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Quiz Maker plugin - All Features

The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin will be of the best use to you as it provides all the advanced features you need to create the best online quizzes.

Best Quiz Plugin is designed fully customizable to create professional and advanced-level exams, personality tests, IQ tests, assessment quizzes, and many more.

The user-friendly WordPress Quiz Test Plugin offers 10+ advanced question types, 15+ powerful Integrations, the ability to create an unlimited number of quizzes, questions, and answers, Reports & Analytics, Questions/Results Exporting/Importing, an efficient calculation system, and more.

Create Quizzes in Minutes

  • Ready to use themes for quiz
    Ready-to-use themes

    The plugin offers the best quiz themes to choose from. Choose your desired theme and customize it with the styling options the WP Quiz plugin provides.

  • Customizable design for quiz
    Customizable design and user-friendly interface

    The WordPress Quiz Plugin is an easy quiz creator due to its customizable design and user-friendly interface.

  • Unlimited number of quizzes
    Unlimited number of quizzes, questions, and answers

    Create a quiz question bank with an unlimited number of questions and answers.

  • Import and Exmport questions
    Bulk export/import

    Easily bulk export and import quiz questions and answers in 4 file formats: CSV, XLSX, JSON, and Simple XLSX.

  • Quick quiz option
    Quick Quiz

    Create an online quick quiz within a few minutes. Add quick quiz questions, answers, and categories, thus making this process more entertaining.

  • Embed quiz feature for quiz
    Embed Quiz

    Create embeddable quizzes with the WordPress Quiz plugin. Copy the iframe and easily share by embedding quiz on other websites.

  • ChatGPT Question Builder addon
    ChatGPT Question Builder

    AI Question Generator will create questions and answers on your chosen topic within a few seconds. You don't need to search for questions for hours anymore.

Quiz Display and Appearance

  • Color and Styles of quizzes
    Colors & Styles

    Best Quiz Maker Plugin for WordPress is fully customizable and offers a variety of styling options. Achieve specific styling results with the Custom CSS option.

  • Mobile Friendly quizzes
    Mobile Friendly

    Create a mobile friendly quiz for your website and allow your website visitors to take quizzes from multiple devices.

  • Quiz with navigation bar
    Quiz with Navigation Bar

    Navigate between questions easily with WordPress Quiz Plugin. A quiz with navigation is an advanced feature to conduct online exams.

  • Multipage Quizzes for WordPress
    Multipage Quiz

    Create an advanced-level quiz with a multipage layout. Make the process of passing online quizzes more enjoyable by creating multipage quizzes.

  • Live progress bar
    Live Progress Bar

    Let the quiz takers know the current state of passing the WordPress Quiz by showing the quiz progress bar at the top of the quiz container.

  • Quiz Background images
    Quiz Background

    Add quiz background images and set a background color for WordPress quizzes. Enhance the visual appeal of WordPress quizzes for the best user experience.

  • Keyboard Navigation in Quiz
    Keyboard Navigation

    Create interactive quizzes and allow online quiz takers to use keyboard commands to move back and forth between questions and options.

Interactive Quizzes and Personality Quizzes

  • Randomization and Shuffling
    Randomization & Shuffling

    Create WordPress Quizzes with random questions to provide fair conditions for passing online quizzes. Prevent cheating and ensure accurate quiz assessment.

  • Various question types
    A variety of question types

    Quiz Maker WordPress plugin offers 10+ advanced question types to create online quizzes. You can use question types, such as Multiple-Choice, Dropdown, Text, Custom Banner, etc.

  • Social Media Sharing feature
    Social media sharing

    Make use of the Social Media Sharing WordPress functionality to share the quiz page URL and display social media links to allow users to visit your pages on Social Media.

  • Interval Messages fetaure
    Interval Messages

    Create an outcome quiz. Write your desired result messages, attach images, and create a product recommendation quiz by attaching WooCommerce products to Intervals.

