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Best Translate Plugins in WordPress in 2023

Why Use Translate Plugins?

As you know for every single person his/her mother tongue is the best one. Therefore they value, admire, and delight in pages that are in their language. Most web pages are indeed in languages that are internationally accepted and most of humanity can understand them. However, web pages in the mother tongue are special. That gives website owners to have a wide range of users. The more languages your page is translated into, for more people, your website information will be available to. You should use translate plugins to make your website accessible and translated into different languages.

4 Best Translate Plugins


WPML Translation Plugin

WPML is the most popular translation plugin for WordPress, powering over one million sites worldwide. With over 60 pre-configured languages, WPML is a feature-rich solution for translating your entire site quickly and at a low cost.

Translate every part of your site

A website is made up of so much more than just posts and pages. With WPML, you can translate all parts of your website. This includes:

  • Posts and pages
  • Page builder content
  • Taxonomies
  • Headers and footers
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • Text from themes and plugins
  • Even emails sent from the WordPress admin!

Flexible translation options

Translate your content however you want with WPML. The most popular option is to let WPML do all of the translation for you.

WPML can automatically translate your site using machine translation from DeepL, Google Translate, or Microsoft Azure Translator. Plus, features like translation memory and glossary help you stay on budget and on time with any project.

Don't want to use automatic translation? No problem, you can translate your site using WPML in any way you want:

  • Provide translations yourself
  • Use a team of your own translators
  • Connect your site to a professional translation service

WPML supports it all through its built-in Translation Management feature.

Compatible with popular themes and plugins

WPML is compatible with a wide range of themes and plugins. This means you can rest assured that WPML won’t break your site, no matter what you use to build it. WPML’s compatibility team works closely with other theme and plugin developers to test thoroughly and quickly push fixes for any found issues.

WooCommerce Support

Start selling your products and services internationally with WPML’s WooCommerce Multilingual add-on.

Not only does it allow you to translate all parts of your store, it also includes multi-currency support for a fully localized shopping experience.

Multilingual SEO

Grow your organic traffic in all your site’s languages. WPML handles the hreflang setup for you and lets you choose how you want to format your secondary language domains.

Plus, you can translate page slugs, SEO meta, and titles so you can start appearing in search engine results for all your site’s languages.

Own your translations

With WPML, your translations belong to you and you alone. All your translations are stored in your own database, and you don’t need to keep paying to display your translations on your site.

Translate with confidence

You can count on WPML as a reliable, stable product. The team releases updates regularly, including important fixes ahead of any major WordPress updates. Worried building a multilingual site might be too complex? If you ever need assistance, WPML’s support team is available 6 days a week and offers help in 9 languages. Give WPML a try and see everything it has to offer. If it doesn’t meet your needs, it even comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! You can get a Multilingual CMS account, which includes everything we’ve mentioned above, for $99.


2. Weglot Translate

Weglot Translation Plugin

Weglot, a leading WordPress translation plugin, turns your website multilingual in minutes. A simple and fast integration, Weglot works by detecting, translating, and displaying the content of your site under language subdirectories.

Being trusted by 60,000+ website owners, Weglot provides the first sheet of computerized translation which you then get full editing control over through your Weglot Dashboard.

Get access to a full suite of website translation management features including a glossary, translation exclusions, and URL translation.

With favorable features such as an 'in context editor' - you can edit your translations within the website structure and design, and freely see the pattern of your translated pages.

One of the best priorities' of Weglot is its SEO. With the help of translated URLs, automatically added hreflang tags, and translated metadata you can be overwhelmed that you're searchable within your new markets.

Key features include:

  • Uncomplicated and expeditious set-up
  • Multilingual SEO best practices (inc language subdirectories and translated metadata)
  • Affinity with any theme and plugin (incl. WooCommerce)
  • Automatic and human translations
  • A unique dashboard with an 'in context editor', easily edit translations & invite teammates to collaborate on projects
  • Expert support: a dedicated technical support team

Try Weglot's 10-day free trial.

3. Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate

Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate

And know about one of the loco translate plugins addons. Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate plugin has 60000+ active installations on WordPress. It allows you to make your website multilingual by translating it into any existing language you want with a single click of the mouse. This plugin makes your job easier and helps increase your user base.
Now about its advantages:

  • Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate provides you with two variants: to install a free version supported by Yandex Page Translate Widget or to install the Pro version supported by the Google Translate widget and DeepL Doc Translator.
  • One can easily translate not only plugin texts but also theme texts.
  • No need for an API key.
  • Provides you with unlimited translations.
  • With the help of DEEPL Doc Translator, you can constantly translate a limited number of free doc translations.
  • LOCO's built-in editor comes to help you with no automatic edit of any machine-translated string.
  • User Friendly, as users can install and use it handily.
  • Time-Saving, as you can do translations easily and quickly

I think that for the first time this information is enough. Be attentive and choose the best version for you.

4.WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin

WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin

Last but not least plugin is WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin. This plugin has 1000+ active installations on WordPress. You have the opportunity to translate your languages into 104 languages and it is free. Can you imagine how many people will understand the content of your website, so it will improve your business?

Main features:

  • GoogleTranslate Engine: in the case of Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate, only their Pro version is powered by Google, the free version is powered by Yandex but WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin is free at the same time it is powered by GoogleTranslate Engine.
  • Easy to Use: this plugin is customer ready, as it is not only easy to install but also easy to use. Your users can find the language they need too quickly as this plugin provides flag icons, which makes their job unchallenging.
  • Mobile-Friendly: nowadays, as you know mostly used devices are mobile devices. So WordPress Automatic Translator Plugin is mobile-friendly as it works with any mobile device.Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website is a privilege.
  • Regular Updates: stable updates provide your page to appropriate with the latest WP versions.
  • Customer Support: this is one of the lucky keys to the improved website. As customers know that each of their questions or problems can be answered and solved. Their view is heard and their opinion is influential. So one of the best translation plugins provides you with forthcoming customer support.

The Advantages of a Multilingual WordPress Site

A multilingual website will be your calling card, thanks to which you can ensure the rapid growth of your business. It will be the first impulse that will attract a potential user to follow your page. Now let's explore together the advantages of having translation plugins.

1. A large audience is assured

Only 1,186,451,052 (25,9%) of internet users understand English well, but have you ever thought about the rest of the people? How your business will grow if you have a proper, comprehensible presentation website that will be understandable for people speaking no matter in what language in this world. Of course, it will give a great opportunity to get new users, because your page, your speech, and your content will be available to everyone. Think for a moment how much the number of your users will increase, how many people from all over the world will help to promote your business, and how big a role they will play in the development of your business.

2. Be the first in your sphere

When there is no motivation to self-develop, develop your business, think of new things, explore, and apply them to business when there is no competition in your sphere. Therefore, having a good competitor in your sphere is not bad. And the multilingual page will allow you to be a few steps ahead of your competitor.Let understanding by discussing an example. As you know, using online shopping is very popular these days. Products in Chinese online shops are very cheap, so people can afford to use those pages and make their purchases. But. There is one important point. Their users would be twice many if their page was translated into other languages. Because Chinese is a difficult language and not everyone knows it, so they can't use that page properly.
So, if you have your own small business, remember that in addition to product quality, prices, and service, it is important to have a website that will not only be attractive but also understandable for your consumers.
And only then will you feel the real power of digital marketing. Translation plugins are waiting for you.

3. Have the Best SEO

The success of the website and business is also closely related to SEO. How? SEO ensures the visibility of your page in the search engine, so the higher its credentials are, in higher position your website will be and the easier it will be to find you. That is if your page is multilingual. Every word or phrase no matter in what language one enters on a search engine, your page will be offered. Which will be good bait for a prospective customer. As your page traffic will increase, so will the number of your consumers.
There are several proofs of how using one of the best translation plugins and making a page accessible to everyone can improve your SEO credentials.

4. The Face of Your Brand

Every business owner needs to have a prominent business. The more popular the store, restaurant, cafe, and each business in general is, the more likely it is, that more users will be interested in your brand and take advantage of your offers. But how to create a great image brand? To make your brand famous, you need to have a good management team, a multilingual website, as well as a good service. Therefore, the customers who come due to good branding will see that your website is even accessible in their language, and will be impressed with your website you can even make your website eye-catching by creating some popup with help of WordPress Pop Up Box Plugin, they will be astounded with the services you provide and will become your loyal customer. Congratulations, your business will grow and develop day by day.

  • Conclusion!

Though there are some languages that every third person understands, it is important to have a translation-ready website for each person from the whole world. As one can understand in many languages, the mother tongue is the closest to his/her heart. So having a translation plugin will help you not only to increase your users but also to be close to them. To sum up, with the help of one of these plugins connection between you and your users will get stronger.

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