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How I Saved 20K Annually Switching to Quiz Maker Pro

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Hi, my name is Zackary Smigel; I own and operate Real Estate License Wizard, a real estate education company specializing in real estate exam prep. My team and I have been helping people across the United States pass the real estate exam for three years. As of writing this, we've helped thousands of people pass their exams and become licensed real estate agents.

Most of our initial success came from YouTube, where we post videos on everything real estate exam-related. We recently surpassed 42k subscribers on YouTube and have over 3.5 million channel views.

For years, we sent our dedicated YouTube viewers to our website to use our free real estate practice exam, a custom-developed Python app. While this app is free to our users, it was not to us.

As we grew and needed additional features, our hosting and development costs skyrocketed - and it seemed only to get more expensive every time we called our developer for a change. I even had to learn about postman and various api documentation tools - something that distracted me away from what I wanted to do - create content and help my students.

We looked for solutions. We settled on bringing the quiz into WordPress and analyzed over 11 WordPress plugins to meet our needs. In the end, the answer was obvious

Quiz Maker came with everything we needed to create excellent interactive exams on our website. The plugin had precisely what we needed to take our real estate exams to the next level. Today, not only are we saving money, but we are making more money too.

With Quiz Maker's completely customizable exams/quizzes, we can finally deliver what our users need.

And if this wasn't enough, during our analysis, we realized that Quiz Maker Pro enabled us to create flashcards for our users, which we wanted to tackle after fixing our ballooning exam costs. We now have lovely real estate math flashcards without additional effort or expense.

I wrote this story to share my experience; hopefully, I can save another small business owner from spending unnecessary time and resources when they can simply go right to ays-pro.

About the author

Zackary Smigel

Zackary Smigel lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his amazing cat. He loves Age of Empires, Star Wars, and owns and operates Real Estate License Wizard.

In 2017, Zackary had an incredibly frustrating experience trying to study for his real estate license. It seemed like almost all the information on the internet, in books, and in study guides was conflicting. One article said one thing, while one book said another. Not only was information conflicting, but sometimes the information found was from five, sometimes ten years ago. Dumbfounded by the lack of resources for people trying to get their real estate license, he made it his mission to solve this problem.

Today, Real Estate License Wizard has real estate practice exams for over 20 states. Zackary has created many real estate exam prep courses and has helped thousands of people pass the real estate exam.

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