  • Flashcards feature for quizzes

    Create flashcards and let your quiz takers memorize quiz questions with answers before passing the quiz.

  • Conditional results based on answers
    Conditional Results and Redirects

    WordPress Quiz Maker plugin is the best solution to show a personalized result, send customized emails, and redirect the quiz takers to your desired pages depending on their answers.

  • Multilanguage translation for quizzes
    Multilanguage translations

    Create a viral quiz by using the Multilanguage Quiz feature of the WP Quiz Maker plugin. Display quizzes in different languages and make your quiz available for all your website visitors.

Knowledge Tests and Assessment Quizzes

  • Question bank feature for quizzes
    Question Bank

    Create a question bank and divide your quiz questions into categories to test the quiz takers' knowledge of different subjects. Randomly display the questions per category each time.

  • Quizzes with timer
    Timed Quizzes

    Create a quiz with timer, improve the time management skills of your quiz takers, and prevent cheating during the quiz. Set a timer for both the whole quiz and for each question.

  • Make the questions required
    Required questions

    Set required questions and prevent quiz takers from skipping quiz questions. Make quiz takers answer all the quiz questions to provide an accurate assessment.

  • Quiz with passing score
    Quiz with passing score

    Set a passing score for online quizzes (for the Certificate/Email options) and the quiz takers can get emails and Certificates only if they reach the minimum pass score.

  • Quiz Scoring system
    Quiz Scoring

    Create a scored quiz with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. Award points to quiz takers or set a negative marking and deduct points for incorrect answers.

  • Custom certificates for quizzes
    Custom Certificates

    Create customized certificates for quiz completion. Send customized quiz completion certificates via email and let the quiz takers download their Certificates from the front end.

  • Schedule the quizzes
    Schedule quiz

    Set a schedule for online quizzes with WordPress Quiz Plugin. Choose your desired timezone and specify the time period the quiz will be active.

  • Advanced Leaderboards
    Advanced Leaderboards

    Boost website engagement by setting leaderboards for quiz takers. Identify the top users and reward them accordingly by having a quiz with leaderboard on your website.

Generate Leads and Boost Sales

  • Collecting Data of Users
    Data Collection

    Collect data from quiz takers with the Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin. Set default and custom fields for data gathering. This is the best solution for lead generation and personalization of quiz takers.

  • Create Email Marketing Campaigns
    Email Marketing Campaigns

    Generate leads by collecting data and segmenting the quiz takers with the Best Quiz Plugin. Target quiz takers by creating personalized email campaigns with powerful Integrations.

  • Send email to users feature
    Send email to users

    Create and send personalized emails to quiz takers. Send email with the results report and Interval messages right after the quiz completion.

  • Product Recommendation paid-quizzes
    Product Recommendation Quizzes

    Create product recommendation quizzes with the Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin. Use the Intervals feature with the WooCommerce Integration to show different products depending on the score of the user.

  • Quiz Coupons feature
    Quiz Coupons

    Increase sales by adding coupons to your WordPress Quiz. Upload custom quiz coupons and offer special discounts for passing online quizzes.

  • How to create paid quizzes
    Paid Quizzes

    Create paid quizzes with WordPress Quiz Plugin. Make money online and increase your website traffic by selling quizzes via PayPal and Stripe Integrations.

User Permissions & Data Protection

  • reCaptcha Integration available
    reCaptcha Integration

    Integrate recaptcha to the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin to protect your quizzes from spambots. Captcha Integration will add the human verification step before passing the quiz.

  • Password protected quizzes
    Password-Protected Quizzes

    Protect online quizzes from unauthorized access with WordPress Quiz Plugin. Set one general password for all quiz takers or single-usage passwords for each user.

  • Disable right click option
    Disable Right-click

    If you are looking for the best way to protect your quizzes, then, use the Disable right click feature of the plugin. Disable right click on website and your website visitors can't use the right click of the mouse.

