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How to create a relationship quiz in WP

  1. What is a relationship quiz? Types of Relationship quizzes.
  2. When to use relationship quizzes?
  3. Best ways to create a quiz.
  4. How to create a relationship quiz on WP?
  5. Best questions you can include in your Relationship quiz

AYS Pro what is relationship quiz

What is a relationship quiz? Types of relationship quizzes.

Everyone at least once has run into a relationship quiz on the internet. They are types of quizzes that help you understand the problems of your love life, teach you to deal with them, and learn more about love. There are hundreds of different types of quizzes, consequently, hundreds of purposes. They help you have fun, spend time with your partner, or find real problems that are hard to see on your own. Quiz examples could be on different topics, for instance:

  • How healthy/strong is your relationship?
  • What is your love style?
  • How well do you know your partner?
  • What do you really need in a relationship?
  • What is your current relationship status?
  • What kind of relationship do you need?/What kind of a lover are you?

The main types of relationship quizzes are psychological and entertaining. The psychological ones should be much more professional and give accurate information. They are preferable to be conducted by psychologists and doctors (not to give people false information or confuse them). It's all easier with the entertaining quizzes: they are intended just for fun and amusement. The results are mostly funny and sometimes even ridiculous: people do not expect anything more. You can find out about other types of quizzes by going to this quiz ideas article.

When to use relationship quizzes?

As I have already noted, based on different goals, there are various uses of the relationship quizzes. But truly they can be used in absolutely any blog or website: you just need to find what questions would really interest your audience. That means you can use them:

  • When you need to build a great email list: relationship quizzes are great email builders. With the right tool, you can require the email addresses of your quiz takers, so that in the future you can inform them about your news and updates.
  • When you want to interest and attract the audience: make your psychology, medical or entertaining blog much more professional and amusing.
  • When you want to capture leads and improve site rankings: some quizzes allow enabling social buttons so, it is a great way to tell about yourself and get new visitors from social networks. Besides, you can make your relationship quiz only for subscribers, and automatically attract the interested audience to your website.

So, as you can already guess relationship quizzes are not only entertainment: they are also great content and marketing tools. It all depends on how you want to use them and what are your goals.

Best ways to create a quiz

Since millions of people realize how great and beneficial quizzes are, there are now thousands of websites and platforms for creating online quizzes. One part of people prefer using online platforms, but most of them are tend to build online quizzes with WordPress plugins. WordPress is one of the most famous ways to build a website without coding skills. WordPress also gives hundreds of other opportunities, (like WP plugins) that help you to fill in your content in the most professional way. If you run a WordPress website, the best way to create fully-customizable plugins is definitely WP plugins. The challenge is to find the best plugin. You can check out our article on the best 5 quiz plugins in WordPress . Hope it will help you find your best quiz plugin.

How to create a relationship quiz on WP?

When you have found your best plugin it is time to build your relationship quizzes. Quiz Maker is a perfect WP plugin for creating fully-customizable relationship quizzes. It has lots of unique features that are perfect for creating a relationship quiz. Here is an example of a relationship quiz build with Quiz Maker:

AYS Pro relationship quiz article build with quiz maker

So, let's start and get familiar with the Quiz Maker plugin!

  • When you download and install the plugin you need to start your work with questions. Go to the Questions tab on the left and click on the Add new. Start creating your questions. Plugin suggests creating questions of different kinds, like radio, checkbox, dropdown, text, short text, number, date, custom, true/false . After creating each question you need to choose the right answer.
  • The second step of your work will be creating a quiz. In the same way, click on the Add new and start customizing the quiz in your desired way. You need to set the title to your quiz, image, write down the description. In the general settings , you also need to add all the questions you have previously created.
  • In the Style settings, you can change the colors of your quiz, quiz background, set animation effects, background image, and so forth. It will help you fully customize your quiz and give it your desired look. You can also change the themes, the width and height of your quiz, and more.
  • Settings tab of the Quiz Maker allows you to randomize questions and answers, enable navigation bar, copy protection, make the questions required and show correct answers (in the relationship quizzes it is not advisable to show the correct answers). You can also enable a confirmation box for leaving the page, enable full-screen mode, and more.
  • In the results settings tab, you can make changes to the last (result) page. Here you can hide score, which is a wonderful feature for relationship quizzes, enable a progress bar so that every quiz taker could know their progress, enable or disable dozens of other buttons, and more. In the results tab, you will also find another amazing feature: intervals. With intervals, you can set different messages depending on the user's score. The interval message would be shown on the result page of the quiz. With this feature, you can make your relationship quizzes much more professional. Messages could be based on the percentage, points, or keywords of the quiz taker.

AYS Pro inteval message for Quiz Maker

  • Limitation users tab will help you make your quizzes only for logged-in users and get more subscribers with just one quiz. You can also set the limitation count of takers, password for passing quizzes, and more.
  • User data settings tab is an extra important one for generating leads and emails. You just need to activate the information form before or after the quiz and activate any field you want. For instance, you can activate name and email, so that all quiz takers who have left their emails could be in your email list. This is one of the key features of this WordPress quiz plugin, allowing you to make active fields required as well. Besides you can Show Information Form to logged-in users, display form fields with labels, and more.

AYS Pro information form Quiz Maker

  • In the E-mail, certificate tab you can send emails or certificates to your users. For example, if you have required their emails before you can send the results of their relationship tests to their emails. You can also send an email to the admin, preview the certificate and generate it without sending it to the user.
  • With the Quiz Maker plugin, you can use more than ten integrations with other world-famous plugins and platforms, and make your plugin much more effective.

Best questions you can include in your Relationship quiz

AYS Pro best questions of a relationship quiz

When you know how to create a great relationship and couple quiz, have found a great plugin for this mission, lots of tricks to use, you just need to carefully choose questions. Questions should be easy, unambiguous so that when answering them there is no doubt which questions how to answer. Besides, questions should not be too open so that quiz taker does not hesitate to answer them. For example, if you are making a quiz on the topic How well do you know your partner, questions could be made with true/false type so that you can enter yes or no answer choices. After that, you can set interval messages by keywords. Here are some question examples for How well do you know your partner quiz.

  1. Can you name the best friends of your partner?
  2. Do you know your partner's least favorite food?
  3. Can you name your partner's biggest fear?
  4. Do you know how your partner act when he/she is nervous?
  5. Do you know what is his/her biggest fear?
  6. Can you name the city where your partner wants to live in the future?
  7. Do you know your partner's childhood biggest dream?
  8. Can you list the relatives my partner likes most?
  9. Do you know the stresses my partner is currently facing?
  10. Do you know your partner's philosophy of life?

Hope this article was useful, and you could manage to create your quizzes on any topic. Do not forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, in order to be informed and do not miss the info concerning the new updates and plugins. And of course, do not miss the chance to learn step by step how to use our WordPress plugins video tutorials on the YouTube channel. On the channel, you can even find a video tutorial on how to create a relationship quiz with the quiz plugin !

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