How to Redirect Visitors When Popup is Closed

In common cases, the functionality of the popup ends when the visitors interact with it by either taking some action or closing it. What if I told you that you could make more out of one small WordPress notification popup than it already does? Let’s see how to redirect your users to a specific website or page when they are done with your modal with 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Let’s make a redirection popup with the Subscription type. Go through the following step: “Add New” → “Subscription” type → “Frozen” template. The template I used is perfect for subscription-type popups but if you have anything on your mind you can fully customize it.

Here is how the subscription type popup looks in Popup Box

How to close Popup Example

Step 2 

To make a redirect popup go to the General Settings tab. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and find the “Actions while clicking on the popup”. Tick the needed boxes such as “Enable redirection”, after you can see the submenus which enables you to insert the necessary link. You can also decide whether you want to open the page on the same page or in a new tab. Check out how it looks in the dashboard.


Actions while clicking on the popup


Step 3 

The last step is to customize your popup if you need to make any changes, save it, and VOILA!


Displaying the results

To Wrap Up!

Redirect Popups are an innovative way to lead your customers to take action on your website. My only tip would be not to make redirection to unexpected because that might annoy and prompt exit. Make sure you follow all the steps and choose the right WordPress popup plugin. Learn more about the best WordPress plugin on our Youtube Chanel and read step-by-step articles on Our Blog.


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