  • Disable copy paste
    Disable Copy Paste

    Protect website content with the Disable Copy Paste feature the plugin offers. Prevent website visitors from copying/pasting, thus protecting your quiz content from copyright issues.

  • GDPR compliant feature
    GDPR Compliant

    Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin has GDPR compliant privacy policy, storing data on your DB, not its Servers. Create a GDPR compliant required custom field to tick the checkbox before starting the quiz.

  • Permissions based on user and roles
    User & Role-based Permissions

    Set User & Role-based Permissions for online quizzes. Specify the users/user roles' access for the quiz. Moreover, detect quiz takers by User ID and set the attempts count for taking quizzes.

  • IP and Cookie Restrictions
    IP & Cookie-based Restrictions

    Set IP & Cookie-based Restrictions and limit the users. Detect the users by their tries and specify the count of attempts per user for taking quizzes.

Insights and Analytics

  • Results with charts
    Results with Charts

    Display the quiz analytics with engaging and responsive charts. Insert the needed shortcodes to display the quiz/questions results with interactive charts.

  • Exporting results feature
    Exporting Results

    WordPress Quiz Plugin gives the possibility to export results of quizzes in CSV, XLSX, and JSON file formats. Filter WordPress quizzes to make the exporting process much easier.

  • Advanced user Profile
    Advanced User Profile

    Create an advanced user dashboard with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. Track the activities of your website visitors by having the quiz analytics at your hand.

  • User statistics of the quizzes
    User Statistics

    Display the quiz statistics on the Front-end and provide the best user experience for your website visitors. Show the statistics such as User Progress, User History Quiz, Quiz Activity Per Day, etc. with dynamic charts.

  • User page shortcode
    User Page Shortcode

    Copy/paste the shortcode to display the user's results history on the Front-end. Let the quiz takers export results and download their custom Certificates right from the Front-end.


  • Powerful integrations available
    15+ Powerful Integrations

    Create powerful Integrations with the best email marketing platforms and E-commerce marketplaces. The WordPress Quiz Plugin offers 15+ advanced Integrations, such as Google Sheets, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Aweber, Sendinblue, Klaviyo, Slack, MyCred, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, GamiPress, MailerLite, WooCommerce, GetResponse, ChatGPT, MadMimi, ConvertKit, Mailpoet, PayPal and Stripe.

Quiz Maker Addons

  • Category Selective Addon
    Category Selective Quiz Addon

    The Category Selective addon empowers users to decide how many questions they'd like to answer in each category. If you're using the Quiz Maker plugin for educational purposes and aim to enhance user knowledge through quiz practice, the Selective addon will make the process easier for you. Our addon empowers your website visitors by giving them control. They have the freedom to choose how many questions they wish to answer. They simply need to specify the number of questions they'd like to answer, enabling them to enjoy the process of practising new material.

  • Conditional Results Addon
    Conditional Results Addon

    The Conditional Results addon empowers you to create fully customized results pages and emails for each user. This addon elevates the quality of your quizzes, bringing a new level of professionalism to your business. If you're looking to implement a funnel marketing strategy with your quizzes, guiding specific individuals toward particular actions, this addon is what you need. You can include an unlimited number of conditions and cases, and it can differentiate between both “and” and “or” conditions. Every answer provided by the user serves as a condition and will generate a unique result based on the user's answers.

  • Training Quiz Addon
    Training Quiz Addon

    By employing the Training Quiz addon, users can immediately access a follow-up quiz containing the questions they answered incorrectly after submitting the main quiz. This addon empowers your users to enhance their understanding and skills with the material. You can effortlessly create quizzes and practice the content without the need to repeatedly go through the entire quiz.

