Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2023 Compared

If you want to know What is the best pop up WordPress plugin, this article is for you. Probably everyone knows that these days it is impossible to go far without advertising. But if you want your ad to work, it must capture attention, and be well made. One of the best alternatives to ads is the popup. Most likely you know what the popup is, even if you think you don't, you have seen them a lot. Popup is a little box or window, that appears in your interface. It is a popular marketing tool, that helps to sell products, capture leads increase sales, get subscriptions, build an email list, or just get desired attention in several seconds. And who doesn't want to increase their website traffic? The only rule of popup is a clear call to action.

AYS Pro what is popup

However always keep in mind that you should not use direct messages like buy our product or subscribe right now. Such statements can be very repulsive. Popups must give website visitors something valuable, and offer them what they really need.

Here are some tools that are absolutely the best for making popup for wordpress and have the ability to fulfill all the mentioned necessities.

1. Popup Box

The best popup plugin for WordPress with responsive design and hundreds of features is Popup Box․ The reason why WordPress plugin Popup Maker is the best WordPress popup plugin is that you can create popups on different trigger types such as a popup on button click with no coding experiance․ You can track your popup views, export and import them. Create extra engaging popups and get more sales, subscriptions, and, obviously attention from your visitors. Popup Box is very mobile-friendly and works the same way on every device. This plugin can provide you with an unlimited number of popups. You can use animation effects and make your desired kind of popups, put them on any page of your website. Popups could also be shown to the visitors any time you want.

You can also use Business or Developer versions of the Popup Box and get much more features. You can use opportunities of six different types of popups (with the free version of the plugin you will have only two types available):

  • Shortcode popups
  • Custom content popups
  • Subscription popups
  • Yes or No popups
  • Video popups
  • Iframe popups

Popup Box is beginner-friendly: besides Popup user manuals and useful popup maker tutorials, will make use of the plugin much more effective and informative.


You can get many practical options with the free version of the plugin. But if you want more advanced features you should get the Pro version of the plugin. Popup Box offers two packages with one-time payment:

  • Business version - $39
  • Developer version - $99

With these packages, you will be able to export and import popups, set limitation count, limit popups by country, create video and subscription popups, do multiple scheduling, and have lots of other wonderful features. You can pay once and use the opportunities of the best WordPress pop up plugin forever.

Here is an example of a popup made with Popup Box.

AYS Pro popup example made width popup box

2. Popup Builder

The second great plugin for creating popups is Popup Builder. This plugin has several themes and a lot of templates to choose from. Popup Builder helps to create customizable popup windows within several minutes. By downloading this plugin you will get an intuitive interface and the possibility to create as many popups as you wish.

One disadvantage that needs to be mentioned is that sometimes you have to wait longer if you want to get an answer from customer support. However popup builder reviews are mostly positive, and the users are satisfied. You can learn how to use popup builder by entering their blog/documentation.


If you want to use more features and have a license to create popups for more than one website, you need to use extensions of Popup Builder. The plugin offers 28 extensions and three main packages:

  • Starter - $39.95
  • Business - $89.95
  • Agency - $145.95

Price is billed yearly until canceled. With each of the packages, you get updates and support. The difference between them is the number of website licenses.

Here is an example of a popup made with Popup Builder.

AYS Pro popup example made with popup builder

3. Popup Maker

The third popup in this list is Popup Maker. You can create different types of popups for instance sticky popups, email opt-in popups, cookie notices, and so forth. Grow your email list or capture leads with Popup Maker!

The main disadvantage this plugin has is that in the free version of the plugin you will not be able to track your campaigns: popup analytics is a feature in the pro version of this plugin. Moreover, the number of websites on which you could use popups is highly limited (even in the pro version).


If you want to create more professional popups, scroll-triggered or exit-intent ones, you have to purchase the Pro Version of the Popup Maker. There are three packages:

  • One site usage - $87
  • Three-sites usage - $147
  • Five-sites usage - $247

All the prices are paid per year. In the premium version, you can also use WordPress integrations, which will add lots of features to your plugin.

Here is an example of a popup made with Popup Maker.

WordPress popup example made with popup maker

4. Popup Anything

Popup Anything is the next popular and effective plugin. You can add unlimited popups with your own design and arrangement. Popup Anything also lets you set the position of your popups wherever you want.

If you have decided to get this plugin you need to know that, unfortunately, this plugin is not responsive for mobile. As you can guess this is a huge disadvantage these days.


In case if one wants to use the pro version of this plugin, he/she needs to purchase Essential Plugins Bundle. There are three packages you can buy:

  • Personal - $99
  • Best Value - $129
  • Professional - $149

Price is paid yearly. But with that price, you would not get only one plugin. You would also get utility plugins, marketing tools, security plugins, and so on.

Here is an example of a popup made with Popup Anything.

