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How To Create a Viral Quiz In WordPress

AYS Pro how to make a viral quiz

Quizzes are not complicated, however, making one that is VIRAl is not an easy task. There are a few things that you should know prior to making a quiz that will be viral. In this article, we will go through the 4 phases of learning how to create a viral quiz in WordPress and more.

How Do You Make a Quiz Go Viral And What Are The Best Topics?

People are thrilled by the idea of being challenged, revealing their skills, or double-checking their previous knowledge.

This sentence sums up what type of Quiz you must make in order to get attention. Another aspect is to know your ideal interest groups. Challenging someone is easy-peasy when you know exactly what would provoke them to pass your quiz. To put it even more simply, you can never really put a historic quiz in a medical blog and expect to pique a doctor's interest, or you might get lucky if they have a side hobby. The point is to always be ON POINT. Do market research, check out the leading quiz websites, such as BuzzFeed. Try to understand what brings them that tremendous success. After all, they have one principle method and your mission is to find that principle. Another important thing in the creation of a viral quiz is the tool that you are using . Make sure that it lets you customize and style the quiz in a way that captures attention and collects accurate and easy-to-access data.

It is easy to get tangled up in the variety of WordPress quiz plugins, and still not find the one that would do its job properly and make any idea of yours come to life. For my viral quiz, I'm going to use a WordPress plugin called Quiz Maker . It has a user-friendly design and what I like the most is that it's super beginner-friendly. Each functionality has a hint icon that precisely explains the usage of the buttons. So there is no reason to use search engines, the hint icon does that for you. It also offers free demo and pro demo versions, so that you can try before actually installing or getting its pro version .

AYS Pro WP Quiz Maker plugin

Quiz Maker in

After completing the installation possess and activating the plugin you can see it on your dashboard:

AYS Pro Quiz Maker general tab

The thing that I'm going to do in this quiz is challenge people's intellect. As you can see our quiz-making starts with the title. It is an essential part, as the title is the first thing that is going to play a decisive role in whether or not your article will be Viral. Before giving your quiz a proper title do research on what types of quizzes are popular among people. For example, a quiz named "If You Don't Get At Least C On This Quiz, Then You Might Have Missed Third Grade" has hit almost a million views, on the contrary, a quiz named "Check your spelling" got a couple of hundred. The reason behind this is obvious, the first title is provoking, it makes you want to prove the knowledge that you know for a fact you have.

For my quiz, I will use the title "I Bet You Can't Guess These Disney Princesses If We cover Everything But Their Face" .

Next comes the quiz image. If you decide to put an image on your quiz be aware, the image must not drive people away and consist of something that is hard to guess, looking at that picture the person taking it must be positive he/she can pass it. So, while choosing princesses my choice is going to stop on the most popular one.

BTW: Do YOU know her!

AYS Pro WP Quiz plugin questions

There is also a chance to write a description but it's optional so I'm skipping mine. Perhaps the most fun part is writing the questions. To do that you need to select "questions" from the dashboard settings of the icon. To insert questions "Add New".

AYS Pro Quiz Maker questions menu AYS Pro Quiz Maker new questions

There is not much to say about the question part as the quiz mostly consists of images. All you need to remember is that the questions must be short, with easy words and simple sentences.

Here is my example:

AYS Pro import questions

Now to insert all these questions into your quiz you need to go back to general settings find the section named "questions" and click on "add new". After you can style your quiz in the "Style" section. It provides 100% mobile-friendly quizzes. I'd also like to mention another fun feature which is showing messages in case of right or wrong answers. To customize a message you need to go to "Questions" from the icon settings, select the already made question from the list, click on "Settings" you will see the WordPress editor which gives you the opportunity to make a creative message. You can even insert images. You must go to Quiz settings and activate "Show Correct Answers" for this functionality to work.

Quiz Results And How It Can Help Your Quiz Go Viral?

Now that we have gone through all the stages of making your quiz "clicked" you must also know that they must be shareworthy. Think about all the quiz results that you have seen your Facebook friends sharing on their profile, almost 99% of those results show them in a good light. Consequently, always customize the results to boost the quiz taker ego. This doesn't necessarily mean showing inaccurate results in case of failure. If so, make a message that would make them laugh, and do not underestimate them. Always address your questions to an individual and not all the quiz takers. Remember that personalizing quizzes can help you boost the share rate.

Viral quizzes are known to be a required marketing tool for small businesses. Viral quiz promotes social shares. That is why quiz builders are trying to add as many functions as needed for creating viral content.

Quiz Maker has many other functionalities, for example on the "Result Settings" you can redirect the person to another website after submission. The "Email Certificate" section allows to customize a certificate based on their results and send it via email.

How To Market a Quiz?

Creating a Quiz with an eye-catching title and information is not enough, although it plays a great role. After successfully making a survey that would engage people you must also promote it. You can have the best-made quiz in your pocket but your website might not have the capacity to give your quiz the credits that it deserves. This is when promotion comes by. Share your quiz on your social media. But keep in mind that spamming people is by no means acceptable. Another method of promoting is forums. In fact, being an active member of a form can be a great marketing move, among the most popular forums are Quora, bbPress, Gaia Online, and many more. Again in order to see real results, you shouldn't spam, but be an active member, posting and mentioning your quiz or anything else you want to promote, only when it is appropriate.

How Can Viral Quizzes Help Your Online Business grow?

You probably know what is one of the most precious things in marketing! I will tell you either way. It's an EMAIL LIST. Email campaigns generate leads like nothing else, and having a proper email list is crucial for any business. It is also important to check if the email addresses in your list are valid if you want to run successful email campaigns. To do so, you can use an email verifier API. It is a way to establish a trustworthy relationship between you and your clients. The internet is full of everything presented in the most beautiful way, a personalized email can help you sell more products than just putting them out on your website. And having an email list is not only about selling it's about making your customers remember your brand and be engaged in what you do. So why not use a trick in your quiz. As I have already mentioned results are the key part of any quiz, this is when the person decides whether or not to share your quiz with others. Quiz maker has the functionality of adding a name and email fields in order to get the results. I mean that is a completely fair deal.

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Quizzes are easy-to-make and entertaining tools however not everyone gets to create a quiz that would go viral and be shareworthy. To make one that has the potential of going viral you need to know the basics, such as what people prefer, which are the decisive parts of the quizzes, and most importantly what type of tool to use in order to get the result. After all, success is a result of collective work. Remember that making a person click on your quiz is only the start and in order to get the desired result, you must make them also want to share the quiz on social platforms. It's important to keep in mind that quizzes are far more than something fun and nowadays they are considered to be the leading marketing tool and method to generate leads.

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