  • Chained Quiz Addon
    Chained Quiz Addon

    The Chained Quiz addon enables you to connect your pre- existing quizzes generated through the Quiz Maker plugin. Connect an unlimited number of quizzes together in a matter of minutes, allowing you to construct a single quiz specifically for logged-in users. This addon eliminates the need to create multiple quizzes for various categories, ultimately saving you valuable time.

  • User page shortcode
    Klaviyo Integration Addon

    The Klaviyo addon enables the gathering of email addresses from quiz participants, right into the email marketing lists. Klaviyo has various functionalities, such as email templates, registration forms, segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics, empowering businesses to craft and implement impactful email marketing campaign.

  • Frontend Request Addon
    Frontend Request Addon

    The Frontend Request addon empowers your users to create quizzes directly from the front end of your WordPress site, eliminating the need for access to your dashboard. This addon enables you to convert your WordPress website into an interactive learning platform within a few minutes. Thanks to this addon, your site's visitors can contribute to the process of quiz creation, ensuring your content is ready without your direct involvement.

  • ChatGPT Integration
    ChatGPT Integration Addon

    The ChatGPT Question Builder addon elevates the experience of knowledge testing. You no longer have to spend countless hours or even days searching for questions. This addon connects you to ChatGPT, enabling you to generate questions with a single click. The benefits of using the ChatGPT Question Builder are crucial. You can select from a wide range of topics and difficulty levels to craft questions accordingly. The ChatGPT Question Builder offers something for everyone.

  • Popup Quiz Addon
    Popup Quiz Addon

    Integrate the popup quizzes you've crafted using the Quiz Maker plugin into your website. Use this addon to create leads and captivate your site visitors. The Popup Quiz Addon offers the capability to incorporate eye-catching popup quizzes into your web pages. It is incredibly user-friendly and has an adaptive design. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable tool for generating additional leads and actively involving your website visitors.

  • Aweber Integration
    Aweber Integration Addon

    Integrating Aweber with the Quiz Maker plugin make the process of gathering email addresses easier from quiz participants and incorporating them into your Aweber account. Create quizzes centered around your chosen subjects, thereby expanding your email subscriber base. Integrating Aweber Integration alongside the Quiz Maker plugin is the most efficient way to monitor quiz participants, send compelling email campaigns. No other tools are required for this integration to function; all that's needed is the Quiz Maker plugin's Pro package and the installation of the Aweber Integration addon within your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Extra Shortcodes Addon
    Extra Shortcodes Addon

    The Extra Shortcodes addon introduces five exceptional shortcodes to enhance your users' experience with the Quiz Maker plugin. This addon's purpose is to display user statistics related to their quiz engagement. Through its capabilities, users can access insights like their personal progress on a particular quiz, their quiz history, the highest score achieved, daily activity, and even the quiz activity summary on the front page.

  • Frontend Statistics Addon
    Frontend Statistics Addon

    The Frontend Statistics addon, when used with the Quiz Maker plugin, displays the outcomes of your chosen quiz or individual questions within any post. By adding the shortcodes into your posts, you have the flexibility to showcase either the overall quiz results or focus on specific questions, offering your users analytics insights. Enhance user engagement and increase trust by presenting every quiz attempt through eye- catching graphs, making it an informative experience for your audience.

  • MyCred Integration
    MyCred Integration Addon

    The MyCred integration enables you to give users specific points as a reward for completing quizzes on your website. It automatically assigns points to users upon quiz submission through the Quiz Maker plugin. MyCred provides you with the flexibility to determine the number of points users should receive and set limitations, such as time restrictions in days, weeks, and months. Offering points to your site visitors serves as an effective SEO tactic for attracting increased traffic to your WordPress website.

  • Brevo Integration
    Brevo Addon

    The Quiz Maker plugin integrated with Brevo offers a valuable solution for growing your email lists. By creating engaging quizzes on various subjects, you can not only engage your audience but also gather email addresses effectively. This addon ensures you gain subscribers interested in your website's content. Additionally, you can use Brevo to develop campaigns and monitor performance metrics.

