Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress

If you are a company that is looking for a way to manage all your files and data, or you are simply someone who doesn't, like going on the mess in their directories, the plugins I'm about to mention work perfectly for you. Admins are given the ability to define restrictions, permissions, and responsibilities for files within a system that manages files. This involves providing users with varying degrees of access to the files they need and assigning roles to those users. This results in increased productivity because the right user will receive the necessary file.

Now Let's understand who needs a file manager system?

There are several factors that go into deciding which file management system is best for your business. If a company needs to organize, update, and manage its files in a more thoughtful way, then file management is likely to be beneficial. And If they need to keep track of things like workflow, file management becomes even more critical.

How do File Management plugins work in the framework of WordPress?

Basically, File Management plugins are for managing your posts, and pages, downloading or copy-pasting folders, zips, etc directly from the location without using FTP. It is an amazing way of organizing WordPress Media files such as images, videos, documents, etc, especially in large quantities. To put it easier File Management plugins are great like a helping hand in managing your business in a more collective way.

However, the tool you are using makes a great difference in the result you are going to get. So Let's check out these 3 files Managing plugins in WordPress.

  1. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

  2. WP Media Folders - CatFolders

  3. Frontend File Manager & Sharing

  4. WPide

  5. Folders by Premio

1. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress wpide

When it comes to listing the best file manager plugins for WordPress, it will not be complete without FileBird.

FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders is the most popular plugin to allow you to create media categories in the shape of folders. You can drag and drop multiple files into a folder, or nest many folders under a parent folder.


  • Modern folder tree theme: Choose a stylish theme to get the folder view you’re comfortable with the most, such as Windows 10 or Dropbox style.
  • Color-coded folders: Change the color of the folder to better differentiate them.
  • Image gallery block: Create a flexible gallery using the built-in Gutenberg block including dynamic styles, captions, lightbox, and various layouts.
  • FileBird document library: Enhance your document list by publishing a predesigned document gallery in list or grid style. This includes custom folder name, download button, linking mode, pagination, search & sort functions.

It has been relentlessly improved so that you don’t have to compromise your website performance.


The plugin costs a one-time payment of $39 including 6-month VIP support and lifetime updates.

2. WP Media Folders - CatFolders

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins

CatFolders is another excellent WordPress media folders plugin that brings you pleasure while managing WordPress.

You can manage hundreds of WP media folders within your WordPress media library like a professional webmaster. No need to be tech-savvy to be able to make CatFolders ready to roll since it is lightweight and super easy to use.

With CatFolders, you will have complete remote cast control over files and folders. Quickly create, rename, bulk select, move or even delete folders without breaking your attachment file URL.. Quickly create, rename, bulk select, move or even delete folders without breaking your attachment file URL. Right in the integrated folder sidebar, you can also set the default startup folder, create custom media ordering, and sort files based on date, author, name, etc.


  • Simplified design and drag & drop functionality
  • Enhanced sort options for both files and folders
  • Fully compatible with Gutenberg, Classic editor, WooCommerce, and all popular WordPress page builders
  • User role permissions
  • Creating categories/folders for pages, post, plugins, and custom post types


CatFolders Pro is available in annual subscriptions and one-time payment for lifetime unlimited sites.

Single site plans come with an early offer of $39 (discounted price) and the multiple-site pricing for website agencies/developers is negotiable at

3. Folders by Premio

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress wordpress file pugin folders

WordPress Folders plugin allows users to rapidly arrange all of their Pages, Posts, and Media files into folders. To rearrange the tree view (hierarchy) of folders you may simply drag and drop files into them. One of the best things about this plugin is that it lets you create as many folders as you like with the free version of Folders.

Let's quickly pass through the way Folders functions

It's up and running as soon as you've installed it.

With just a few clicks, content creators may publish their work in a variety of formats. There are a number of options for organizing your uploads, such as creating folders. It's possible to have separate folders for each type of media (e.g., a media folder, a content folder, and an image folder), and keep everything in place by data. A drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible to all users. It's like having access to your own personal media library. Create this media library for yourself or others — it's ideal for website owners and content experts!

What Are the Key Functionalities

  • Unlimited Folders
  • Drag and Drop device
  • Media Replace
  • Importing folders from other plugins
  • Undo Action within the folders
  • Adding media into selected folders
  • Compatibility with RTL admin panel (such as Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)

There are tons of other features that I didn't mention however you can check everything out on the Folders WordPress product page.

