Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins in 2023

It often happens when customers want to buy a product they like, but at that moment they do not have enough financial means. And later, when some time passes, they already forget that they liked the given item in the given store. This is where the wishlist comes to the rescue. WooCommerce Wishlists are a useful tool not only for purchasers but also for storekeepers.
Every time, the customers can easily save the item they like on the wishlist and come back to buy it later. In this case, the customers get the item they wanted, and the shop owner does not lose a customer. Depending on it the shop owners do not lose customers, so they increase their sales handy.
So having Wocommerce is beneficial for both customers and shop owners.

Reasons why you need Wishlists on your online store

  • Choosing a gift is now easy!

A wishlist is great, especially for the holidays when you don’t know what present to give a person. At that time you can ask them to share their wishlist with you. In this case, choosing a gift becomes much easier for the givers, on the other hand, the recipients will get exactly what they wanted, and the number of the shop owner’s customers will increase and sales will increase with them as well.

  • What about Out of Stock Items?

One more benefit is that visitors can follow the status of an item on wishlists when they run out of stock of it. It might also help you decide how much inventory to gather because popular items on wishlists are more likely to run out. Customers who added the product to their wishlist are informed when it is once again available. Again the wishlist helps you not to lose a consumer.

Are not these benefits enough? Okay, let’s add some others.

  • Big Sales!

Sale items can also be purchased using this procedure. Users of each store’s website are notified when items on wish lists are made available for less money. This is a great way to re-engage clients who showed interest but were hesitant to make a purchase.So you will be happy that there was a sale, and the consumers will be happy that they bought the item with the sale Another helpful way is to work with a Shopify PPC agency to boost your sales.

  • Automation

So as you can see one of the key features of wishlists is their automation. It will be unable for shopkeepers to let customers know when a product they are interested in becomes available if shopkeepers tried to do so themselves, especially if their store had a large selection of products and a high volume of orders. This duty is taken care of for them by the automation of the process, which makes it quicker and enables shopkeepers to prevent several mistakes because machines make mistakes much less frequently than people do. This is achieved through the use of supervised learning algorithms that allow machines to unmistakenly identify patterns in the data and make predictions based on those patterns.

As you understand how beneficial is to have a wishlist on your store, I am sure that you now want to have it immediately. So let’s understand what plugins you should use for making a dazzling wishlist.

1. MC Woocommerce Wishlist

MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin with free widgets

Powerful players have also recently entered this scene. MC Woocommerce Wishlist is one of these players who, in addition to the remarkable capabilities of personalizing the wishlist, has focused on marketing this product.
Although this plugin has just entered the scene, with revolutionary and regular updates, it has decided to become a game changer.
About 10% of users who have updated this plugin have given it a 5-star rating and appreciated its simplicity and support quality.

+ Fully customizable wishlist button, wishlist counter, and wishlist page
+ Fully responsive wishlist page
+ Advanced email automation with automatic coupons and reports
+ Advanced email campaigns and reports
+ Integrated with all famous WooCommerce themes and plugins
+ Advanced and complete analytics dashboard
+ The possibility of improving the speed of the wishlist
+ Very clean and efficient coding

It is mostly free, but you can get the premium version for $94.44

2. TI WooCommerce Wishlist

TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin by Templateinvaders

One of the best plugins for making a Wocommerce wishlist is TI WooCommerce Wishlist. This plugin has 100,000+ active installations in WordPress. Can you imagine how many people use this tool for having a wishlist in their online store?

This plugin comes with several features of good quality that allows your consumers to create their wishlist and add the products that they want to them instantaneously.
Are you interested in this plugin? So now let’s explore its key features together.

  • The type of product is not important

No matter what you sell in your online store you can add a wishlist easily.

  • Remove products automatically

This plugin automatically removes the products from your wishlist when you add them to your cart.

  • Opportunity to upload custom “Add to Wishlist” button icon
  • Redirection

After having items on your wishlist you can redirect to your wishlist page

  • Simply sharing

You can share your wishlist on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp, and email.

  • Counter

TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin also allows you to know how many products you have on your wishlist with its wishlist products counter feature.

  • Multilingual

This plugin is not only translation ready but also with WPML and Plylang plugins it is also multilingual ready.

  • Integrations

It has more than 50 integrations with other great and useful plugins.

  • Add to Wishlist

You can decide the position of your Add to wishlist button for your website. TI WooCommerce Wishlist provides you with already defined icons but you also can upload them from your device. By using a shortcode you can change the position of your button and find the best place for it.

  • Informative or simple wishlist

This plugin allows you to create customizable wishlists by showing or hiding any column in your wishlist table on the wishlist page. So you can make your wishlist informative by showing information or simply by hiding the information that you do not want to show.

  • Style

Want to have a wishlist that will fit your website flawlessly? I do not see a problem as this plugin offers you 60 options for creating an excellent appearance for your wishlist using the functions such as fun typography, font size, colors, and so on.

3.QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce

qode wishlist demo

If you’re looking for a well-rounded, feature-rich and reliable wishlist plugin with a strong focus on design aspects, look no further than QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce. It’s a simple yet striking way to add a wishlist button to your product lists and product pages and customize it to fit your online shop’s style. This highly customizable and advanced plugin will help you add a professional and user-friendly vibe to your shop and boost sales.

The plugin unites all the essential wishlist features and adds advanced options to help users further engage the users and boost their sales.

Some of the top features include:

  • Multiple wishlists: The multi-wishlist feature allows visitors to create several wishlists and set their visibility (private, public, with link only)
  • Wishlist counter: You can build the hype around products by displaying how many times they’ve been added to a wishlist
  • Automatic removal from wishlist once a product has been added to cart
  • Enabling the wishlist feature to all visitors or to logged-in visitors only
  • Two beautiful layouts for wishlist pages
  • Dropdown and side area widgets for quick access to wishlists
  • Product analytics in user behavior admin area
  • Promotional emails (on sale, back in stock…) for wishlist products
  • “Ask for Estimate” button


The QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce includes a free version while the premium currently costs $89.

To Sum Up!

WooCommerce Wishlist is a must-have plugin. It is useful for both shopkeepers as Woocommerce Wishlist plugins are great tools for increasing sales, and also for users, as they should not worry about losing the item that they want to buy later. Also do not forget the key feature of wishlists is their automation with which you can notify your consumers that their wishlist’s items are available for less money. In general, you can easily inform about sales by creating eye-catching pop-ups that will not leave your customers indifferent.
As you can see this article includes the best WooCommerce Wishlists plugins. So you only need to choose one of them and make your store more convenient for your customers.
So, make the right choice and let your store be one of the finest ones.

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