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What is the main purpose of project management?

If you want to know all the nuances about project management plugins this Ays-Pro article is for you! In order to understand the main purpose of project management, it is necessary to understand what project management is?

Project Management is the process of applying knowledge, abilities, resources, methods, and tools to project operations in order to fulfill project requirements. The main goal of project management is to complete a project successfully.

As long as projects do not last forever they have a life cycle that has 4 stages.

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Closure

By reading this article, you will find information about the TOP 3 project management plugins that will help you to improve the workflow. And you will finally be fully aware of the purposes of the project management.

TOP 3 project management plugins

1. Panorama - WordPress Project Management Plugin

AYS PRO best project management plugins Panorama logo

A visual project management tool for WordPress called Project Panorama helps to eliminate the hassles that make managing projects time - and money-consuming. Project Panorama will make your project manager's dreams come true. Custom dashboards that visually display project status and progress are provided to clients and team members. You'll all be able to immediately see the status of your projects after logging in. This wonderful plugin offers very useful features which make the working process easier and eliminates any kind of misunderstandings

You will know every project's precise status without doing any manual calculations. Project progress and timing are automatically calculated and updated by Panorama.

Additionally, You will be able to impress your clients thanks to Project Panorama. They will undoubtedly like the fact that you always keep them up to date. Moreover, you will save a lot of time as every team member will know what is going on and you will avoid unnecessary meetings calls, or emails. You will be able to discuss tasks with your clients and co-workers. Everything will be organized as documents can be uploaded, reviewed, and approved by clients and team members. All of these streamline document workflows and put everything in one spot.

Therefore, these will lead to your business growth and earning more money.

In the case of using Project Panorama, You (and your clients) will never wonder if you're ahead or behind again!

Project Panorama has all the features you need in a project management platform, including

  • Discussions: This is a key to good management and project panorama gives the opportunity to do it all in one platform.
  • Task management and assignment: Everyone will always be aware of all the tasks and assignments. The workflow will always stay organized.
  • Milestones: Track due dates and have an automatic progress calculation
  • Document management and approvals: Clients can reject or approve documents that you can store in one place.
  • Workflow and task states: with minimal effort you can assign tasks and be in charge of the current situation

Furthermore, Project panorama includes features like

  • Permission management
  • Teams
  • Project templates
  • Project automation
  • Sell projects

To sum up, due to its incredible features this amazing plugin will not only create an organized working process but also will help your business grow. Many users of Project Panorama claim that after purchasing it, the number of satisfied customers has increased, which has led to an increase in revenue. For more information visit the Project Panorama Webpage and make a proper decision.

2. Business Manager-WordPress ERP, HR, CRM, and Project Management Plugin

AYS PRO best project management plugins Business Manager

Free WordPress plugin Business Manager turns a standard WordPress installation into a full-featured HR & Business Management System for WordPress. It enables you to manage client data, simple project management, document repository & versioning, and much more. It also allows you to approve or refuse leave requests, carry out performance reviews, and store personnel records.

This plugin gives various possibilities.

First, this plugin is a wonderful option for project management. Maintain timelines for your projects and make sure everyone is in agreement. You can upload files, assign them to any employee, track project progress, start and end dates, expected and real hours, and more. Apart from using this plugin, consider using a timeline maker too for every project you implement.

Second, You can keep all the client records. this plugin allows you to have a complete client management system. You may add your website and contact information, and your logo, upload documents, make notes and even retain an exhaustive list of every employee from every department.

Third, it is a perfect tool for HR Management. Due to Business Manager, you will be able to easily manage your personnel. Maintain thorough personnel records for each employee, track their leave, do performance evaluations, allocate them to departments, record their thoughts, and more.

Forth, the Business Manager plugin allows keeping all the documents organized. A complete document versioning solution can help you keep your corporate papers and templates organized. Documents can be allocated to departments and have an unlimited number of versions, dates, and uploaders.

Consequently, taking into consideration all these wonderful features you can come to the conclusion that this plugin will definitely make your workflow more organized. You will be able to be in a control of the clients, projects, employees, and even documentation. This will help you to keep everything in order without any struggles.

3. Kanban Boards for WordPress

AYS PRO best project management plugins Kanban Boards

Kanban boards for WordPressis another fantastic tool for project management. It places greater emphasis on ensuring a constant, smooth flow of work than it does on organizing task execution in advance. Kanban will reduce distractions and provide clarity in the working process. Furthermore, you can give more control over priorities, progress, and completions to your team members, leaders, and clients. You can keep everyone informed even if they are working remotely.
Moreover, another wonderful feature that kanban offers is that it is mobile-friendly, you can assign, update and check the tasks without any additional plugins and mobile apps. Finally, it is vital to note that kanban has a high level of security. Your information will be kept private, safe, and secure.

Kanban boards have 5 components that make them unique.

  • Visual signals - this is one of the first things you'll see. All of the tasks and projects that are part of a Kanban team are listed on cards, often one per card. Each card for an agile team might include one user story. These visual cues assist coworkers and stakeholders in rapidly comprehending what the team is currently working on after they are posted on the board.
  • Columns - The columns are another great feature the Kanban suggests. Each column denotes a particular task that together makes up a "workflow."
  • Work-in-progress restrictions- There can never be over three cards in a column. Before entering fresh cards in that stage of the workflow when the column is "maxed-out," the team must go through and finish them. These WIP restrictions are essential for identifying workflow bottlenecks and maximizing throughput. WIP limitations give you a forewarning if you have assigned too much work.
  • Commitment point -This is the field where team members can put their ideas and the commitment point is the point when the idea is picked and starts to get developed by the team.
  • Delivery point- The process of a kanban team comes to an end at the delivery point. When the consumer has the product or service in their hands, it is the delivery point for the majority of teams.

A lot of positive reviews state that Kanban boards have taken their workflow to another level. And what is more important, Kanban has its values which are respect for its users and the desire to always grow and improve.

So what is the main purpose of project management and why does your company need it?

Nowadays lots of business owners state that project success depends on having a project manager who takes the initiative and keeps everyone on the same page because projects are frequently complex and include several stakeholders.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of project management and think that they can handle everything on their own though the fact that a smart project manager sets attainable and realistic goals, budgets, and schedules while taking the big picture into account. Streamlining project management is essential, and the right tools make all the difference.

Therefore, the purpose of project management is to keep everything on track, cooperate with all the workers and keep everyone on the same page.

Now you are ready!

By reading this article now you know what is project management and its role in your business. Consequently, you can carefully choose the most suitable project management software for yourself. Always remember that project management is not just a way of managing your projects it is the path that will lead your business to its growth due to the organized workflow and impressed customers. So why not choose the best plugins and make one of your most reasonable investments. You will definitely see the results of these investments in no time. Good luck!

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