Fields Where Folders Plugin Can Come in Handy

E-Commerce businesses: Add new products and descriptions quickly, then organize them into folders based on their classifications. You can think of things like lingerie, safety shoes, dresses, etc.

Photographers: It's not uncommon for photographers to produce thousands of pics each month in a variety of media types. Uploading them to your website can be a time-consuming process. Use folders to organize your images into media library folders by type, such as people, wildlife, nature, environment, housing, anniversaries, etc.

Bloggers: Easily upload content for blogs, including articles, photographs, video, and audio files. Once you've uploaded all of your files, be sure to organize them into appropriately labeled folders in your media library.

Web Developers: They are responsible for designing websites in a structured manner by uploading graphics, animations, site features, and content. These components should all be properly bundled in directories, which can easily be done with the help of the Folders Plugin.

What is GDPR and what does it have to do with the Folders plugin

GDPR is a General Data Protection Regulation. Legal standards for the collecting and processing of personal information from European Union residents are provided by the General Data Protection Regulation. The website or any system including plugins, that can be of use among people in the EU must follow this regulation.

The Folders Plugin is fully GDPR compliant. This means that they do not collect any personal information from visitors or users, as well as they don't send any data to remote servers.

Among the other advantages of using this plugin is that it's compatible with any WordPress theme, including Gutenberg, Elementor WPBaker, etc.

For additional features such as Dynamic Folders, Uploading folders from your PC, Auto rename files based on the title, Advanced Media replacements, Folders user restriction, moving files to the trash by default, etc. You must check out its pro version. Enter their website and check the plan that suits you the most.

4. WPide

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins wpide

When you use WPide, you're not just editing files, you're backing them up automatically.

Not only plugins and themes, but any file in your wp-content folder can be edited. To help you remember your WordPress/PHP instructions, code completion will provide function references as you type. The tabbed editor lets you work on many files at once.

Here are some of the WPide's current features

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Line numbers
  • File browsers for renaming, deleting, downloading, zipping, and unzipping files
  • Code autocomplete for WordPress and PHP functions accompanied with function description, arguments, and return value where needed
  • Automatic file backup
  • Ability to edit any file in wp-content via file tree
  • Tabbed interface

WPide has a color assist, which means that by double-clicking on the hax color value you can access the color picker, you can either choose a color by default color picker or you can replace the image with your own images by drag ad drop.

WPide has a color assist, which means that by double-clicking on the hax color value you can access the color picker, you can either choose a color by default color picker or you can replace the image with your own images by drag ad drop.

The plugin has loads of updates coming up, which include new functionalities and wider capacity.

5. Frontend File Manager & Sharing

AYS PRO Best File Manager Plugins for WordPress wp file manager plugin frontend

Admins and other users can upload, share, and manage their files with restricted access using the Frontend File Manager Plugin. This is a very simple, clean, and functional plugin with a minimal and complete design.

You may now share files on your WordPress website with this handy plugin. Users of your site will be able to upload files and control who has access to them after logging in.

Two shortcodes are included with the plugin, one for uploading files and another for showing the files that have been uploaded and shared with them by other users. Email addresses can be used to add and remove other users from files. Unauthorized users will be presented with permission refused error messages when trying to access or download those files (even if they have a direct URL to the file).

Let's look into some of the Frontend File Manager Plugin's key features

  • Uploading Private files
  • Sharing files with other users via email
  • In order to access shared files, one must be an authenticated user and/or guest, even if they know the direct URL.
  • Converting your website to a file-sharing hosting
  • Removing the "allowed" users
  • Front-End dashboard for users to be able to upload and manage their files
  • Full control over uploaded files to the site administrator
  • Grouping files by their types

The Frontend File Manager also offers ready translation, which is a great asset.

They are very open to their users and are always happy to accept requests for new features and ideas from their users. So feel free to contact them.The plugin also has a pro version which includes other fun and very handy functionalities so you can also check that out!

To wrap up: Not to spend your time looking for long-lost files, or running your business in a more effective and arranged way you have to use tools that offer you security, management, productivity, etc. Together we went through the best File Manager plugins that I managed to find. If you enjoyed reading this article, also follow us on FacebookandTwitter, and do not forget to check out our YouTubechannel.

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