Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins of 2023

Reduce costumers support requests and boost customer satisfaction by having a knowledge base section on your website.

Having a knowledge base section on your website will give your customers a great opportunity to find the answer to their questions without opening a support ticket or having a conversation with a live chat. So they find instant solutions to the arises issues quicker than ever.

Sell more products or generate more leads by satisfying your customers by finding the answers to their queries without difficulties. Find out the most common problems and questions of the customers and simply create some knowledge instructions and systemic answers for them, for instance about the process of installing and activating the plugin , the configuring process of the plugin, designing the WordPress post, FAQ, etc. Organize your how-to resources, and support guides and separate them with the help of the best knowledge base plugins.

Having a knowledge base section is also beneficial for new members of your team, as they also can find the answers to their questions without any difficulties.

As you already understand how beneficial is creating knowledge base sections, let’s together explore the best knowledge base plugins that provide organizations with the tools they need to manage their information, store customer data, and answer frequently asked questions.

So let’s find out the best knowledge base plugin for you that meets all your requirements.

1. BasePress – Powerful WordPress Knowledge Base, Documentation and Wiki Plugin

Knowledge base Documentation and wiki plugin by BasePress

BasePress KnowledgeBase Plugin for WordPress allows you to organize documentation for clients and employees. To document your products or services out of the box you can create as many independent knowledge bases as you need.

There are many purposes why customers use BasePress to self-host their knowledge, such as:

  • The best External knowledgebase for customers/Intranet knowledgebase for employees
  • Documentation hub for schools and colleges
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • E-commerce websites
  • Runbooks
  • Product manuals
  • Service or product documentation
  • FAQs
  • And so on.

The BasePress comes with numerous unique features such as:

  • Advanced search bar results based on user votes and visits
  • Articles voting
  • Popular articles widget based on votes or visits
  • Feedback on your KB articles so you can create better docs
  • Google reCATCHA feature to control spam from the feedback form
  • Automatic Table of Contents (TOC) in articles and/or widgets
  • Drag and drop articles reorder
  • Next and Previous articles navigation
  • Advanced Content Restriction by user role
  • Tags support
  • Knowledge base Statistics
  • Dashboard widget
  • Multisite support
  • Shortcode editor to add dynamic lists of articles outside the knowledge base
  • Integration with WPML, SearchWP
  • And so on.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Essential version for $59, the Pro version for $259, and the Elite version for $559.

Free Version Pro Version

2.WPHelpere Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin

WPHelpere-Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin

Are you looking for a reliable WordPress knowledge base plugin to help you provide your customers with a self-service platform? Look no further than WPHelpere. This powerful plugin is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to create a Knowledge base for multiple products or services in a single WordPress install.

WPHelpere has an optimized Ajax live search that helps customers to find the answers they need in an instant. It also has an optimized codebase, URL structure, and finely designed content system that will help your knowledge base articles achieve better ranking in search engine results.

WPHelpere will provide your customers with the information they need quickly and easily, making your customer service experience as efficient and effective as possible.

Additionally, WPHelpere provides powerful customization options that allow you to make your WordPress knowledge base truly unique. You can customize everything from font size to color scheme to make it look exactly how you want it. With this customization flexibility and ease of use, it’s easy to see why WPHelpere is considered the best WordPress knowledge base plugin out there. Furthermore, it comes with detailed documentation which makes it easy to learn how to use all of its features.


  • With WPHelpere, you can easily create a dedicated FAQ section for each of your products.
  • Article voting system: WPHelpere comes with a built-in article voting system that allows your users to rate your articles.
  • Drag & drop sorting of articles, products, and categories.
  • Article private feedback: WPHelpere allows you to receive private feedback from your users about your articles.
  • Analytics to measure article performance: WPHelpere comes with built-in analytics that allows you to measure the performance of your articles.


You can purchase the WPHelpere Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin for $39.

Pro Version

3. EazyDocs – Most Powerful Knowledge base, wiki, Documentation Builder Plugin

EazyDocs most powerful knowledge base and wiki documentation builder plugin

Here is one of the best solutions for creating a knowledge base, helpdesk, FAQ, documentation, wiki, support center, and more with the great documentation builder and knowledge base plugin for business.

The EazyDocs plugin gives a great opportunity for the site operators to create and manage complete and detailed documentation in the WordPress admin. Using this amazing plugin you can create tags, and new docs and organize documentation with the ordering.

Use one of the best knowledge base WordPress plugins by creating and browsing advanced documentation simply and quickly. You also have an opportunity without leaving the WP admin to customize your knowledge base with the live customizer.

With the help of the Settings Page, you can customize your Knowledge base even if you do not have any coding skills. For reflecting your knowledge base to your brand you can make some changes by changing the fonts, colors, and other desired options that you want.

Easy Docs plugin allows you to create a limitless knowledge base for the products as there is no limit on making docs. You can also order and reorganize created docs with the simplest drag-and-drop system. Also, customize docs and design them modernly and professionally, you can make them for readers even if you do not have any design skills.

This Knowledge Base plugin is fully responsive and also translation ready as it is multilingual and RTL-ready.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Annually Pro version for $49, and the Lifetime Pro version for $119


To Sum Up!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to simply and quickly resolve customer issues, and improve customer satisfaction by making their experience better and better as creating a knowledge base for your WordPress website is an essential part of providing excellent customer service. Also do not forget about your new team members by providing them with the easiest way to gather information about your business and become one of the best members of your team.

Check the improvement of your customer’s satisfaction by creating customer satisfaction surveys simply and quickly with the Survey Maker plugin.

Also, take advantage of providing the knowledge to your customers and team members in a more interesting way by creating amazing quizzes with the wordpress plugin for quiz effortlessly. Find out the best quiz ideas, choose one of them, and engage your users.

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