Best Catalog Plugins in WordPress in 2023

Best Catalog Plugins in WordPress in 2023

Displaying your products on your website is the most important point in case you want to increase sales and get huge benefits. All websites that sell e-commerce products are in a hurry to find the easiest ways for them to display their products in a way that can attract customers' attention and lead them to buy their products. If your website is WordPress based, I have great news for you. You can use WordPress plugins to categorize all of your items and assign various sets of features, groupings, attributes, and other things by the products. As a result, you will have a great catalog of your products. Having a catalog plugin on your website can cause good SEO benefits, that is your products can be listed in a searchable table with filters. And that is not the only advantage. Here you can minutely expose 10 Reasons Why Catalogs Are a Marketing Powerhouse. Faced with the new tendency among WordPress users, a huge number of plugins are created to meet the customers' needs concerning the catalogs.

Imagine, how easy it can be for a customer to see all products grouped and exhibited attractively. So the vital problem is to find the finest conceivable option. So here we are. This article is devoted to the best Catalog Plugins in WordPress, so read till the end and find the best option for you.

1. wpDataTables

WP Data Table WordPress Plugin

If you need a secure WordPress plugin for the quick creation of product catalogs, wpDataTables is the plugin for you. wpDataTables employs four chart-creation engines: Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js, and Apex Charts. You can also link a variety of database sources, including MYSQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL. Aside from that, it works with Elementor, Divi, Avada, WP Bakery, and Gutenberg.

To make it work, you must first prepare the data and convert it to a format that the wpDataTables recognizes. It could be one of the following options:

  • MySQL table: this is most likely your catalog's best data source. It provides high-speed work and concurrent updates without re-uploads, and it is the finest solution if you have a large database. You can convert your CSV data to MySQL.It’s also possible to migrate info from MySQL to a different database platform, such as MariaDB, if you want to scale and also optimize your catalog. This guide for switching databases outlines what’s involved in moving from MySQL to MariaDB.
  • Excel or CSV file: keeping track of your products in Excel, is probably the most convenient method for you. Simply create an Excel file with one sheet that contains the necessary information about your products organized in a table.
  • JSON or XML data source: if you have corresponding web services, you can prepare the data in these formats
  • PHP array: if you are familiar with PHP development, you may prefer to prepare the data in a PHP array that will print it out as a serialized string (with serializing function). This is the best option if you collect data from multiple sources or if they are dependent on external inputs.
  • Live Catalog Data from your Google Spreadsheets: with the caching and auto-update options, you can speed up the loading of your catalog table.

After the data is ready, you install the wpDataTables WordPress plugin, which will render your product catalog. Choose a table type after you've created the table and defined its title. Then select one of the following checkboxes and parameters:

  • Server-side processing: use it if you have a large MySQL dataset;
  • Responsive: use it to make your WordPress catalog responsive;
  • Advanced filtering: use it to add a filter below each column in your catalog;
  • Table tools: use it to export data in CSV, PDF, or Excel, or copy to a clipboard;
  • Enable sorting: use it for sorting your products;
  • Limit table layout: use it for limiting the catalog's width to the parent container width;
  • Word wrap: use it when your catalog consists of long descriptions or long product names;
  • Display length: use it to define the number of products that are shown on a single page of your catalog;

After you publish your new catalog, the plugin will generate a shortcode you can paste to your page or blog post.

Other noteworthy wpDataTables features include:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Formula columns
  • Lots of table types
  • Editable tables
  • Users can see and edit only their entries
  • Nested JSON
  • Single Cell shortcode
  • Large tables (millions of rows)
  • Dynamic tables with placeholders
  • Update manual tables
  • JSON authentication



Basic: US $69

Pro: US $109

Developer: US $249


Basic: US $199

Pro: US $389

Developer: US $589

Free Version Pro Version

2. Swatchly - WooCommerce Variation Swatches for Products

Swatchly WooCommerce Variation Swatches for Products

With Swatch, you can display variations of product options in colors, images, or radio buttons, instead of all at once in a dropdown menu. This way, your customers won't get bored with the products they see!

With this plugin, you can add 3 different types of Swatches (label, color, image), as well as choose from 3 different Swatch Shapes (Squared, Rounded, and Circle). You can also enable/disable Shape inset, set Swatch width, height & font size, and choose how Swatches are aligned (Left, Center, Right).

This plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to take their online store to the next level.

The main features:

Create your swatches in three different ways

It allows you to add swatches for products with multiple variations, such as color, size, or material. You can also add a label to each swatch, so your customers can easily identify the products they're looking for.

Complete control over swatch positioning

You can choose to display swatches before the title, after the title, before the price, after the price, or before the add-to-cart button. This flexibility means that you can customize the swatches to fit your specific needs and ensure that they are always displayed prominently.

Make your WooCommerce store more user-friendly and visually appealing

With this plugin, you can add swatches to any product attribute and change the way they are displayed on the front end. And best of all, the swatches are fully customizable, so you can match them to your store's branding.

Change the alignment of your swatches to Left, Center, or Right

With the swatchly plugin, you can easily add swatches to your products and align them to the left, center, or right. This simple change can make a big difference in the way your swatches look.

Short Code support available

Shortcodes are a versatile way to add content to your WooCommerce store, and the swatchly plugin is one of the best plugins out there for shortcode support.


PERSONAL - For 1 website, $49 /year

DEVELOPER - For 5 websites, $89 /year

AGENCY- For unlimited websites, 149/year.

Free Version Pro Version

3. Product Feed Manager

Product Feed Manager

Last but not least Catalog plugin is the Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce whose main purpose is generating flawless product feed in the correct format. This is one of the easiest use plugins. But why do you need it? The main answer is that it is needed for uploading and promoting on utmost online commerce which includes:

  • Google Shopping
  • Marktplaats
  • Facebook Ads
  • Trovaprezzi
  • Rakuten and many more.

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce also provides you with:

  • Custom Fields, as you can easily, without any other plugins and without knowing the coding generate the exact product feed.
  • Category Mapping, as you know Google shopping has categories as well and their categories are fixed. Therefore, it may happen that the categories created by you and those created by Google do not match. Don't be afraid you don't need to completely change what you've created as with the help of this feature you can just change its mapping(it can be done with any other store).
  • Google Analytics Support, if you want to measure the usefulness of marketing channels there, this feature will come help.
  • Auto-sync with Google Shopping: a great feature if you want to auto-sync your store products with Google Shopping as it can be automatically updated and sent.
  • Extensive Filter Option: as you know filter options are too essential as it makes things easier for customers. You can filter your products by categories, tags, and so on.
  • Schedule Auto Update Of the Product Feed: This feature makes your job easier as you do not need to update your feed after every change you can just schedule the time of updates and it will be done automatically.


Basic: for 1 website, $79,99 /year

Premium: for 10 websites, $269,99/year

Advanced: for 5 websites, $169,99 /year

It also gives a 15-Day money-back guarantee for new purchases.

Free Version

To Wrap Up!

Every customer who uses any website wants to detect what they are looking for effortlessly and very quickly. Therefore, customer satisfaction, and using your page with pleasure contribute to the increase in your sales. So if you want to increase your sales and SEO, and also why not to be loved by your customers just install one of these plugins and have a systematic, easy-use, pleasing-to-the-eye website. Run with the trends, and create a great website with the catalog finding out which product is the most beloved, and which one you can recommend with the help of quizzes. So you can make your website more engaging and professional.

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