AYS Pro example of a popup made with popup anything

5. Hustle

The last plugin for today is Hustle. Hustle is an ultimate marketing tool; a WordPress opt-in popup plugin. Of course, you can also build popups with it. This plugin offers templates for every taste and kind of offer. The templates are also mobile-friendly, so you do not need to worry about that either. You can create exit-intent popups, which can automatically detect the time when the visitor is about to leave the website.

A disadvantage of the Hustle is the lack of features.


To get the more dynamic plugin, you can get the Pro Version of the Hustle plugin . You can get one of the three versions:

  • One site usage - $60 per year/$5 per month
  • Ten-sites usage - $140 per year/$11.67 per month
  • Unlimited number of sites - $290 per year/24.17 per month

Hustle also allows tracking how many times pop-ups are displayed, see conversion rates overview, and getting new themes and layouts every month.

Here is an example of a popup made with Popup Anything.

WordPress example of a popup made with hustle

Popular types of popups

Despite the same purpose for attracting attention, popups vary. They can not only make sales but also require emails, ask for subscriptions, offer coupons, discounts, and so forth. You can find hundreds of various popups, like gamified popups, fullscreen, download, email required, etc. But let's find out the main and most popular types of popups you can find on the web.

  • Subscription Form popup: Subscription Form popups are extremely popular, let's see why. The first and most obvious thing is that it Generates Leads. It shows the number of people interested in the offered product or service. By making subscription forms it is possible to collect info such as name, gender, age, email, and country. This is valuable information as it can help to create a strong relationship between you and your customer by knowing their background. Subscription forms are a fully legalized way to gather email addresses. To find out more on how to create a subscription form popup in WordPress and more, go to our blog. Here is an example of a Subscription Form Popup:

AYS Pro subscription popup made width popup box

  • Yes or No popup: This kind of popup is a window with a question and yes or no answers to that. basically the answer yes leads the system to concrete actions. For example, you can be redirected to another address and asked to buy something or subscribe.

AYS Pro Yes or No made width popup box

  • Video popup: It is a proven fact that videos are much more attractive than simple pictures. That is why lots of people prefer using video popups. It could be any kind of video that will be shown anytime you want.
  • Contact Form: When you visit any website, you can see contact form popups. They are making everything easier: instead of searching for an email or contact information to get in touch with the website owner or manager, you can simply put your message in that form. For instance:

AYS Pro Contact form popup made width popup box

  • Cookie popup: Everybody has heard about the cookie policy. Cookie popups are used worldwide, to notify visitors that the website is using cookies.

AYS Pro cookie popup made width popup box

Do they still work?

The answer is YES! Despite being annoying for some people, they are extremely effective. If they weren't effective we would not see them every day. The conversion rate of an average popup is 3.09 percent. But of course, they need to be properly done to be beneficial. If they are, they can convert up to 4o percent of your visitors into customers. But there is a question: why do some popups work, and the others don't? Of course, there are some conditions, that need to be taken intoconsiderations, before publishing your popup.

So, what makes popups effective?

  • Content: Usage of the popups will be effective only if you exactly know what you need to offer to the visitors of your website. As I already mentioned, you should not use very direct statements. With your accurate offer, you can make any popup less annoying.
  • Time: As you might guess, you have to find the best time to display your offer. This factor may seem not as important as content, but believe me, it is. In terms of time, there are two main types of popups: entrance and exit-intent popups. You should not show popups when somebody just came to your website. They need to be on the website for some time if you want to offer them something. The best time to show a popup to a customer is time before they want to leave a site.

Best way to create a popup

When you already know what is a popup, and how to make it work with maximum efficiency, you can finally practice your knowledge and start building your popups. Of course, one can easily build popups with the help of online websites and platforms. But if you want to have fully customized popups, you should use WordPress. WordPress is a world-famous content management system, which has lots of useful plugins, that will help you with that work. Here are the top 5 best WordPress popup builder plugins, that will help you to create your attractive and effective popup boxes. Each of them has its pros and cons, and its peculiarities. So, let's not waste time and get familiar with free WordPress popup plugins.

Definitely, popups could be intrusive and spammy, but if you follow advice from this article, and find your best tool, they will undoubtedly be your best marketing weapon. So, I guess it's time for you to choose your best popup plugin and start collecting emails, capturing leads, and subscribers.

If the article was useful subscribe to our YouTube Channel Also do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates. You can also check out our blog to find out how to use popup maker plugin in wordpress, and more.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best WordPress popup plugin?

The Wordpress popup plugin is the best one, as it provides users with a wide range of settings and customization options.

What is the popup trigger used for?

The popup trigger specifies when exactly the popup will be displayed on the website. To enable it go to Popups > General tab > Popup trigger > and select the popup trigger.

Can I display my popup only once to each user?

Sure! Let’s say you have created a custom content popup, to display it only once to each user, all you need to do is to go to Popups > Limitation Users tab > Display popup once per user.

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