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Best WordPress Search Plugins of 2023

Every person does not want to endlessly scroll up and down the mouse pointer when accessing a website and spending a long time to find what they want. Especially since very often it is possible that what the given user is looking for escapes his eyes and he leaves your site dissatisfied. So when you survey your customers, don't be surprised to find out that they are dissatisfied.
So to avoid such situations you need to use search plugins.

Of course, as you know, WordPress has a native search engine, but it is very weak, only basic searches can be done to find essential information. So if you want to provide your users with a site that performs detailed, fast, and accurate searches, then you need to get a search plugin.

How do I find the right search plugin for me? How do I know which search plugin is better and what are the differences between these plugins? We will get the answers to these and other similar questions by reading this article, which includes the best 4 search plugins.

Let's find the answers to your questions by getting started together and discovering the features of each great and special plugin included in this article.

1. Site Search 360

WordPress plugin Site Search 360

Site Search 360 plugin is the better and smarter option when it comes to WordPress search engines. In just a few clicks you can install a precise, user-friendly WordPress site search that will please your visitors and turn browsers into buyers. Delivering a fast, convenient, and intelligent site search experience is easy with Site Search 360 WordPress plugin.

Key Features of Site Search 360:

  • Powerful and fast search in one plugin
  • Customization
  • Update of search results
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Handy and swift enablement: With the Site Search 360 plugin for WordPress, you don't need to make any configuration changes to instantly enable the search on your website.

Follow the Site Search 360 step-by-step guide for an easy configuration of the WP plugin.

The features of this plugin are endless, so get started with a free trial to take advantage of them.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for Columbo-$9, Holmes-$49, or Batman-$119.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search plugin for WordPress

The second one is the authoritative Advanced Woo Search plugin of WordPress which supports not only AJAX search but also search results page display. Let's understand together what features this plugin offers us.

Key features of Advanced Woo Search:

  • You can search wherever you want.

This Search plugin of WordPress allows your users to search through all your Woocommerce items. The Free version of this plugin allows them to search in the item title, IDs, excerpt, categories, tags, content, and also SCU. The Pro version of the plugin adds three more to this list, so with the Pro version you can also search in custom fields, product attributes, and custom taxonomies. So it doesn't matter which option you choose, you can still search just in some of them as well.

  • Smart sorting is guaranteed

The priority of the source is something very important. So Advanced Woo Search plugin ensures that your search results will be sorted according to the priority of the source where they were found. This means that the plugin strictly follows the priority of the results. If the word you are looking for is in the title in one case, and in the description in the other, then naturally priority will be given to the one in the title.

  • Having a Multilingual plugin is not a dream, but real

This Search Plugin of WordPress supports WPML, qTranslate, WooCommerce Multilingual, and Polylang plugins, so from this, you can provide your users with a search result on the language which is presently active.

  • Search results can be customizable

You can effortlessly customize the look of your search results. What does that mean? That means that product ratings, categories, stock status, tags, titles, descriptions, price images, and also many more things can be simply displayed or hidden. Do not forget about the Add to Cart button, which can be displayed as well.

  • And so on

If you think that this plugin's key features end there, you are sadly mistaken, it offers a lot of awesome features.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $69.

Free Version Pro Version

3. WP Extended Search

WP Extended Search plugin for WordPress

A lightweight WP Extended Search plugin has been placed third. Using the settings of this WordPress Search plugin modifying the WP search query which is default isn't complicated anymore. So let's explore the great features of this plugin.

Key features of WP Extended Search:

  • Where to search?

Effortlessly search in tags, selected meta keys, categories, the post author page, and custom taxonomies.

  • Can I easily customize it?

Yes, the number of posts showing on the result page, the AND/OR relationship in SQL between search terms, and also the order of results of the search are customizable.

  • Compatibility

This plugin is compatible with Woocommerce so you can also search in Attributes, product SKU, custom fields, variations, and so on. Wp Extended Search is also compatible with WPML, from this, you should have a translation-ready plugin.

  • To control is possible

To control the search criteria such as title, excerpt, content, or all. You can also decide whether to match the search query completely or partially.

  • Include or Exclude

Any type of public post can be both included and excluded. Also as you do not need old content so can exclude them from search results.

  • Adding a search forms

You can also use a shortcode, widget, and also PHP function to add search forms, as the WP Extended Search plugin incorporates custom searchform.php as well.

  • Limitless

You can easily create as many search forms as you want and use them with custom search forms.


4. WP Fastest Site Search

WP Fastest Site Search plugin for WordPress

he plugin included in the fourth place is in no way inferior to the rest of the plugins as it is such an effective search plugin with the WP Fastest Site Search plugin that provides your website with a free voice search feature. This Search plugin also replaces the default WordPress search and gives your WordPress website or WooCommerce store autocomplete picture search, PDF search, and spell check features. Now let's explore its awesome features together.

Key features of the WP Fastest Site Search plugin:

  • Swift Search results

Using this search plugin you can make your users' experience better by providing them with swift search results.

  • Superior Search

This plugin provides you with Relevant Search (so you can configure Unidirectional and Bidirectional Synonyms to help search engines find non-text matches and enhance user experience), eDiscovery (cloud-based data investigations are supported), and Full-text Search (so in the case when other search engines rely on searching metadata, this plugin you rely on searching for all of the words on the pages).

  • More about the search box

The search box of WP Fastest Site Search is intelligent as in addition to responding to what the user types in the search box it also “forecast” the user's inquiry. And also in the case of the fuzzy search, multiple post types search, and also filters and facets search this plugin easily displays relevant results of the users' search even if they enter incorrect spellings in the search.

  • Support

WP search plugin supports everything you can think of such as more than 30 languages, so you can allow your users to search on your multilingual website in all existing languages. It also supports PDF, Word, Excel and other file formats so searching the content inside of these files is possible as well. This search plugin also supports PDF, Word, Excel and other file formats so searching the content inside of these files is possible as well. Speaking of PDF, if your website visitors need to convert documents for easy reading or sharing, integrating a Word to PDF converter can streamline this process manually. Responsiveness is the second name of this plugin as you can use WP Fastest Site Search Plugin with all operating systems and mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

  • And so on

The features of this plugin don't end there, as they are too much.

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $49.

Free Version Pro Version

To Sum Up!

So having a search plugin is a big advantage for you because your users will find what they want more easily and will be satisfied with your website. Satisfying the wishes of the users is very important because they are the ones who secure high traffic to your website, the better your website is, the more users will visit your website and thus it will be almost impossible to have low website traffic.

Don't miss this opportunity, choose one of these great, unique search plugins. But for us Site Search 360 plugin is consistently on top as it is a complete replacement for the default search engine of WordPress. Having a Site Search 360 WordPress plugin, providing your visitors with a quick, easy, and intelligent site search experience is too simple, so why not take advantage of this great opportunity?

Do you consider this post informative and practicable? So read the more interesting and helpful content right away on our blog page.

Additionally, we keep you updated with news on our Facebook and Twitter, and also do not forget about our YouTube, where you can find educational videos and tutorials.

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