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Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Do you want to prepare your users for a great event, important news, or maybe discounts? If so, then I have awesome news for you. This article contains all the functional, customizable plugins that you can use to notify your users about great events, discounts, and so on.
Using wordpress countdown plugin will not only be beneficial to your users because they will be alert, but it will also be beneficial for you because it will help enhance your sales and maintain consumers’ interest.
By using informing, dazzling auto-open pop-ups and also timers for your news, discounts, or for something important you will understand how much they will help your website.

The Benefits of Using Countdown Timers

  • Hey, something new is coming!

Preparing users for a new product is quite easy. If you are about to release a new plugin or a new product, a timer is a great way to keep your users on their toes. Announcing the creation of a new product only takes a few minutes, but knowing it can have a huge impact on your business.

  • Sales, Sales, Sales!

Sales are the best time for shoppers. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to know in advance about upcoming sales and understand how many days they will last. With countdowns, informing your customers about the exact dates of the expected sales will help them prepare in advance and calculate their budget correctly. If knowing when the discounts start will make customers start saving their money, then knowing the exact end date, they will worry that they won’t be able to make purchases and start spending their money too quickly, sometimes even recklessly buying things they shouldn’t. So your profit from this will be huge. Countdown timer plugin wordpress is a great tool for stores not only to inform about sales but also to tell about new assortment. Try letting your customers know exactly when you’ll be restocking and you’ll get more purchases.

  • Hey, the new one will be better!

Very often many websites are temporarily down with a tendency to update.
So by using this plugin you will let your users know that the website is in a process of updating and some work is being done to make it better. So you not only interested your users, but you also introduce clarity by indicating when the website will finally be ready. So the loss of users will be less than expected.

Since it’s already clear how many advantages countdown timers have, let’s now look at the optional 3 best Countdown Timer plugins included in this article.

1. POWR Countdown Timer

POWR Countdown Timer plugin in WordPress

Nothing compels a site visitor more than a sense of urgency. It’s much harder to walk away from a purchase when they see a timer counting down on their screen. If you have the chance to use customer psychology, you should take it.

POWRs Countdown Timer is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you the ability to do just that with no coding experience required. You can even publish the timer to your site for free!

Here are a few ideas for how best to use a countdown timer:

  • A special sale date/time
  • A coupon that expires
  • A new product release

Their plugin is fully customizable, allowing you to change the font, color, and size of the timer to match the look and feel of your brand.

You can also choose from several templates designed by POWRs expert design team to quickly create a timer that looks great on your site.

Some Key Features

  • Customize the timer from years to seconds
  • Embed links to direct a customer to a different web page or straight to checkout
  • Select from multiple animation styles to draw attention
  • Position the timer anywhere on your site, or multiple pages
  • Change the messaging during a countdown or once it has ended
  • The countdown timer can also be embedded directly into an email

Overall, the POWR Countdown Timer is a versatile and user-friendly plugin that can help you create professional-looking countdown timers in minutes. Its range of customization options and functional features makes it an excellent choice for any small business or online shop owner.


It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $12.14.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin in WordPress

Now it is time to explore one of the popular, main, and best WordPress countdown timer plugins, which is Countdown Timer Ultimate․
Adding a  timer with this wordpress countdown plugin is too uncomplicated.

Do you want to create a utilitarian and cool countdown timer? Countdown Timer Ultimate provides you with many great features allowing you to create that countdown timer just in a few minutes.

Using this plugin is the best opportunity to provide your users with a delightful countdown timer and use it both in your posts and pages.
There is good news as you can also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

Creating multiple countdown timers in wordpress is not a problem anymore. Create it easily and display them with a shortcode.

Some Key Features of Countdown Timer Ultimate:

  • Having a WordPress Countdown timer that is fully responsive
  • Change the color and width of the rotating circle background
  • Create a countdown timer both on pages and in posts
  • Set different colors not only for Days but also for minutes and seconds
  • Show or Hide not only Days but also hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Texts not only of the Days but also of hours, minutes, and seconds can be changed
  • Create limitless Countdown timers
  • Change the color and width of the background
  • More than 12 dazzling designs not only for clocks but also for timers (Pro)
  • The clock is fully customized (Pro)
  • You can effortlessly integrate it with e-commerce coupons (Pro)
  • And so on.

Create limitless multi-purpose countdown timers that give you the ability to create urgency and scarcity with which you can increase your sales, drive clicks, and also call attention to approaching deadlines and events.


It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $139.

Free Version

3. Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer Plugin by VillaTheme

Creating urgency psychology encourages your consumers to purchase by using this must-have plugin. So you motivate your consumers to purchase. Online shop owners by using WooCommerce countdown timers in promotions to boost sales and in sales events effortlessly, enhancing sales and revenue. If these great opportunities are enough let’s explore the Sales Countdown Timer plugin together.

In the Sale Campaigns, every shop owner can simply boost sales by using the Sales Countdown Timer plugin. Displaying a WooCommerce countdown timer for different pages is not a problem. As you can use shortcodes for displaying it on any page. Display timer not only on product pages but also on WooCommerce’s shop page. So the consumers will be notified not only at the end of the sales but also how many sale product quantities are left.

Some Key Features of the Sales Countdown Timer:

  • Based on the WooCommerce sale scheduled time you can display your countdown clock
  • You can choose where you want the countdown clock to be displayed on a single product page. So its position is just your choice. It can be displayed both before or after the product price, before or after sale flash badges, before or after the “add to cart” button, and also in the product picture. So just select one of these options
  • Scheduling. You can decide the specified sale time. You can schedule sale time by date. You can select a specified time for sale by hours and minutes
  • Choose the position of active pages. Decide where the countdown clock will appear on archive pages such as the shop pages or categories pages. Here as well it can be displayed before or after the “add to cart” button, before or after the product price, before or after sale flash badges, and also in the product picture
  • This plugin provides you with the displaying or hiding of the countdown clock on shop pages, category pages, and also related product pages
  • An opportunity to display an upcoming sale message on the single product page while scheduling a sale campaign in the future
  • Shortcodes: you have shortcodes for displaying the end of the sale and also display the countdown clock
  • And so on.


It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for $20.

Free Version

Tu Sum Up!

So it’s clear that these plugins are a great way to keep your users informed, keep them engaged, and increase sales as a result.

Spend your time wisely and take advantage of these excellent tools. Whichever of these three plugins you choose, you’ll still find it easy to use, full of wonderful opportunities, and great features.

So hurry up and display one of these wonderful countdown timers on your website!

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