  • Easy Digital Downloads
    Easy Digital Downloads Addon

    The Easy Digital Download addon enables you to sell quizzes as digital products on WordPress through the user-friendly Easy Digital Downloads plugin. If you're seeking an easy and manageable eCommerce solution, this addon is an essential tool. It's a paid WordPress extension that offers a comprehensive platform for effortlessly presenting your digital products online, regardless of your location. By selling your engaging quizzes on your WordPress website, you can generate income and enhance your website's traffic.

  • MailerLite Integration
    MailerLite Addon

    MailerLite addon empowers you to create a strong email list with the help of engaging quizzes. Attract leads with compelling and appealing content, tailored to fit any website's needs. Keep your website visitors informed about new products or updates. In just a matter of minutes, you can significantly increase your subscriber list.

  • GamiPress Integration
    GamiPress Integration Addon

    The GamiPress integration allows you to give specific points to users when they participate in and complete quizzes on your website. It simplifies the process of automatically recognizing and encouraging user interaction with your quizzes. GamiPress provides you with the ability to determine the number of points users should get and the frequency at which they are rewarded. Awarding points to your website visitors has proven to be a successful method for enhancing user engagement and increasing traffic to your site.

  • WooCommerce Integration
    WooCommerce Integration Addon

    The WooCommerce integration addon enables you to sell your quizzes as products within the WooCommerce platform. It's incredibly user-friendly, providing your users with a seamless experience of adding a quiz to their cart and making a purchase. This addon is highly recommended due to the fact that WooCommerce stands out as the first open-source e- commerce plugin for WordPress.

  • Export and Import Quizzes
    Export And Import Quizzes Addon

    The Export/Import Quizzes addon makes the process of transferring your pre-existing quizzes to another website rapidly easier. This addon is created to ensure a seamless and swift quiz migration experience. This addon is specifically designed for moving your quizzes from various scenarios, such as from a local or staging website to a live one, or from an old website to a new one. The exported file includes all data associated with quiz settings and the questions included.

  • User Dashboard Addon
    User Dashboard Addon

    The User Dashboard addon provides comprehensive user activity tracking. It offers insights into daily activity, individual user results, specific quiz results, top scores, and user progress. This plugin simplifies your work, saving you time by replacing the need to manually input results into your dashboard with a single shortcode that provides more valuable information.

  • Mailpoet Integration
    Mailpoet Integration Addon

    The MailPoet Integration addon easily adds the email addresses of your quiz participants to the MailPoet plugin. MailPoet, on the other hand, assists in expanding your email subscriber list and enables you to send newsletters directly from your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, you can categorize your email list and generate tailored content that is convenient for your subscribers. Incorporating an engaging quiz, such as a trivia quiz, personality assessment, or knowledge test, and requesting email addresses during the quiz is a proven method for acquiring new subscribers. Don't delay, enhance your subscriber list today!

  • Track User Addon
    Track Users Addon

    The Track User addon provides valuable insights into user behaviour during quizzes. It allows you to monitor the frequency of tab switches (how often visitors switch between tabs while taking the quiz) and the duration of these tab changes in seconds (the time spent on each tab page). Additionally, it tracks the number of times quiz takers use the hint option and keeps a count of how often they use the Ctrl+C function to copy content. This addon proves its usefulness by providing Quiz Maker plugin users with essential information about their quiz visitors. Having access to data regarding the behaviour of quiz visitors on your website can be incredibly valuable for better understanding and optimizing their interaction with your quizzes.

  • Summary Email Addon
    Summary Emails Addon

    The Summary Emails addon dispatches comprehensive reports for an individual quiz or all quizzes at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. This addon ensures that you, as an administrator, stay well-informed. It allows you to save time by obviating the need to access your WordPress dashboard each time you wish to review quiz outcomes and statistics. The email includes the following data: quiz title, the count of results within the specified period, and the total result count.

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