Enable manual canonical tag
  • Utilizing the Multilanguage plugin adds additional language pages
  • Exceptionally easy settings for quick setup without changing the code
  • Explicit videos and step-by-step instructions
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version
  • Allows adding external sitemap files
  • Delete some kinds of posts or pages from your sitemap file (Pro version)
  • Decide how frequently the information on each page of your website will be changed and the external sitemap file will be updated (Pro version)
  • Setup the network's subsites (Pro version)
  • Add custom URLs to the sitemap file (Pro version)
  • Rename the sitemap file (Pro version)
  • Receive a response to your support query in one business day (Pro version)
  • Edit the meta description and title (Pro version)


It is mostly free, but you can get the Pro version for $24 (per domain, per year) and $210 (per domain, forever).

Free Version Pro Version

3. WP Sitemaps Config

WP sitemaps Config plugin for WordPress

Our next plugin is Sitemaps Config for WordPress, it has many benefits, among which is that the WordPress core generates all XML sitemaps with an options page.

Now let's look at its features to understand what this plugin offers us and whether there is a need to get it or not.

So now let's explore the great features of WP Sitemaps Config:

  • Delete the sitemaps for all users, categories, tags, post types, and public posts
  • All general custom post types and custom taxonomies should have their sitemaps removed
  • With a single click, turn off the XML sitemaps
  • Omit individual pages and articles from the XML sitemaps
  • Each URL should have the fields Priority, Change Frequency, and Last Modification Date added

Single posts and pages should not be included in the XML sitemaps; instead, each URL should have the entries Priority, Change Frequency, and Last Modification Date.
Multi-site support is available for this plugin. WordPress 5.5 or later is needed. Your server has to be running the PHP extension SimpleXML to use the XML sitemaps.

WP Sitemaps Config also supports WooCommerce products at no additional cost.


WP Sitemaps Config is a free plugin.

Free Version

4. Simple Sitemap - Create a Responsive HTML Sitemap

Simple sitemap create responsive HTML sitemap

Simple Sitemap for WordPress allows you visually create and preview your sitemap right in the post editor. Shortcodes that are difficult to understand and utilize are no longer necessary. The days of constantly switching between the editor and the front end are over.

Now let's explore the great features of Simple Sitemap - Create a Responsive HTML Sitemap:

  • Visually create a sitemap. No need for shortcodes!
  • Directly in the editor, view the sitemap
  • Layout options include standard and tabbed
  • Lovely sitemap tabs made entirely on CSS without JavaScript
  • Any number of pages or posts may be displayed
  • Sort the sitemap elements either by ascending or descending
  • Simple sorting by field (Title, Author, Date, ID, etc.)
  • Displaying a post excerpt is optional
  • Adjust the post-type label
  • Individual sitemap elements can be shown as text or links
  • There are sitemap shortcodes accessible in place of blocks
  • Link management options for parent page links
  • Script management that is clever
  • Multiple sitemaps per page are supported.

Can you imagine that these great features are completely free? These features are not everything. This plugin offers several other features that are already included in the Pro version.

Let's get acquainted with some features of the Pro version:

  • Sort a list of posts using any personal taxonomy
  • The layout with tabs is responsive
  • Layout for a horizontal sitemap
  • Exclude particular pages and posts
  • Using the user interface, alter styles. such as color pickers
  • Sitemap blocks are two (3 more will be added soon)
  • 5 shortcodes for sitemaps
  • Customizations don't require any programming
  • Aliases for shortcodes to speed up entry
  • Sitemaps should include any custom post types
  • Options for advanced tabbed layout
  • Just the designated posts and pages
  • Filter hooks for precise sitemap control
  • And so on.


The Simple Sitemap - Create a Responsive HTML Sitemap plugin is mostly free, but you can get the Pro version for $29 (1 site), $79(3 sites), and $129(unlimited sites).

Free Version Pro Version

To Sum Up!

The benefits of sitemap plugins are countless, getting them is just a necessity.

Is not complicated anymore to make your website to be simply found and to be indexed in Google. All you need is just a sitemap plugin.

Increase your website ranking, take advantage of the benefits that a sitemap brings to your SEO and make the process of indexing faster than it used to be just by adding one of these great plugins to your website.

I think reading about the plugins mentioned above and getting to know their features made choosing your sitemap plugin easier. Do not miss your chance to have one of these constructive plugins. The success of your website is guaranteed.

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